The Most Unpretentious Fish For A Small Aquarium

Aquarium. size matters

Small consider an aquarium with a capacity of up to 50 liters. The smaller the displacement of the product, the more difficult it is to maintain optimal conditions for keeping the fish in it.

The fish for a small aquarium of tropical origin needs warm water. 25 28 ° C. Maintaining such a high temperature in a very small (less than 5 liters) aquarium is problematic. Providing and maintaining an appropriate ecosystem for the normal life of a pet is impossible without special equipment. In a miniature aquarium, it just does not fit.

Unfavorable conditions will lead to the death of fish, and tropical inhabitants of warm seas are very expensive. The price for one copy can exceed 100. Even unpretentious and inexpensive specimens need conditions close to their natural habitat.


Guppies are the types of fish with which they usually begin their acquaintance with the fascinating underwater world and its inhabitants. The simplicity of the content and variety of colors allows them for many years to be at the peak of popularity. Fashion for them never passes.

Almost everyone eats, there are no particular requirements to the temperature of water and aeration, but a caring owner will take care of his pets and provide them with at least minimal comfort.

Viviparous females can easily make happy with numerous offspring. Outwardly, they are not as attractive as males. Male animals have a luxurious tail and a body with a bright color.

Guppies are the most common and popular aquarium fish. Many lovers started from her. Guppies are ideal if a child asks for an aquarium. With a small number of fish and the presence of living plants, you can not buy a filter and a compressor, the main thing is to replace the water more often and clean the soil.

Even a novice can distinguish a male guppy from a female


Keeping fish is not easy at all. After buying a small aquarium, it’s time to think about who to put there. Considered a lot of factors before choosing and launching pets in a new home. What to consider when checking in:

  • sociability of the species. some can live alone, others necessarily need a pack;
  • water hardness, salinity and its temperature can not be the same for different breeds;
  • the fish for a small aquarium should not be aggressive;
  • it is useful to settle fish-attendants (for example, catfish antsitrusov), they will help keep the habitat clean;
  • the surface area of ​​the water. the bigger it is, the more fish you can settle (more intensive oxygen exchange);
  • Be sure to take into account the compatibility of fish.
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If you do not adhere to these rules, predatory individuals very quickly cleaned up their territory. Thorns and barbs are happy to hunt for their smaller neighbors. And such species as scalar and gur, get along well together and do not accept another company.

But different breeds of fish will be more interesting. Recommended combinations:

  • catfish antsitrusy. 3, swordtails. 5, neon. 10, placium. 5;
  • danios. 5, catfish speckled. 2, guppies. 10, swordtails. 3;
  • angelfish. 2, barbs. 4, catfish, 3.

You can pick up other options, but be sure, taking into account all the nuances of keeping the fish.

Settlement Rules

When filling capacity you need to correctly calculate the number of fish. On one individual in the size of 6 cm it is necessary from 3 to 5 liters of water. Overpopulation causes discomfort of the inhabitants of the aquarium. This is a very conditional calculation. In case of any declared volume of the product, it is necessary to give 12-15% for accessories, gravel, plants.

Considered and factors such as habitat:

  • bottom fish;
  • those that prefer to swim at an average level;
  • those that float on the surface.

With proper filling of the vital volume, the container will not seem empty, and the inhabitants will not interfere with each other to live and multiply.

It is not recommended to keep the fish in an absolutely empty aquarium, especially round. Even a very hardy goldfish will experience constant fear in him due to the effect of the lens. Some vegetation, gravel on the bottom (sand will pollute the water), compact maintenance tools will not spoil the overall look of the aquarium.

Betta fish

Betta Fish, perhaps the most popular aquarium fish. Names can immediately tell how the fish looks and its behavior. For example, Betta Fish are very bright colors and the same snooty fighters like their feathered namesakes.

They are recommended to settle in this ratio: one male and three or four females. If you run two or more families, then between them there must be a partition, otherwise fights between males cannot be avoided.

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You can contain one individual. The ability of Betta Fish to breathe atmospheric air allows it to be kept in a small space. But the volume of the aquarium of less than 5 liters is unacceptable, it is quite possible to qualify as cruel treatment of a living creature.

Fish-Betta Fish gets along well with neighbors such as barbs, danios. But they usually prefer to keep just a pair of Betta Fish. a male and a female.

On the color of these fish can talk endlessly. The variety is very large, the color combinations are original and amaze the imagination (see the photo in the article). Males are especially beautiful due to the presence of a luxurious fin. Females are not so elegant, but the color is not inferior to male individuals.

Unpretentious, elegant fish feel great in the warm 25 28 oC, clean and soft water. Aeration is required. The food is picky, eat frozen, dry and live food. Measures in the consumption of food do not know and are subject to obesity, resulting in infertility. It is recommended to feed no more than twice a day.


Peaceful, and beautiful view of loaches. Like relatives, Acantoftalmus is constantly in motion, searching for food in the ground. An important assistant in the fight for the purity of the aquarium. Simple and hardy aquarium fish.

Beautiful and unusual resident. a fighter for the purity of the bottom

Swordsmen and Mollies

These fish are similar in behavior and content, despite external differences, so they can be safely combined into one group. And those and other viviparous, and the fry immediately swims, eats and hides.

Every newcomer should have swordtails

The fish are bright and mobile, they do not hide, and even the opposite will eagerly beg for food, swimming up to the place of the feeder. Tolerant of the conditions of detention and forgive mistakes that make beginners.

Elegant black mollies


The fish is considered one of the most unpretentious, able to survive in critical conditions and will feel great in muddy, dirty water. Peacefully coexists with other fish. Many beginners, who then abandon their hobbies, usually have only these catfish.

Mottled catfish. an ideal variant for any aquarium.

Domestic fish catfish calm, peaceful creation. Slowly and with dignity swim in search of food, not in a hurry. Do not pose any threat to other inhabitants of the aquarium. Carry out a peculiar role of cleaning-up sweepers. they eat up waste of life on the ground and clean the glass.

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They are of different types, sizes and colors. Unpretentious in content, are mainly nocturnal, although they can be active in the daytime. It is preferable to buy a flock of fish (up to 5 individuals).

They can do without aeration, temperature conditions within 24 26 оС. On one individual must account for at least 5 liters of water.


Barbus. aquarium fish (the names reflect either anatomical features. whisker length, coloring, or habitat halo), which belong to the carp family. About 15 species differ in color and size.

Too active barbs can bring to stress less mobile types. In addition, the males do not mind to fight or bite something from a gaping neighbor. The best options for sharing will be: battles, labo, clowns, swordtails, patcilia, gur. You can fill the aquarium only barbs of several types.

Fish require careful maintenance. With their content it is necessary to provide the following:

  • aeration;
  • water temperature 21 23 o C;
  • creation using a pump flow;
  • the presence of dense vegetation;
  • regular purification of water using special filters;
  • water change. at least once a week.

The species has an excellent appetite, so the fish are prone to obesity. Everything edible that goes into the aquarium is consumed. dry and live food, plant food.

What kind of fish is better to start a novice?

The exceptional quality of labyrinth fish is that they do not need a compressor, filter and other equipment.

They breathe atmospheric air can live in a three-liter jar. The most popular among beginners are gourami and lyalius.

Red Neon Lyalius


The Most Unpretentious Fish For A Small Aquarium

  • can a fish live alone;
  • what is her lifestyle (active at night will not give pleasure to the owner to watch them);
  • what features of the content is in the selected form;
  • how to feed a pet;
  • What is the size of the aquarium and what accessories will need to be purchased.

You should not get too small aquarium. Whatever fish would be undemanding to the conditions of detention, but they will not be able to live in a glass. A well-equipped aquarium with properly selected inhabitants will be a real decoration of the room and an excellent sedative.

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