The Fish Lies At The Bottom Of The Cause And What To Do

Novice aquarists quite often encounter the phenomenon when a new fish launched into an aquarium lies at the bottom and breathes heavily. There are several explanations for this behavior, and in each case it is necessary to deal separately.

Fish in shock!

For example, you bought a “cinch” and, satisfied with your purchase, launch it into your home aquarium, expecting that it will please the household with its appearance. Not here it was! She almost immediately goes down.

What is the reason for such an unusual behavior? Why does a goldfish lie at the bottom of an aquarium?

In many cases, this phenomenon is simply explained: a new inhabitant of a domestic pond experienced natural stress or shock.

Do not immediately grab his head! If the aquarium “works” as it should be, all the required conditions are maintained, then the fish purchased will get used to the new environment in 1-2 days, its health and behavior will be normalized. However, it is necessary to observe her during this period as often as possible.

Incorrect conditions

Perhaps this is one of the main reasons for the described problem. Requirements for the maintenance of domestic water pets are not just written, they are developed by practice, sometimes. not always positive. Be sure to adhere to all terms and conditions. This is especially true of the living creatures, as a result of the vital activity of which a lot of waste remains. “Cinderella” belong to such decorative fish.

Aquarium Sizes

If goldfish lie at the bottom of the aquarium, then one of the reasons may be an insufficient volume of the “can”. 50 liters of water volume per 1 individual. it is with this calculation that the aquarium should be selected. The content of "gold" in cramped conditions contributes to the rapid pollution of the aquatic environment and, as a result, an increase in the concentration of nitrites and nitrates, which fish absolutely can not tolerate.

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Water parameters

Determining why the goldfish lies at the bottom, in this case, checking the water for the presence of ammonia compounds with the help of special tests can help.

It is also necessary to check the condition of the filter (it is possible that the filter elements are clogged) and make sure that it is working normally.

Another situation, due to which the fish lies on its side at the bottom, is a violation of the temperature regime. This is possible both during water changes and in the event of a heater breakdown.

It is possible that the aquarium is installed incorrectly and is heated too much from a room heating system or direct sunlight.

Violation of the acid-base balance not only affects the behavior of home aquarium pets, but also causes diseases such as alkalosis and acidosis, which can even become chronic. That is why in some cases, measuring the level of pH balance helps to determine what the problem is.

  • Alkalosis is an organism dysfunction resulting from an increase in the alkalinity of the aquatic environment.
  • In contrast, acidosis occurs due to increased aqueous acidity.

Timely smooth pH balance to normal conditions of the maintenance of certain types of pets contributes to the recovery of diseased individuals.

Young aquarium

A common cause of the phenomenon under consideration may be the colonization of ornamental fish in a new aquarium, where the required balance of the aquatic ecosystem is not yet available. This is one of the major mistakes novice aquarists. It is not enough just to pour the prepared water into the “can” and to put the equipment into operation. Any specialist in the aquarium case will confirm that the aquarium has not yet been really launched, as the biofilter has not grown a colony of bacteria that process nitrites and nitrates. That is why in such an environment, having received an increased dose of a toxic substance, having experienced severe stress conditions, the goldfish lies at the bottom. Reduce the content of nitrates and straighten the "emergency" situation in this case will help daily water changes in the amount of not less than 20% of the total amount of water.

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Diseases and injuries

Very often, novice aquarists seek advice from experts if the fish lie at the bottom of the aquarium, despite the fact that the conditions of detention are not violated, and testing the water indicates its full suitability for the life of aquatic fauna. In such cases, this behavior may well be caused by illness or injury.

As for injuries, the quite popular fish of Betta Fish "suffer". Due to their cocky disposition, they often receive various injuries, including the swim bladder. This circumstance can also be the cause of such behavior.

If there are other “inhabitants” in the aquarium, then the injured fish should be carefully moved to a separate quarantine tank with prepared water, where it can rest and recover.

The course of some specific diseases is also accompanied by the fact that the fish does not swim and sinks to the ground. Dropsy, liver obesity, overfeeding, bloating Malawi are only a few of the existing fish diseases that cause general depletion of the body and passive behavior. In this case, it is important to correctly identify the disease, move the affected pets to the quarantine aquarium and begin effective treatment.

So what to do? First, do not panic! And secondly, it is necessary to determine the cause of such a state as quickly as possible and correctly. And if the reasons for non-standard behavior are known, then eliminating them is not difficult.

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