The Temperature Of The Fish Tank

Breeding ornamental fish. a very exciting business. However, if you decide to devote yourself to this interesting hobby, you should know a lot of details and subtleties (first of all, such as the necessary temperature in the aquarium). Beginners often make a number of mistakes in the establishment of fish. To avoid them, we advise you to carefully read this article.

About temperature limits for warm and cold-water inhabitants of reservoirs

Tropical and subtropical regions are not characterized by frequent changes in water and air parameters. In the South-East of Asia, the air temperature range is the same throughout the year, sometimes fluctuating within 3 o Celsius (26-29 degrees), and the difference in t o water is almost imperceptible. In South America, hot and humid, throughout the year t o air 25-28 degrees.

There are species of fish that prefer wide temperature ranges, and there are those who live only in a narrow range. Only the fry of most fish are resistant to t o. When the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water decreases, all fish are less sensitive to temperature changes. Hydrobionts get used to high temperatures in a few days, and to cold temperatures. in almost a month. Normal acclimatization requires a gradual increase in t o by 1-2 degrees, and a decrease by 0.5-1 degrees.

All fish species have their own upper and lower threshold t o. Fish are sensitive to those parameters that go beyond the permissible limits. When the border is violated by several degrees, the health of the fish deteriorates dramatically. Frequent and sudden changes in temperature adversely affect the health of pets. In order to maintain an optimal temperature regime in an aquarium, you need to familiarize yourself with the allowable temperature conditions for warm-water and cold-water fish.

For warm-water fish t o water below 18-20 degrees is considered unacceptable. In aquarium fish in this category it is possible to survive in the lower ranges for a long time. But this fish needs a lot of oxygen and space, good aeration is necessary.

For cold-water fish suitable aquarium without heating, 14-25 degrees for them. the maximum. They also need an abundance of dissolved oxygen.

What should be the temperature of the water in the home aquarium

To the inhabitants of domestic ponds was comfortable, the temperature there must be at a certain level. And before you run the fish in your aquarium, you need to know what the natural conditions of its existence are (and most of the aquarium inhabitants come from the tropics).

The Temperature Of The Fish Tank

The gradation of temperature parameters can be represented as follows:

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  • The optimum temperature of the aquarium, which is suitable for most fish, ranges from 22 0 to 26 0 С;
  • water temperature in the aquarium below the minimum optimum is no longer acceptable to warm-water fish;
  • a rise in temperature above 26 0 is allowable by 2–4 ° C, if it is gradual.

Changes in temperature in a domestic pond to one side or the other from the optimal parameters are more easily tolerated by aquarium inhabitants if the water is sufficiently enriched with oxygen. The most difficult thing will be to fed fish. they need more air at any temperature drop. But with a sharp cooling, the fish will suffer and hungry.

Ways to maintain temperature in an aquarium

As already mentioned, special means are used for a constant temperature value. These funds are primarily intended for heating the aquarium. How much room temperature affects the aquarium, they know experienced aquarists. The rest is worth remembering ways to change the temperature balance of water at different times of the year:

  • not everyone knows that an aquarium refrigerator is used to lower the temperature;
  • if the apartment has air conditioning, it will support the desired mode;
  • some fans fan the water surface;
  • if there is neither one nor the other, then ice can be used for cooling;
  • heating is carried out by a special heater;
  • when there is no desire to spend money on the purchase of equipment, you can use a conventional heating pad.

Anyway man decides for himself, which way it will be used to heat or cool the water in the aquarium. Using professional devices, there is a guarantee of correct temperature control.

Why is the right water temperature so important?

Fish are cold-blooded creatures, which means that their body temperature always depends on the ambient temperature. With an optimal indicator, the fish feel good, do not get sick and do not suffer from metabolic disorders. If the water is too cold, all the processes in the body slow down, the immunity decreases sharply, the fish become slow-moving and susceptible to any infections.

When water is strongly heated, the metabolic processes are accelerated, the fish become very restless, begin to consume a lot of oxygen and experience its shortage. In this case, they float to the surface, frantically swallowing ordinary air. Death often occurs precisely because of oxygen deficiency. Even more strongly on the health of the aquarium dwellers affected by drastic changes in one direction or another. Already at a difference of 3–4 °, a shock develops in fish, which very often leads to death.

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How to help fish with overheating or hypothermia

In extreme situations, when due to an accidental failure of the equipment, the optimum water temperature can be disturbed, there is very little time left to rescue the inhabitants. Therefore, measures need to be taken very quickly. But more often, there is no spare heater on hand, and every minute is expensive. Too cold water can be slightly warmed up by adding warm, but not hot liquid, so that changes take place smoothly, by 2 ° C in 15-20 minutes.

But you can add no more than 10% of fresh water from the total volume of the aquarium. If at the same time warming is not enough, then a plastic bottle with hot water lowered into the pond can help. In the most critical situations, when time is missed and the fish are frozen so much that they lie at the bottom, barely giving signs of life, you can pour vodka into the water in a volume of 20-30 ml per 100 liter capacity. Immediately need to take measures for heating. After the regime is restored, it will be necessary to replace about 1/3 of the water to get rid of alcohol.
No less dangerous and overheating. Increasing the temperature by 4 ° C from the usual is already dangerous for any species. First aid in this case is the maximum water saturation with oxygen. You can turn on the aerator or stir the water by hand, add 20-25 ml of hydrogen peroxide per 100 liters of volume. A bottle of cold water in the aquarium will also contribute to a decrease in temperature. To prevent infections and parasitic invasions as a result of reduced immunity in fish due to hypothermia or overheating, use a broad-spectrum drugs.

Is it true that cichlids tolerate different temperature ranges?

For cichlids, the content in warm water is necessary, since such a temperature of water produces the release of enzymes for saturated body color and stimulates them to spawn. Cichlids have high tolerability of both high and low temperatures, but not more than 6 hours. The tank can maintain an average temperature range. At elevated temperatures of cichlids, their color is quickly saturated, but they are depleted and live less.

At lower temperatures, the color of the cichlid tarnishes, the fry grow and develop slowly. The allowable temperature for cichlids is 24-30 degrees. The limit is 24-27 degrees. For Tanganyik cichlids, the water should not be warmer than 29 degrees. In the treatment of certain cichlid diseases, t o increase for a while.

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Cichlids are indeed one of the most enduring fish in an aquarium; for a novice aquarist, many members of this family will be excellent pets. However, all types of fish require attentive care, which should not be forgotten.

The Temperature Of The Fish Tank

How to lower the temperature in the pond

A failed thermal sensor on a heating pad or close proximity to the heating system can provoke a sharp increase in temperature in the aquarium. Even the sun’s rays in the summer will quickly warm the home water reservoir, if it is located on the southern windowsill. Try to ensure that the water parameters do not exceed 30 0 С, otherwise the aquarium will turn into something like a pot with an ear.

  • To save the fish can the same bottle of plastic, but already filled with cold water or ice. Lower the temperature smoothly.
  • Keep the compressor turned on until the temperature can be reduced to normal. Reinforced aeration will allow the fish to breathe "full gills."
  • 1 st.l. will help to enrich water with oxygen. hydrogen peroxide (per 100-liter container). This pharmacy drug in parallel and hold disinfection in the pond, destroying the parasites.

It should be borne in mind that a rise in temperature is more contraindicated for aquarium fish than for its decrease. Here, even the poor health of aquatic inhabitants can be affected by the presence of various nitrates in the composition of the water, which are especially harmful at elevated temperatures.

The temperature regime must be monitored.

Experienced aquarists have long protected themselves from such troubles as the need to lower or raise degrees. To keep fish at optimum temperature limits, the following rules should be taken as a basis.

  • Choose the “right” place for the aquarium: away from heating appliances, air conditioners, away from direct sunlight (especially in summer) and drafts.
  • Thermowheel should be of high quality and reliable sensor.
  • A thermometer is an indispensable device for completing any aquarium. The location of its location, select such that it was convenient to monitor the indicators of the scale.
  • Aeration is not a whim, so the compressor should turn on regularly. What habitat without enough air will be comfortable?

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