The Main Reasons Why Die Fish In An Aquarium

Why do decorative fish die in an aquarium? Inexperienced aquarists make many mistakes in keeping their pets. If you know all the causes of the sudden death of aquarium fish, you can prevent this misfortune. All information about the content of pets must be found in advance.

How to understand that the aquarium fish died? Some pop up belly, others sink to the bottom.

Nitrogen intoxication

Why do small fish die in an aquarium, if all conditions of detention are met? Nitrogen poisoning happens often, inexperienced owners create life-unfavorable conditions. They give the fish too much food, waste water quickly accumulates in the water. For 1 day with enhanced feeding mode, 1 pet leaves the amount of stool equal to 1/3 of its weight. Nitrogen compounds occur during their decomposition and are divided into the following components:

This is a toxic component, ammonium is the most dangerous, an excess of this substance is the main cause of the destruction of living creatures in the aquarium. What to do if the fish die in the aquarium due to nitrogen? It is necessary to change the water more often.

Intoxication with nitrogen occurs frequently in the first week after settling, when the aquarium is recently equipped. Increasing the concentration of a toxic substance occurs for the following reasons:

  • Increase the number of pets.
  • Filter failure.
  • Overfeeding.

The Main Reasons Why Die Fish In An Aquarium

  • ¼ water is updated every day.
  • Before pouring into the aquarium, the liquid is settled for at least 1 day.
  • Checking the operation of the filter.

Incorrect fish population

Why don’t big fish die after abrupt changes in conditions? Their bodies are strong enough, but this will affect the immunity and resistance to disease. Premature death can result from any infection.

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Lack of oxygen

Aeration is not equipped if a large number of plants is used. Otherwise, the oxygen supply must be installed, otherwise the pets will die.

Oxygen comes out of the water if its temperature is exceeded. Individuals one by one begin to die, it is necessary to quickly adjust the temperature, so aerators must be activated at night.


Diseases often develop through the fault of the owners; it is not easy to determine the disease in fish; in order to preserve them, it is necessary to follow these recommendations:

The behavior and condition of the fish changes every day. Passive behavior, poor appetite, discoloration requires an examination by a veterinarian. If properly maintained, they will live a long time.

The Main Reasons Why Die Fish In An Aquarium

Chemical reagents are selected according to established standards. Some species do not tolerate a high concentration of iron, zinc and copper, so iron scenery has a destructive effect on them. The liquid should not be too hard, the acid content is moderate. The water becomes cloudy, no rot occurs.

Identification of the dead fish during the spawning period indicates errors of the aquarist. Some individuals try to protect their young well, show aggression in relation to other inhabitants.

It is necessary to count the fish every day, study their behavior and interaction, the soil is cleaned every 1-2 weeks, the water is replaced. If the specimen is not detected during the recalculation, the entire aquarium is searched.

The dead individuals need to be examined, to check the eyes, the integrity of the scales and fins. Poisoning or infection also manifests itself visually.

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Testing can determine 2 results. A clean aquarium indicates another cause of death for pets. When replacing water, it is necessary to fill in only 20-25% of pure liquid, abrupt change is undesirable.

Before sending for new individuals, it is necessary to decide how they will get along with old-timers. It is undesirable to rely on the competence of sellers, since their main task is selling.

  • Large always try to hunt small ones.
  • Intraspecific aggression develops.
  • Some species are able to stick to large individuals, who then die.
  • The strong always destroy the weak.

Remember that even experienced breeders die pets due to unforeseen circumstances.

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