The Whole Truth About The Parrot Fish

Parrot fish is a popular inhabitant of an aquarium among experienced and not-so aquarists. Representative of the cichlid family. Bred by breeding in Taiwan more than 20 years ago. It is characterized by a peace-loving character, therefore it gets on well with other species of the same size. Undemanding to habitat.


Types and colors

These aquarium inhabitants are divided into 100 species. But the most popular are:

  • A red parrot is a typical color red, sometimes orange. Can grow up to 25 cm;
    The Whole Truth About The Parrot Fish
  • skar. grows up to 20 cm;
    The Whole Truth About The Parrot Fish
  • Shishkolobiy (Japanese). the largest species and the most aggressive of the parrots. Requires careful selection of "neighbors" in the aquarium.
    The Whole Truth About The Parrot Fish

Parrot fishes are also classified by color. The most common color is red or bright orange. The natural colors of parrots are lemon, yellow, white. In addition to monochromatic, there are motley colors. Occurs: marble, diamond, pearl, panda, blue (blue), etc.

There are individuals with tattooed color. Then a drawing is painted on the body of the aquarium fish. These are experiments of breeders from Asia. The variegated colors are created using carotenoids and chemical dyes. When painting and applying a tattoo, aggressive chemicals and tools are used to artificially release mucus.

Methods cruel. For parrot fish a lot of stress. Immunity is greatly reduced. Many aquarists refuse to purchase such species, so as not to provoke the torment of fish.

The Whole Truth About The Parrot Fish

Classification of parrots in the shape of the body and fins:

  • King Kong (large, with a large amount of fat on the forehead);
    The Whole Truth About The Parrot Fish
  • red ingot (disk-like form);
    The Whole Truth About The Parrot Fish
  • red fortune (with specific fins and a huge beak-like outgrowth);
  • unicorn;
  • love heart (without back fin).
    The Whole Truth About The Parrot Fish

Behavior features

This is a peaceful fish. Almost devoid of aggression. The exception is males when spawning. A parrot fish in an aquarium recognizes its breadwinners. swims up and examines them through glass.

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How much does a parrot fish live

The life span of the parrot fish is 7–8 years. With proper care can live 10 years.

Maintenance and care

The maintenance of parrot fish requires little work. They are very mobile, leave a lot of feces, so 20–30% of water changes weekly. When creating a decor used artificial algae, snags, where the parrot aquarium fish can hide. Live do not use. Parrot them undermines and destroys.


When choosing an aquarium, keep in mind that a parrot fish grows up to 25 cm, and it needs space. Volume from 200 l for a couple. Length of 70 cm. The top of the aquarium should have a cover or a grid so that the parrot does not jump out.

Special plants do not need to install.

At the bottom of the ground fall asleep height of 5-6 cm from small pebbles with smooth edges. In the ground, they dig nests.

In parrots, every inhabitant of the aquarium should have its own dwelling. In the aquarium should be fragments of pots, artificial snags for each fish.

The Whole Truth About The Parrot Fish


Mandatory equipment is:

  • filter;
  • aerator;
  • pump for easy movement of water;
  • lamp for dim lighting;
  • thermometer.

The backlight should be dim, otherwise the color of the fish begins to fade.

Water requirement

The water in the aquarium for parrots should comply with such indicators:

  • Temperature 22-28 degrees Celsius.
  • Acidity is 6.5–7.5 pH.
  • Stiffness 2–25 dH.

What to feed

When feeding aquarium parrot fish, keep in mind that they have a small mouth. Feed is ground. The diet should be diverse and balanced.

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Parrots love dry, specialized feed, chopped worms, fish, live or frozen moths. Fish in an aquarium eat crushed plant food: zucchini, peas, Bulgarian and red pepper.

Pepper has a lot of carotene, so it is given if the fish have lost their color brightness.

Feeding once a day. Maximum two. Last feeding a couple of hours before the lights go off. Alternately alternate artificial foods with other types of food. Pay attention to the whole food was eaten and the fish did not overeat. Weekly one fasting day.

Compatibility with other fish

Excellent parrots get along with fish:

The Whole Truth About The Parrot Fish

But the fish smaller than 5 cm are not compatible with parrots, they may accidentally go for food.

As well as fish that eat algae. For example, an angelfish, because aquarium algae parrots make shelter.


Immunity, like other cichlids, is strong. The disease passes itself. Begin treatment if symptoms of fish disease are manifested:

  • white feces;
  • white lumps (like semolina) on the body and fins (ichthyophthiriosis);
  • blackening of fins (discoloration is a sign of intoxication);
  • lying on the bottom, spitting food (overeating, poisoning);
  • wounds on the body.

The main reasons are poor water quality, excessive population of the aquarium, and contact with another sick fish. If you rarely change the water, then there is intoxication of their own feces. Then the change of water should occur daily twice a day.

In case of ichthyophthiriosis, an increase in water temperature up to 30 degrees Celsius, as well as the use of preparations containing copper, is effective.

In the aquarium there should be places where the fish will hide. This will eliminate unnecessary stress.

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Black spots

Parrots sometimes have black spots on the body. This is a symptom of stress. When the traumatic situation is eliminated the spots disappear. The cause of stress may be some kind of change in the external environment. Fish parrot in aquarium loves stability.


Reproduction of parrot fish at home in the aquarium is impossible. The males of this cichlid representative are sterile and spawning is impossible. In the second year of life, pairs form, dig nests, and caviar is deposited. After a couple of days she dies. Fertilizes the eggs of the females of other cichlids. Then the offspring from breeding is different in appearance from parrots.

Gender Differences

Distinctive features of the male from the female appear during spawning, upon reaching the age of 1.5 years. In females, in the area of ​​the tail, a tubercle resembles a pear is formed, and in males a tubercle is in the shape of a cone.


Making the choice for a home aquarium in favor of the fish parrots, remember that they have a peaceful and calm disposition, picky for external conditions. Ideal live with other inhabitants of the aquarium of similar size. For example: cichlids or black knives. They recognize the person feeding them, demonstrate joyful emotions.

A variety of colors makes it possible to choose a fish. But motley or not natural colors, without adequate nutrition, fade. Fish loves a spacious aquarium, and the ability to hide in case of stress. With suitable care will please their owners up to 10 years.

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