The Best Feed For Nutritional Aquarium Fish

The health and activity of aquarium fish and their ability to reproduce depend on proper nutrition. Food must be balanced, contain the necessary amount of carbohydrates, fats, as well as proteins, which are important for their growth. The menu should include both live food and dry, with the highest content of vegetable ingredients. Each type of fish needs a certain food, so for each of the aquarium tenants should develop your diet.

Different types of fish eat different foods. It is also necessary to take into account the stages of the physiological development of aquatic pets. The diet for fry and adult fish should not be the same.

The food of fry are the smallest organisms, such as protozoa and microscopic algae. Then the fish begin to eat plankton. For adult fish, different feeds are suitable.

All aquarium fish on the nature of food are divided into:

  1. 1. Predatory. Their diet consists of other vertebrates. The most prominent representatives are astronotus, knife cichlid, piranhas, bag-haired catfish. They perceive all small neighbors as food.
  2. 2. Animal-eating. They eat invertebrates. These aquatic pets include barb, angelfish, telescope, red parrot. For them, live food is the main diet, and plant food is used as an additive.
  3. 3. Herbivorous. Such fish feed on aquatic plants, for example, Siamese algae, ototsinklyus, antsistrus, gerinoheylus.
  4. 4. Omnivorous. Any food is suitable for them. These are mollies, guppies, swordtails, danios.

The basic rule of feeding aquarium fish: overfeeding worse underfeeding.

Dry food is very popular with aquarists. It is available in granules, tablets, in the form of sticks and flakes. Its advantage is that it is immediately ready for use.

Food differs in the type of fish, in the area of ​​keeping pets and therapeutic effects on them. Therefore, when choosing it, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition and to what fish it is suitable for. An important criterion is the reputation of the manufacturer.

The world leader in the production of dry feed for aquarium is a German company Tetra with branches around the world. The company managed to develop a balanced diet as close as possible to natural food. All products are divided into special lines, each of which has a specific role:

  • Basic or main feed. It is suitable for all types of fish, as it includes vitamins, minerals and other necessary ingredients.
  • Special. This composition is intended for individual species of animals with the aim of proper development, prevention of diseases.
  • Extra goodies. These are basic nutritional supplements for a variety of fish diets.
The Best Feed For Nutritional Aquarium Fish

The company patented the production technology of its products. For the preparation of feed using high quality raw materials. Finished products, which include beta-glucan (to enhance immunity) and omega-3 acids, retains nutrients throughout the shelf life. The manufacturer is constantly improving the composition of the produced feed.

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Sera dry food in the form of granules, tablets, chips and flakes is produced by a popular German manufacturer. For each ornamental fish developed its range, as close as possible to the natural diet. They do not crumble, do not dissolve in water, and therefore leave the liquid clean.

The main feed Sera vipan is designed for daily feeding of fish. It is made from more than 40 natural products. Contains vitamins, minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, natural fiber, and herbal supplements.

The Best Feed For Nutritional Aquarium Fish

For herbivorous and viviparous fish, the food Sera flora is used. It consists of plankton, algae, enriched with numerous vitamins and valuable amino acids.

Organic food is made for fry food Sera micron. It consists of plankton, spirulina, fish and beef liver, clams, daphnia. The remaining food in the water creates an algal cover with microorganisms that the fry will later feed on.

The largest manufacturer in the aquarium industry is the Polish company Tropical. It produces about 150 items of feed, medicines for fish and vitamin supplements. The food is made from natural raw materials of high quality and has hydro-stability and good taste.

The Best Feed For Nutritional Aquarium Fish

Most of the rations produced are suitable for different fish, but there are products that are focused on certain types of aquatic pets. The assortment includes multicomponent, vegetable, universal feed, as well as enhancing the vitality of the fish and making their color more vivid.

Specialized food is produced for herbivorous fish in which there is a high content of fiber, a medical food to combat endoparasites, food with a high content of protein, for fish during the breeding season.

Using dry food, you can not completely exclude natural, as it has more nutrients in the composition.

The Russian company "Living Water" is a manufacturer of food Vitawater for aquarium fish, a feature of which is the content of probiotics. The need for its development has arisen because of the propensity of animals to dysbiosis, which leads not only to diseases of the fish, but also to their death.

Food contains probiotics that are involved in the digestion of food. Additionally, the composition is enriched with minerals, vitamins.

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Feed the company "Living Water" use:

  • to activate the immune system of animals;
  • for therapeutic purposes;
  • to adapt the fish;
  • for preventive purposes.
  • Daily. Designed for regular feeding water pets. The composition is rich in vitamins and bacteria that can stimulate the immune system.
  • Prophylactic. Its use in nutrition helps in the treatment of diseases of aquarium fish.
  • Preventive Such food is vital for fish diseases mycobacteriosis. The prescription, in addition to bacteria and vitamins, additionally includes the necessary medicines.

It is advisable to keep the closed food in the refrigerator, but not more than 1 year.

Crayfish can be found in ponds, standing bodies of water, lakes, ditches and even in water pits. Where daphnia is present, the water has a gray-green color. They feed on bacteria and ciliates. You can catch live plankton with the help of a net.

The Best Feed For Nutritional Aquarium Fish

There are different types of crustaceans. Often found:

  1. one. Magna. It is the largest crustacean. Larvae size. 0.7 mm, and a large individual. up to 6 mm. It grows in 14 days, and lives a maximum of 150 days.
  2. 2 Puleks. The average live plankton up to 4 mm. Reproduces within 5 days, life expectancy. 47 days.
  3. 3 Moina. A variety of small to 1.5 mm daphnia. They live 22 days, and new offspring are given every 2 days.

These types of daphnids are amenable to reproduction at home. To do this, you can catch them yourself or purchase. Contain branchy should be in a dark place, maintaining the temperature in the range of 20-24 ° C. They feed crustaceans with chlorella, baker’s yeast, algae.

The bright red color of the larva of the dergun mosquito of 5–25 mm in size is called moth. It can be of different sizes. small, medium and large. This is a universal food that is suitable for different pets. It contains about 70% protein, 30% carbohydrates. Larvae live in silt, stagnant waters, ponds and lakes.

The Best Feed For Nutritional Aquarium Fish

Choosing a bloodworm, you should pay attention to its color and mobility. Fresh larvae are saturated red and actively move. You can keep them alive, in dry form or frozen. Before feeding fish, rinse it under running water and sort it out. Feeding should be given in small portions so that he does not remain in the aquarium and does not sink to the bottom.

Adult fish are fed with a whole bloodworm, and for fry it is finely cut with a blade. In this case, the blood is given to drain. Large crank is an ideal food for goldfish, angelfish, tsikhlazom, and the average is preferable for Betta Fish, guppies, swordtails, gourami.

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Tubular ordinary. a kind of malleech worms, which are popular among aquarists. This is a high nutrient feed.

The average size of a worm is about 10 cm, the body is filiform, due to the large amount of hemoglobin in the blood, dark pink or red. On the surface of the worm there are bristles, the tail end is equipped with gills.

The Best Feed For Nutritional Aquarium Fish

For the safety of the aquarium fish, the chimney pipe must be cleaned of mucus and dirt. It is very useful to feed a young strawberry, then it quickly develops and grows. And adult fish often spoil the worms is not recommended because of their high calorie content, which can lead to infertility and obesity of animals.

You can keep this kind of food alive for up to 2 months if you pour a small amount of water into a container with worms and put it in the refrigerator.

At home, you can cook your own food. Water pets can be given food of plant and animal origin.

For some aquarium fish, plant food is their basic diet and is vital, for others it is only an additional supplement. Ambulia, water fern, wolfia, rdest, riccia and duckweed are popular with aquarists. Pre-plants need to pour over boiling water, dried and, if necessary, cut.

The source of vitamins and trace elements is a dandelion leaf. Before serving, it must be frozen in a refrigerator or scalded with boiling water. For the same purposes, lettuce, nettle, spinach are suitable. Boiled carrots, zucchini, zucchini can be given in small quantities.

It is not necessary to keep together the animal-eating and herbivorous aquarium fish.

Good nutritional properties has food of animal origin. It is useful for predatory fish. They can be fed chopped beef heart frozen. The storehouse of nutrients is a chicken egg, both cooked in the form of an omelette and hard-boiled. They are fed fish in small portions in shredded form. You can make fresh-frozen or boiled fish in the form of minced meat.

You can not add to the food, which is prepared with their own hands, add spices. Unfinished leftover food must be cleaned, as its decomposition leads to water pollution.

All aquatic pets have their own food preferences. But only high-quality food with a balanced composition helps to maintain the health of the fish and improves their immunity.

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