The Most Beautiful Little Fish For The Aquarium

Not everyone has a place in the apartment for a large aquarium, and I want to admire the underwater world. A way out of this situation may be buying a small container. However, in a small aquarium, not all species of fish can be kept.

Consider the most common types of fish for such aquariums.

Which aquarium is called small?

For small aquariums include tanks less than 30–40 l, they are also called nano aquariums. Most often buy glass products from 5 to 20 liters. Now on sale there are aquarium sets, the kit which includes everything you need.

They are much cheaper than large aquariums, they are suitable for almost any stable surface, care for such small volumes takes much less time. They love to have just on the desk.

The Most Beautiful Little Fish For The Aquarium

The smallest aquarium fish

In small aquariums usually contain unpretentious freshwater fish of small size. Often, only one species of fish is turned on, but other aquatic inhabitants may be added to certain varieties with a peaceful nature. True, first all such tenants should be checked for compatibility.

Danionella Dracula

It got its name because of the unusual shape of the jaw in males with processes that look like teeth. On the lower jaw are elongated canines, which gives the fish a threatening look. Adult specimens can reach 1 cm in length. Bones and internal organs can be seen through a transparent body.

The Most Beautiful Little Fish For The Aquarium

In terms of feeding Danionella Dracula unpretentious, as long as the feed was also of small parameters. The food can be given dry, in granules; sublimated, live, frozen daphnia, artemia will work well.

These peaceful fish love to swim in flocks, which number about 200 relatives, so you need to keep them in a group of at least 10 copies.

Danionella Dracula due to its small parameters is better to keep in a specific aquarium separately or with the same small fish. For them, recommend an aquarium of 40 liters. The aquatic environment must comply with the following parameters: temperature 20–26 ° C, acidity 6.5–7.5 pH, hardness 2–5 dGH.

Tetra Amanda

This famous fish is also called a fiery tetra for its monophonic orange color. Usually it reaches 1.5–2 cm, and males do not differ from females.

They are unpretentious to the conditions of detention, and can eat any food for fish of small fractions. They live in flocks, but several pieces can be placed in a small aquarium, kept in the middle layers.

The Most Beautiful Little Fish For The Aquarium

They have a peace-loving character and get along well with other small peaceful fish. When making an aquarium, you should use live algae, and the lighting can be natural.

Micro Erythromycron

This little striped fish appeared relatively recently. Dark blue stripes from the back alternate with pale green, and the tail has a black spot. In males, the fins have reddish tones.

It grows up to an average of 2 cm and has a calm character, allowing you to keep it with other small peaceful fish, but it is best to keep it separate. They prefer to swim in the middle layers of water.

It is perfectly acceptable to keep it in a 30-liter aquarium with small algae and feed it with different feeds of small fractions. A family of one female and two males can be kept in a 15-liter tank, where they will breed successfully.

The Most Beautiful Little Fish For The Aquarium

They like clean water, in their abode it is undesirable to put snags and leaves of trees. They need good filtration and frequent water changes, temperature 20–24 ° С.

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Neo-tegrandria elegance

A little-known small striped fish, males of which grow up to 2 cm, and females up to 2.5 cm. It is a rare viviparous fish of the family of the 15-species.

For a pair of neo-teterandia elegance, an aquarium of 12 liters is enough. They are omnivorous and can eat any small food, but preferably live or frozen.

They love clean soft water. They need filtering and weekly replacement of half of the water. Recommended temperature 24–30 ° С. They are allowed to contain with other small tenants.

The Most Beautiful Little Fish For The Aquarium


Refers to one of the smallest fish in the world. It is ideal for keeping in small aquariums in volumes from 10 to 15 liters. Experts recommend keeping a flock of formos in the aquarium of 30–40 l (approximately 40–50 pieces).

In smaller quantities should be made at least 10 individuals. It should be noted that males should be about three times more. Formosa are not aggressive, get along with many fish and shrimps, but the best option for these fish is a separate species aquarium. They belong to the viviparous fish and inhabit the upper and middle layers.

Formos are nondescript in appearance: gray in color with a dark stripe along the body, transparent small fins. Females are larger than males. Males are about 1.5 cm, and females reach 3.5 cm.

Formosa are useful in that they eat planarians (small white worms) than they produce a natural cleaning of the aquarium from these unwanted guests. In nature, they feed on small insects that enter the water, and therefore prefer live food.

The Most Beautiful Little Fish For The Aquarium

Moth, artemia and tubule are well suited as food. Food is recommended to take fine or pre-crushed. For the content of formoza, the optimum water temperature is 22–26 ° C, but they quite well tolerate the range from 12 to 30 ° C.

In the aquarium, preferably more water plants. These fish do not need frequent water changes. It is better to cover the aquarium from above, as the fish can jump out of it.

Dwarf tetradon

The males of these fish usually reach 2 cm and have a slightly more contrasting color, and the females grow to an average of 2.5 cm. When the tetradon is frightened, it swells up, and small spikes begin to appear on the body and the ball.

In the aquarium with a capacity of 10 liters, you can keep 2-3 individuals. In their color prevail greenish-yellow tones with dark spots.

Their eyes move independently of each other. These are unpretentious small fishes, but they prefer a live forage, it is possible to give and frozen.

The Most Beautiful Little Fish For The Aquarium

Tetradonov also need to be fed snails, about which they sharpen their teeth. These active fish are better kept separately from other species.

Carnegiella Myers or Pygmy Blade

It is the smallest fish in the family of gallbirds. At length, it reaches 2.2–2.5 cm. Like all members of this family, it has an unusual elongated body shape, which is flattened on the sides.

The line of the back is straight, and the abdomen is sharply curved in the form of an arc. The light, translucent body has an olive tint, and there are dark specks in the abdomen area, a dark line runs along the spine.

These shy fish are recommended to keep in flocks of 5 pieces. Parameters of the aquatic environment for optimal content: temperature 23–26 ° C, hardness pH 5.5–6.5, acidity dH 10-20.

The Most Beautiful Little Fish For The Aquarium

There should be a constant change of water, aeration and filtration. Both dry and live feed are suitable for feeding. Carnegiella pygmy is eaten from a water surface or middle layers. Food that falls to the bottom, they just do not notice.

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Dwarf corridor

This catfish grows only up to 2–3 cm long. It has a translucent, flattened from the sides body of golden yellow and olive tones with a dark spot, small antennae.

Females are slightly larger than males. He lives in flocks and gets on with other small inhabitants of the aquarium. Several things can be kept in small aquariums.

Keeps in the middle layers of water and likes to plunge into the ground. It feeds on various small comas for fish. A filter, aeration and weekly replacement of the fifth part of water are needed.

The Most Beautiful Little Fish For The Aquarium


One of the most unpretentious and interesting in appearance of fish, perfectly suitable for beginners. This favorite fish for geneticists and breeders.

Now displayed about 13 species guppies differing body size and shape of the tail: Lyrebirds, veerohvostye, veiltail, kruglohvostye, flagohvostye, chaetura, lopatohvostye, kopehvostye, "lower sword", "upper sword", "double edged sword" veerohvostye acute-angled and fan-trimmed edging.

Coloring can also be very diverse. They usually swim in the upper layers of the aquarium. The length of males usually varies between 1.5–4 cm, while females look inconspicuous and larger ones. up to 6 cm.

Due to the small size and simplicity, a small group of guppies can be kept in small aquariums, even in a three-liter jar. If even the plants in the aquarium are undemanding to the conditions, then you can even abandon the filter and aeration.

The Most Beautiful Little Fish For The Aquarium

However, in any case, we should not forget about frequent water changes and cleaning the soil. They live well in the temperature range of 20–27 ° C and easily multiply.

Nannostomus marginatus

The small (2–3.5 cm) body of this aquarium fish has longitudinal strips and a somewhat elongated body. In the dark, changes its color, turns pale.

They are advised to keep a flock of up to 10 pieces in an aquarium of 30–40 liters, but a small group can be kept in even smaller containers. Can coexist with other peaceful small fish. They love the presence of lush aquatic vegetation and dark soil.

Unpretentious to feed, it is allowed to feed only dry small feed, but you can replenish their diet with daphnia and Artemia. Filtration and weekly water change required.

They like the presence in the decor of coagulums saturating the water with tannins, dimmed lighting, they float in the upper and middle layers.

The Most Beautiful Little Fish For The Aquarium


A small unpretentious fish of the carp family, which is best to keep a flock. She is peaceful and very mobile. The size of this species of fish ranges from 1.3 to 10 cm. The following varieties of rasbor are common among aquarists:

  • Brigitte. The smallest of carp fish, reaching only 1.3–22 cm. Its body is colored bright orange-red. Have stripes on the sides;
    The Most Beautiful Little Fish For The Aquarium
  • Hengel. The average length is about 3 cm. Dullly colored, but on the side has a neon strip that looks very nice with adequate lighting;
    The Most Beautiful Little Fish For The Aquarium
  • Galaxy. This rassing appeared recently, it grows to an average of 3–3.5 cm. Because of the spectacular coloring with many colors, it is also called fireworks;
    The Most Beautiful Little Fish For The Aquarium
  • wedge (heteromorph). One of the most common rasbor, 4–4,5 cm long with silver or golden scales and dark wedge-shaped spots on the sides.
    The Most Beautiful Little Fish For The Aquarium

Rasbora easily multiply, unpretentious to the conditions of detention. Feed can be used both dry and frozen, small fractions. In the place of residence must be algae, serving her plant food. Keeps in the upper layers of water. Optimal temperature 24–26 ° С, regular replacement of the fifth part of water is necessary. A flock of these fish from 8–10 individuals is recommended to be kept in an aquarium from 50 liters, but for a few pieces a small aquarium is also suitable.

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Rules for the settlement of small fish

When settling a nano aquarium, aquarists recommend sticking to the following rules:

  • small fish up to 4 cm (cardinal, neon, guppy and others) can be kept in small aquariums with a volume of 10–30 l. Such proportions are observed. about 1 l should fall to 1 individual;
  • Small ones are considered specimens up to 6 cm. For them choose a capacity of at least 20 liters. In this case, such proportions should be taken into account. 2.5 liters per individual. If the aquarium is very large (400–500 l), then 1 liter should be used per individual;
  • for small fish, sizes up to 10 cm in length (swordtails, mollies, congo, rainbow fish and others), you need to choose a long aquarium (at least 1 m), so that there is a place to roam. The recommended volume is at least 150 liters. One such individual needs at least 3 liters;
    The Most Beautiful Little Fish For The Aquarium
  • it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the behavior of underwater inhabitants, namely, whether the fish is a school or not;
  • there is no reason to add predatory specimens to small fish, otherwise you can say goodbye to them;
  • It is not necessary to keep fish of different behavior and lifestyle in the same aquarium. Some individuals are inactive, while others are constantly moving, others like to swim in flocks;
  • to live together species should choose individuals with the same requirements for water parameters and lighting;
  • it is necessary to fill the water space evenly. So, some fish strictly adhere to their territory and if they take a lot of space, then other specimens will be uncomfortable. It is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of representatives of the water world when settling on a vertical plane. some live closer to the bottom, others in the middle layers of the water space, and still others like to splash on the surface;
  • after you have equipped the aquarium and planted it with plants, do not rush to immediately populate it. Wait until the required microorganisms multiply within one to two weeks;
    The Most Beautiful Little Fish For The Aquarium
  • Do not rush to run new tenants. First rinse the bag with the fish under the tap water and place it in the nano aquarium for a while until the temperatures are the same. Then it should be added to the aquarium water package and let out the fish only 15 minutes after that;
  • beginners are recommended to quarantine before launching into an aquarium and gradually accustom them to new conditions, adding water from the aquarium.

A small aquarium takes up little space, but is as pleasing to the eyes as it is large. It is easier to care for him, but various sanitary and preventive measures (water change, cleaning, disinfection, changing soil and plants) are more frequent. It is important to correctly calculate the number of tenants for such small tanks. Beginners should choose the most unpretentious fish and slow-growing plants. But they will need to constantly monitor the small capacity. But in such small volumes you can easily change the scenery, plants and create a new design.

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