Small Aquarium Fish

Which mini aquarium to choose?

Immediately it should be said that tiny products are generally better not to buy. And the thing is that there is a lot of trouble with them, and some parameters are quite difficult to maintain at low volumes. So, for the normal maintenance of the smallest aquarium fish you need to maintain different temperature conditions. So, the goldfish prefers a temperature of 18-23 degrees, but all tropical species. not less than 24.5-28 degrees. In small domestic "ponds" it is impossible to constantly maintain the tropical temperature.

After installing the mini-tank, you need to constantly monitor temperature fluctuations, since a deviation of only 2 degrees can adversely affect its inhabitants. Yes, and the water initially will have to change constantly, until the bacteria settle in the filter. That is why at hand should always be water, which defended at least 48 hours. All these problems are not so acute if you purchase tanks of at least 35-50 liters. This applies to temperature fluctuations, and to lighting, and water purification.

Fish selection

Pick up fish need, guided by very simple rules. Predators better not run in small tanks. In addition, other inhabitants should be miniature, so before you buy you should definitely ask about the size of adults. Expensive aquarium fish. also not the best option due to the fact that to maintain the optimal temperature for them is very difficult. Eco-balance may be disrupted, and it is these fish that will die first.

You can not run into a small home "pond" as a large number of fish. There is a rule: each fish with a length of 5-7 cm should be at least 3-5 liters of water. It is not necessary to start the fish, which differ in their behavioral reactions. For example, some representatives of the water kingdom may be in constant motion, while others will be slow-moving.

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It is necessary to run aquarium fish in such a way that the vital volume of the tank is filled evenly. For example, there are representatives that relate to a particular territory. They often occupy the entire aquarium so much that it causes great inconvenience to other fish. The ideal combination is the fish living in the bottom layer of the aquarium, which are adjacent to those living in the middle layers. You can also add fish to them, which prefer to swim on the surface.

Suitable types of fish

Small Aquarium Fish

Fledging fish can be placed in small aquariums. You can get one of the smallest aquarium fish. Sumatran barbus. Enough to plant in the aquarium 10-15 pieces. Mossy barbs that have a dark green color will look particularly impressive. You can make cute little fish. striped danios, which are very unpretentious. Cute and cardinals, especially their veil form.

The most beautiful aquarium fish are, perhaps, representatives of the family of haracin. blue neon, red or ordinary. Despite their small size, they adorn any body of water. A magnificent sight is a flock of 20-30 fish. Small catfish can also be planted with them. speckled, golden or green. They will serve as a kind of orderlies, constantly searching for leftover food in the sand.

Viviparous fish is also a good option. Good-looking will be multi-colored flocks of guppies. Let it not the smallest aquarium fish, but the most unpretentious. They are the most common and inexpensive, if it is not a selection of species. You can find beautiful representatives with intricate colors, and it is enough to run 15-20 fish, so that the reservoir will simply be filled with various colors.

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Small swordtails of different colors also feel great in small tanks. These can be red and black, green and spotty representatives. Enough for an aquarium of 50 liters to run 15-20 individuals. You can start with a dozen mollies of black color. Here are just these little fish more fastidious and demanding on the composition of the water. For them, the reservoir must be periodically salted.

red swordtails: male and female

Unusually look and 10-15 persons, which have a red, calico, spotted color. Particularly spectacular red petilia. All of these live-bearing fish can be contained in approximately the same conditions. With such “inhabitants” the aquarium will be full of colors, and under proper conditions the fish will be pleasing to the eye for a very long time.

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