The Fish Lies At The Bottom Of The Cause And What To Do

Fish are at the bottom of the aquarium. this is the request that most often comes from novice aquarists. This behavior occurs for specific reasons. Their preliminary study will eliminate the possibility of erroneous actions.

The Fish Lies At The Bottom Of The Cause And What To Do

Main reasons

Why do different fish in the aquarium lie at the bottom? Experienced aquarists identify a number of reasons:

  • The composition of the water.
  • Wrong temperature conditions.
  • New capacity.
  • Fish bottom type.
  • Infectious diseases.

Each cause and necessary measures are considered individually.

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Water quality change

Aquarium fish sink to the bottom of the aquarium because of an increase in the concentration of mineral substances, salt, or an increase in acidity. Osmotic shock occurs due to jumps.

As a rule, such violations occur due to the transfer of new fish to another tank without prior adaptation. To provoke a shock can and used for algae, shady plants mixture. After all, there are low-quality compounds on sale.

As soon as it is discovered that the fish lies on the bottom, tests and checks are carried out. With their help, the level of nitrates is established. Acidity and severity are additionally checked. Based on the data obtained, a decision is made on:

  • Complete or partial fluid replacement.
  • The introduction of compositions for the withdrawal of salts and minerals, reducing stiffness.

Before running the phenotype, the parameters of aquarium water are necessarily studied.

The Fish Lies At The Bottom Of The Cause And What To Do

Violation of temperature

Often the fish lies at the bottom of the aquarium due to violations of temperature indicators. The temperature shock causes changes in 4-5 degrees.

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Aquarists face such a problem, releasing a new phenotype from the shipping container, which the acclimatization process has not passed. The fish will return to normal, although in the future there will be immune diseases and infections. Therefore, acclimatization is carried out necessarily.

Transfer to a new aquarium

Why do fish lie at the bottom of a new aquarium? The main reason is osmotic shock.

In the new tank, the nitrogen cycle is not functioning. Therefore, the concentration of harmful nitrites is constantly increasing.

Launching individuals into only prepared glass containers is prohibited. Pre-launch, the essence of which is the introduction of sulfur preparations, mixtures.

The Fish Lies At The Bottom Of The Cause And What To Do

Bottom representatives

To the bottom are certain species. So, catfish, loaches and some representatives of Loricarius are located near the ground.

Before purchasing, be sure to specify what type they belong to, if the fish are not very common.

Diseases and painful condition

Often the fish swim near the bottom because of the abundant feeding. Some phenotypes slowly digest and absorb food. This leads to gravity, which is easier to carry near the soil.

Frequent overeating leads to obesity, which is unsafe for some individuals. To prevent a similar outcome of the fallen fish are transplanted into a quarantine aquarium. It is easier to control the flow of food, to hold fasting days.

Some individuals fall to the bottom with poor performance of the digestive tract, gall bladder. Such diseases provoke certain fungi, pathogens that enter through the water. Unicellular promotes the start of the inflammatory process in the gallbladder. He provokes problems with blood vessels, fast death. Treatment will begin on the day of detection.

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An active or aggressive individual rests on stones, soil after a fight, research. Damage detection is easy. Treatment is trusted only to specialists. As a rule, large individuals are treated.

Closer to the bottom of the fish move and in anticipation of death. During this period, changing their behavior.

The Fish Lies At The Bottom Of The Cause And What To Do

Proper preparation of the aquarium

To prevent the occurrence of such problems is easy. For this, the following actions are performed:

  1. Priming. The selection of the type (sand, mixture, gravel) is carried out taking into account the phenotypes that will be settled in the aquarium.
  2. The decor. At the bottom of the tank have snags, tunnels, accessories, shells. Before placing prepare a sketch. This will simplify the task.
  3. Pouring water. The procedure is performed carefully in order to prevent the formation of turbidity. Experienced aquarists recommend pouring water over glass containers. Immediately run the fish can not.
  4. Planting. It is performed on the 4–5th day after pouring water. For planting choose ambulia, other undemanding plants.
  5. Connecting equipment. Filters and lighting devices are installed immediately, and are connected in 8–10 days.
  6. Running simple phenotypes. Experienced aquarists choose the Sword. They adapt quickly.
  7. Run other fish. It is performed in stages. A certain time is required for adaptation.

The Fish Lies At The Bottom Of The Cause And What To Do

In the future, you will need:

  • Replacement of 20–30% of water from the tank.
  • Weekly cleaning of installed filters with aquarium water.
  • Removal of food debris, garbage.
  • Introducing a varied diet. Some phenotypes require special food.
  • Cleaning the aquarium (every 14 days).
  • Check the operation of filters, aerators, heating and other equipment.
  • Disinfection (ultraviolet or ozone).
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The reasons for which the "inhabitants" of the aquarium sink to the bottom, many. Therefore, it is important for novice aquarists to study not only them, but also the rules of action. After all, the life expectancy of pets depends on it.

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