The Reasons That Betta Fish Lies At The Bottom Of The Aquarium

Betta Fish is a playful, nimble, desperately brave fish. Aquarium with this fish will be a real highlight of any home.

Causes of apathetic condition

If Betta Fish lies at the bottom of the aquarium, you need to establish the exact cause of the apathetic state.

The Reasons That Betta Fish Lies At The Bottom Of The Aquarium
  1. Fish received stress due to relocation to a new habitat. After a short period of acclimatization, everything will come back to normal.
  2. This inhabitant of aquatic spaces falls into a coma if the water temperature falls below 19 °.
  3. Pet received chemical poisoning. In the room where the reservoir is located, it is impossible to carry out work related to the use of toxic substances.
  4. Separate stay of individuals of the opposite sex for a long period of time threatens cystic change of the sex glands. A tumor containing liquid inclusions increases the fish belly repeatedly. In time created conditions for spawning will help to avoid problems.

Smoking near the container with fish is strictly prohibited. Nicotine compounds absorb oxygen. For Betta Fish, with its labyrinth system, breathing is a sentence.

The reasons for the long stay on the surface of the water

Betta Fish stays on the surface for a long time or makes attempts to jump out of the water in case of high chlorine concentrations. Coal filtration or heating of the liquid up to 90 ° will relieve it of harmful compounds.

Overeating entails an increase in swim bladder. The Betta Fish fish is pushed to the surface; it simply cannot sink to the bottom. A few days of hunger strike will help to cope with the opportunity.

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The inhabitants of the aquarium feel oxygen starvation. Discomfort occurs due to low levels of aeration.

Fry and fish that have not reached puberty have a greater susceptibility to illness, stress and depression than adult beta.

Diseases characteristic of this type of fish

Uncharacteristic behavior of a pet can be a sign of indisposition caused by the introduction of a pathogenic agent into the body.

Sick fish should be removed from the general capacity in order to avoid infection of other inhabitants. Treatment with antibacterial substances is recommended in a special blender without adding soil or plant flora.

Elimination of harmful factors

Like any living thing, a fish needs good care. High-quality filtration of water in the tank is the basis of the well-being of the inhabitants. The filter is installed with the calculation of exclusion of stagnant zones. The quality of the equipment is checked and cleaned periodically. Wash the filter until complete sterility. It should remain useful microorganisms to maintain biological balance.

When filling the aquarium between the cover and the surface of the water leave free space. Betta Fish breathes atmospheric air. If it is impossible to saturate the body with oxygen from the surface of the water, the fish will constantly lie on the bottom until it suffocates.

The content in the home ecosystem of two or more adult males of this species is fraught. In fights, they can cause irreparable harm to each other. The females are friendly with each other, which cannot be said about the attitude towards them of individuals of the opposite sex. Betta Fish gets along badly with sedentary congeners. They like hyperactive nimble neighbors.

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Decorating the tank, do not forget: natural flora is a natural filter that promotes the penetration of oxygen into the near-bottom water layers.

Complex preventive measures

Proper conditions of maintenance will help to do without the long, time-consuming rehabilitation of the aquarium dweller. Recommendations:

The Reasons That Betta Fish Lies At The Bottom Of The Aquarium
  • feed a pet 2 times a day with a portion that it can absorb in 2 minutes;
  • Diversify food, use live food;
  • do not relocate the tank;
  • time to remove the remnants of food from the ground;
  • replace water regularly;
  • maintain the rigidity and acidity of the fluid in the optimal range;
  • soil and plants before placing in the ecosystem, treat disinfectants;

In order not to get a lot of problems in the load and not to put other pets at risk, carefully inspect the fish when buying. Often individuals are infected during transport.

Do not move the new tenant into the general aquarium without quarantine. The more suspicion a source of acquisition causes, the longer the isolation period. Until you are completely confident in the safe condition of the fish.

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