Table Of Compatibility Of Aquarium Fish In One Aquarium

Table Of Compatibility Of Aquarium Fish In One Aquarium

In the article I will consider the compatibility of aquarium fish. I will list the main parameters that should be considered when selecting fish for one aquarium. I will give a table of compatibility of the most popular aquarium inhabitants.

How to choose the right fish for one aquarium

Compatibility of different types of fish is one of the main problems faced by an aquarist when starting a new aquarium or when buying new tenants.

Incorrectly chosen neighbors become a real problem and cause the death of the fish. It is necessary to take into account factors that will help the fish feel comfortable.

Compatibility table

All aquarium fish can be divided into three types of compatibility:

  • C. compatible;
  • Y. conditionally compatible;
  • H. incompatible.

The health of the fish

The fish should not be lethargic, faded, with stripped fins and any external signs of disease (white spots on the scales or partial absence of the latter, inflamed eyes, ulcers on the body, etc.)

Predators and prey

If the fish is a predator. you should not settle innocuous little neighbors. they can be eaten immediately.

Intraspecific aggression

Schooling fish is better to buy from 4 pcs. in order to save them from stress. "Harem" fish (for example, Betta Fish) need to keep a few pieces, but in this case, there should be 2-3 females per male.

Territorial aggression

Some species of fish actively protect the area. This occurs both during spawning and in order to protect pasture. Aggression can be directed to the representatives of their own species or to all the inhabitants of the aquarium.

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Table Of Compatibility Of Aquarium Fish In One Aquarium

Be sure to keep in mind that some fish protect their territory

Settling in different layers of water

They live in different layers of water and, populating an aquarium, you need to take this fact into account. Residents of the aquarium will not always be in one layer and it will look much more beautiful.

Aquarium parameters

Heat-loving fish are not settled with cold-blooded ones, but lovers of soft water with their neighbors, who prefer vodichku on tougher.


If fish are distinguished by large veil fins, it is not recommended to settle them with snooty schooling representatives. For example, barbs will quickly bite the tails of the veil tails or telescopes.


According to the general rules of large inhabitants, it is better to settle with large ones, predators with predators, slow-moving with slow-moving, etc.

In this case, the fish will grow together and can simply get used to each other. It happens that the angelfish live in peace with the neons who grew up with them, but immediately eat the "new ones".

What kind of aquarium fish can you keep together?

When the parameters of the aquarium are selected and suitable for several species of fish, it is necessary to choose the right inhabitants of the aquarium. Consider some popular types of aquarium fish and their compatibility with neighbors.

Betta fish

The fish is very aggressive to the rival. You can not combine Betta Fish and fish with beautiful long fins and bright scales. Betta Fish sees them as rivals. Also banned large and predatory fish.

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Compatible with medium-sized fish with a calm character (catfish, swordtails, mollies, etc.) With an aquarium volume of 100 liters. and a sufficient number of shelters, can live with almost all kinds of fish.

Table Of Compatibility Of Aquarium Fish In One Aquarium

Betta Fish has a rather aggressive temperament.


Compatible with calm, commensurate in size fish. It is impossible to keep with small neighbors (they will be eaten), with aggressive, with owners of voilel fins. the barbus plucks them perfectly.


By their nature and way of life, they are compatible with friendly fish of the same size, bottom or larger calm neighbors.


Compatible with calm views:

  • carp family
  • catfish
  • labo
  • danios
  • Mines
  • patrons of the arts
Table Of Compatibility Of Aquarium Fish In One Aquarium

Goldfish can not be planted with too small, it can eat them

You can not settle with small ones. they will be eaten, as well as with snooty or aggressive neighbors. They will drive a goldfish and plucked fins are provided.


You can not settle with predatory, nimble and aggressive neighbors, as well as with small species. The last scalar will pursue and most likely eat.

Get along well with:

Those. Neighbors must live in other layers of the aquarium, or be commensurate in size, but do not touch the scalar, or just have time to dodge its attacks.


This friendly representative is kept with neighbors of comparable size. Gets along with almost any neighbors.


Lives with all types of aquarium fish, except neighbors with veil fins (bites) and small (scares the activity of fighting), as well as large aggressive predators.

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It is not recommended to settle with predators or very active fish. Last plucked fins gourami. With other species coexist perfectly.

Table Of Compatibility Of Aquarium Fish In One Aquarium

Gourami can coexist with most species of fish.


One of the most peaceful aquarium fish. Gets along with almost all the neighbors. It is impossible to settle with large and medium aggressive cichlids.


Ancistrus is not recommended to settle with large and aggressive predators, as well as with slow sluggish fish. With the rest, the antitrus lives beautifully in the same aquarium.

When settling an aquarium, it is very important to take into account all the features of the content and behavior of fish. With the right neighborhood will live a long time and please the eye of the aquarist with its beauty and health.

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