The First Days Of Guppy Fry In An Aquarium How To Properly Care And How To Grow Fish

If you decide to start a fish, then the ideal option are guppies. They are unpretentious and very beautiful. With minimal effort, you can create a unique aquarium that will amaze with a variety of colorful inhabitants.

But you should be careful, as the mentioned fish breed very easily.

Preparing conditions for a pregnant female

Guppies are completely unpretentious and can give birth in a common aquarium. They differ in that they are viviparous. This means that the fish gives birth to fully formed and viable fry.

In order to provide ideal conditions for the future mother, it is necessary first of all to feed the fish more intensively. This is necessary so that the female does not eat the fry immediately after their birth.

For the correct and most successful breeding process, it is desirable to take younger males and older females. This is because an adult fish can tolerate more fry. And in order to successfully fertilize her, you need a smart and active male.

The First Days Of Guppy Fry In An Aquarium How To Properly Care And How To Grow Fish

The pregnancy of a guppy lasts from 35 to 45 days. The duration of the process depends on the water temperature: the higher it is, the faster the fry develop.

Ideally, it is advisable to plant the future mother in a separate aquarium. This procedure should be carried out in the last stages of pregnancy. Capacity must be equipped with plants with small leaves so that the fish can eat them. Otherwise, the female is likely to feast on newborn offspring.

Birth of guppy fry

Before the birth of fry, the belly of the fish becomes square. To fry survived and did not need additional care, it is necessary to balance the environment in the aquarium. It is also important to feed the small fish feed. This will provide a bright coloring for adults in the future.

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How many is born

The number of fry depends on the size, age and diet of the female. The older and bigger the fish, the more babies she will be born to. For the first time, it can bring up to a dozen new residents. Further, their number will increase each time.

How to look and how to find out the floor

Fry are born completely tiny. In length, they can reach up to 5 mm. In the general aquarium, babies can be kept only if there are many shelters. They can be tall grass, algae, caverns, sticks, leaves, etc. They need babies to make it easier to hide from adult fish that can eat them.

The First Days Of Guppy Fry In An Aquarium How To Properly Care And How To Grow Fish

After two weeks of age, guppies of females appear dark spots near the anal fin. In order for the fish to develop properly, it is necessary to identify their sex in time and remove females from the males.

The latter differ in that they have a swirling lower fin. It is longer than that of the female, as it then turns into gonopodia.

The First Days Of Guppy Fry In An Aquarium How To Properly Care And How To Grow Fish

When the first sexual signs appear, the fry should be removed, but this process does not occur in the water course, it stretches for weeks.

How to grow fast, how to feed and how to care

Guppies grow amazingly fast. Under proper conditions of maintenance and feeding, after one and a half or two months, the first males will begin to acquire a beautiful, bright color, the first coal spots appear.

In 3 months they are already fully formed and reach puberty. The color of the guppy is improved and becomes clearer, more beautiful with age. The older the male, the more uniquely its fins and tail are painted.

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First days

In the first days of life, the fish are already quite active. Immediately after birth, babies swim actively around the aquarium in search of food. So that they eat right, you need to give them only small food.

The ideal option would be artemia and lively sand. Sometimes you can dilute the diet with chopped boiled yolk from chicken eggs.

The First Days Of Guppy Fry In An Aquarium How To Properly Care And How To Grow Fish

Guppy fry eating yolk

The feeding procedure should be carried out 3-4 times a day. Portions should be given small, but such that the fish have enough then to eat.

After 2 weeks

After two weeks of life, small fish can be transferred to another feed. It can be shredded bloodworm, tubule and cyclop. You can use a special packaged food for guppy fry.

The feeding procedure should be carried out 2-3 times a day. It is optimal to give small portions so that after feeding there remains a minimum amount of food. This is necessary in order to avoid rapid contamination of the aquarium.

In order for the fry to grow healthy, active and develop correctly, it is necessary to ensure the temperature in the aquarium from 22 to 25 ° С. Warm water will provide the fastest process of growing up kids.

How to feed guppy fry: video

Why do not grow guppy fry: possible difficulties

Sometimes aquarists face the problem that their guppies fry do not grow well or at all.

The reason for this trouble can be several factors:

  • the diet of babies is poorly balanced, low protein content in the feed;
  • feeding does not occur often enough;
  • water temperature in the aquarium is very low;
  • the aquarium is too small and not suitable for a large number of fry;
  • the offspring gave birth to a too young female and it cannot develop;
  • fry were born prematurely and not fully formed;
  • the lack of fresh water in the aquarium (this is important for the proper development of the young).
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Guppies are an excellent choice for a beginner aquarist. This species of fish is distinguished by its unpretentiousness and amazing beauty. With minimal effort and low cost, you can create a beautiful underwater world. But in order for the fish to feel good, to have the opportunity to multiply, they need to ensure a balanced diet and proper conditions of detention.

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