The Most Unpretentious Care And Beautiful Aquarium Fish

The maintenance of an aquarium is a rather difficult undertaking, requiring a considerable investment of time and money. But if you choose suitable inhabitants for it, you can significantly simplify the whole process and make it as pleasant as possible. This will help unpretentious care in aquarium fish. They do not require special conditions of detention and they are easy to care for.

The Most Unpretentious Care And Beautiful Aquarium Fish

Unpretentious care aquarium fish will be able to survive small fluctuations in temperature and lack of food for many days.

Professional Tips

Before choosing unpretentious small fish for an aquarium, it is necessary to study in detail councils of professional aquarists. They will help beginners to choose aquatic inhabitants who do not deliver a lot of trouble when leaving. Aquarium lovers advise:

Types of unpretentious fish

During many years of observation, aquarists have identified the most unpretentious aquarium fish. For a small aquarium it is best to choose 2 or 3 types of such inhabitants. So they can feel comfortable and will not harm each other.

Common Guppies

These representatives of the fauna are known to everyone who has ever seen an aquarium. They look beautiful and have a peace-loving character. Because of this, guppies have become popular not only in beginner aquariums, but also among experienced amateurs of this hobby.

Guppies are unpretentious and do not require special conditions of detention and feeding. Males of this species are much more beautiful than females, as they have a beautiful tail, which can be painted in various shades. Guppies are less attractive. They have an ordinary tail and silver-colored scales. As a rule, female individuals are 2 times larger than males.

The Most Unpretentious Care And Beautiful Aquarium Fish

Guppies are the most enduring aquarium fish that can tolerate even extreme content. To create comfortable conditions for them, it is necessary:

  1. At least 3 liters of volume for each individual.
  2. Settle guppies in groups of 6-8 fish.
  3. Replace about a third of the dirty water with a new one. This is done every 7 days.
  4. Provide the aquarium with enough vegetation to help filter the water.
  5. Maintain a water temperature in the range of 18 to 30 degrees above zero.
  6. Add a little salt. For every 10 liters of water, 1 teaspoon of bulk ingredient is required.
  7. As a light, use an ordinary desk lamp. The more natural and artificial light guppies receive, the more beautiful their color will be.

Breeding these hardy fish is not difficult, as they are viviparous. The fry is born completely adapted to independent living and does not require special care. You can settle guppies with any kind of peaceful fish.

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Bright Swordsmen

Another type of the most unpretentious fish for a small aquarium are the swordtails. They are much larger than guppies and can reach 12 cm in length. A distinctive feature of this species is a long process on the lower fin. In form, it resembles a sword and is characteristic only for males.

The Most Unpretentious Care And Beautiful Aquarium Fish

A characteristic feature of the male swordtail is a peculiar process of the lower part of the caudal fin, resembling a sword.

These aquarium creatures can be of almost any color. The most beautiful and popular are yellow, red, green, white species. Requirements for their content:

  1. Large space. A pair of swordtails need at least 70 liters. It is best to settle several females to one male.
  2. Water should be medium hard.
  3. The temperature of the habitat can vary from 23 to 25 ° C.

Swordtails unpretentious in food and are able to eat any vegetable, as well as live food. In their absence, dry or even frozen foods will do.

Males of this species are distinguished by a difficult character and can poorly transfer the neighborhood with other species. At the same time they are harmless for guppies, mollies, scalar and neons.

Beautiful mollies

This type of aquarium fish is viviparous, so it is perfect for people who are engaged in growing fish for sale. Females of mollies are slightly larger than males (about 1.5-2 centimeters). Optimal conditions:

  1. For 6-8 individuals, an aquarium of 50 liters will be enough.
  2. Mollies require weak alkaline water with a constant temperature of at least 25 ° C.
  3. Weekly it is necessary to change a quarter of the total volume of water to fresh. It is important to preheat it to the aquarium temperature.
  4. Be sure to carefully filter the water and ensure good aeration in the tank.

Mollies eat almost any kind of feed sold. However, it is very important not to overfeed them and constantly change the diet.

This representative of the aquatic fauna is one of the most peaceful. Individuals never conflict with each other and with other species. Because of this nature, swordtails can be settled in any artificial reservoir with suitable conditions for them.

Dark Silver Thirst

This beautiful fish has an original body structure, for which it is valued by aquarists around the world. The torso is slightly flattened at the sides and makes the thorn flat. In length, it grows no more than 5 centimeters. Conditions of detention at home:

  1. Small fishes of this species like to live in small flocks of 5-7 individuals.
  2. Such a “family” would be enough a fifty-liter aquarium.
  3. The temperature of the habitat should be in the range of 21-24 ° C.
  4. Thirsty requires good aeration and weekly cleanse of the aquarium.
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It feeds mainly on animal feed, but it will not give up on plant foods. This little fish can live without problems with other peace-loving species.

Original Angelfish

Such an aquarium pet grows to a rather large size (25 cm in height and 15 cm in length). His body is strongly flattened on the sides. Fish fins have a special beauty. Its ventral fin is elongated, and the dorsal curl is crescent-shaped. Depending on the content conditions, the color of the scalar can change and acquire a wide variety of colors. Caring for this species implies the provision of such conditions:

  1. The presence of an aquarium on 100 liters and more with a wall height of at least 45 centimeters.
  2. Ensuring the temperature of the water in 25-27 ° C and its average hardness.
  3. Constant lighting (natural and artificial).
The Most Unpretentious Care And Beautiful Aquarium Fish

Angelfish live an average of 10 years.

As a daily diet, you can use live food (daphnia, tubule, bloodworms). The scalar gets on well with other peace-loving fish, but in different ways tolerates the neighborhood with neons, guppies, and goldfish.

Danio rerio

These tiny fish (no more than 5 cm in length) are appreciated by aquarists for their attractive appearance and peaceful nature. Horizontal blue stripes run across the silvery body of the zebrafish. When light hits, they are able to sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow. For the successful maintenance and breeding of these creatures is necessary:

  1. 20 liters of volume for a small flock.
  2. Absolutely any indicators of water quality, which are characteristic of other small fish.
  3. Wide range of permissible temperatures from 15 to 30 ° C.

These little fish are able to eat a huge amount of food. A delicacy for them is live food (bloodworm, tubule), but if desired, they can eat and vegetable.

The peculiarity of zebrafish is their vigor. In the daytime, the fish practically do not rest, as they frolic in the aquarium and are able to jump out of the water for a few centimeters. Because of this, danio tanks should be covered with a lid. While providing the necessary conditions, these fish are able to live peacefully with any other species.

Unusual Betta Fish

The name of these aquarium fish received due to aggressive behavior. Very often they are compared with roosters, who also have a difficult character. Betta Fish is incredibly beautiful fish with a body length of about 5 centimeters. Mandatory conditions for their content:

  1. For one adult individual 5 liters of water is enough.
  2. It is recommended to keep Betta Fish in small groups of 4-5 fish. In this case, you can not settle together several males. Such a neighborhood can only harm and lead to numerous battles for the territory.
  3. Betta Fish love heat, so the optimum temperature for them will be 25-227 ° C.
  4. These representatives of the fauna need to provide both natural and artificial lighting.
  5. It does not hurt the presence of large plants at the bottom of the aquarium.
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These little creatures are able to eat a lot of food (plant or live). However, you should take into account the fact that Betta Fish is prone to overweight, which can cause them serious health problems. As cohabitants, you can use small and fast fish. Thanks to this neighborhood, aggressive Betta Fish will not be able to show their character and harm anyone.

The Most Unpretentious Care And Beautiful Aquarium Fish

Betta Fish is best hooked small and fast fish, so they do not show their character.

Whiskered gourami

These fish have gained their fame around the world thanks to two pectoral fins, which are much longer than the others and look like antennae. With their help, gurus touch the surrounding objects and look for food for themselves. It is best to keep them as follows:

  1. Use aquariums 80-100 liters.
  2. Maintain a constant temperature in the range of 24-26 degrees above zero.
  3. Monitor the hardness of the water and prevent its sharp increase.
  4. Provide the fish with good lighting.
  5. Plant enough live plants in the tank.

Gourami, like danios, love to jump out of the water, so you need to cover the tank with a flat object. Dry and live food can be used as food. In order for pets to develop properly and multiply quickly, you need to constantly change their diet. These representatives of the fauna coexist well with the scalar, mollies, swordtails and other peace-loving species of fish.

Unpretentious aquarium fish. this is a great option for novice aquarists. Taking care of these little creatures will help you better understand the process of breeding fish and make it as fun as possible. With the right approach to business and compliance with all the recommendations of professionals, you can create the most comfortable conditions for fish and enjoy their beauty.

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