The Optimal Temperature For Fish In The Aquarium

The Optimal Temperature For Fish In The Aquarium

The expression “feel like a fish in water” is familiar to everyone. And it means comfort in certain conditions. But the inhabitants of the reservoirs may also experience inconvenience in their biome if their living conditions are disturbed.

Fish in the aquarium

In natural waters, fish are more accustomed to temperature changes, since this is their natural habitat. Yes, and the area of ​​water space is such that warming or cooling water occurs gradually. So the fish here have time to adapt.

With aquariums, the situation is somewhat different: the smaller the volume, the more tangible the temperature jumps. And the more likely the development of "fish" diseases. Novice aquarists should consider this feature and know what the normal water temperature in the aquarium is.

In one aquarium it is desirable to keep the fish, accustomed to certain conditions of life, with the same features of the body. Despite the fact that all the fish. cold-storage, some of them live in cold waters, others. in the warm.

  • Fishes accustomed to warm waters can be divided into 2 species: consuming a small amount of O2 and those who need large reserves of oxygen.
  • A cold-water type of fish is only called that. they calmly withstand different temperatures, but they require a large amount of oxygen in the water.

For beginners aquarists can recommend small aquariums with low-breathing warm-water fish. In large tanks, it is better to initially contain the cold-water inhabitants of aquariums.

What should be the temperature of the water in the home aquarium

To the inhabitants of domestic ponds was comfortable, the temperature there must be at a certain level. And before you run the fish in your aquarium, you need to know what the natural conditions of its existence are (and most of the aquarium inhabitants come from the tropics).

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The gradation of temperature parameters can be represented as follows:

  • The optimum temperature of the aquarium, which is suitable for most fish, ranges from 22 0 to 26 0 С;
  • water temperature in the aquarium below the minimum optimum is no longer acceptable to warm-water fish;
  • a rise in temperature above 26 0 is allowable by 2–4 ° C, if it is gradual.

Changes in temperature in a domestic pond to one side or the other from the optimal parameters are more easily tolerated by aquarium inhabitants if the water is sufficiently enriched with oxygen. The most difficult thing will be to fed fish. they need more air at any temperature drop. But with a sharp cooling, the fish will suffer and hungry.

What to do when the temperature drops

The reason for lowering the temperature of the water can become a banal room ventilation. The owner of the aquarium may not even immediately notice that the fish became ill. To raise the temperature to standard indicators, you need to go for some tricks.

  • If there is a heat heater, you are lucky. connect it and warm up the water to the desired parameters.
  • You can pour into the pond a little boiled water (no more than 10% of the total). But this should be done gradually, adding heat no more than 2 0 every 20 minutes.
  • The previous method requires caution so that hot water does not get on any fish. The best option would be a plastic bottle filled with boiling water. it quietly drifts over the surface, giving off heat to the aquarium water.
  • If the fish are very bad, “water” them with brandy (or vodka). 1 tbsp is enough for 100 liters of water. of alcohol. It will a little cheer up the inhabitants of the aquarium, but the tank will soon have to be washed.
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How to lower the temperature in the pond

A failed thermal sensor on a heating pad or close proximity to the heating system can provoke a sharp increase in temperature in the aquarium. Even the sun’s rays in the summer will quickly warm the home water reservoir, if it is located on the southern windowsill. Try to ensure that the water parameters do not exceed 30 0 С, otherwise the aquarium will turn into something like a pot with an ear.

  • To save the fish can the same bottle of plastic, but already filled with cold water or ice. Lower the temperature smoothly.
  • Keep the compressor turned on until the temperature can be reduced to normal. Reinforced aeration will allow the fish to breathe "full gills."
  • 1 st.l. will help to enrich water with oxygen. hydrogen peroxide (per 100-liter container). This pharmacy drug in parallel and hold disinfection in the pond, destroying the parasites.

It should be borne in mind that a rise in temperature is more contraindicated for aquarium fish than for its decrease. Here, even the poor health of aquatic inhabitants can be affected by the presence of various nitrates in the composition of the water, which are especially harmful at elevated temperatures.

The temperature regime must be monitored.

Experienced aquarists have long protected themselves from such troubles as the need to lower or raise degrees. To keep fish at optimum temperature limits, the following rules should be taken as a basis.

  • Choose the “right” place for the aquarium: away from heating appliances, air conditioners, away from direct sunlight (especially in summer) and drafts.
  • Thermowheel should be of high quality and reliable sensor.
  • A thermometer is an indispensable device for completing any aquarium. The location of its location, select such that it was convenient to monitor the indicators of the scale.
  • Aeration is not a whim, so the compressor should turn on regularly. What habitat without enough air will be comfortable?

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