Tip 1 How To Keep Fish In An Aquarium

Tip 1 How To Keep Fish In An Aquarium

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Tip 1 How To Keep Fish In An Aquarium

Keeping an aquarium in your home requires certain knowledge. In order for its inhabitants to live comfortably, we must not forget to change the water, to clean and control biological balance.

Maintain clean water

Water tends to evaporate, so you need to periodically add it to the aquarium. As a rule, it is necessary to do water refill once a week and ordinary tap water is used for this purpose. When refilling water in a cold-water aquarium, it should not be heated, but if a warm-water aquarium is installed in the house, the water temperature should be appropriate.

Sometimes there are cases when it is necessary to make a partial water change. Usually this procedure is necessary in order to restore the disturbed oxygen regime in the aquarium and implies the replacement of a third part of the liquid contained in it. If the fish in the aquarium begin to hurt, and also, if microorganisms-parasites are detected in it, the water must be changed completely. However, this measure has to be used extremely rarely.

Clean the aquarium depends on the proper feeding of fish. So, if such a quantity of food that its inhabitants cannot eat at one time are poured into an aquarium, then its residues will cause water pollution. On this basis, feed the fish should be no more than two times a day, while the feed should be strictly defined amount. To prevent pollution, the aquarium should be cleaned twice a month with a siphon.

Care of aquarium plants

Do not neglect the care of plants that so perfectly complement the harmony reigning in the aquarium. The darkened leaves on the aquarium plants should be periodically cut off, in addition, you can not allow the aquarium flora to grow strongly. It is also necessary to clean the underwater stalks and leaves from the dirt that accumulates on them. To transplant plants, in order not to disturb their root system, you need as little as possible.

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Sometimes aquatic plants that grow in an aquarium can rot and lose leaves. This is usually due to a lack of lighting. If it is noticed that the roots of the plants began to rot, it is necessary to resort to a complete replacement of water and to thoroughly wash the bottom sand. As practice shows, the most common causes of diseases of aquarium plants are abrupt changes in water temperature and lack of light.

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