Shark Balu Incarnated Friendliness In The Skin Of A Predator

The shark ball, also called the shark bar, or “shark ball,” is a small freshwater fish of the carp family. Let the frightening name of this breed not mislead you: fish are so called only because of external similarities in the structure of the body with the same-name bloodthirsty killers.

The fish has nothing to do with predators, rather the opposite. it is calm, peaceful and friendly. Despite the formidable look, the shark ball does not show any aggression towards its “neighbors”, even if they are smaller in size. Thus, the compatibility of these little funny creatures is possible with almost any pets who will not show belligerence towards them.

In nature, this species lives in Thailand and on the southeastern island of Kalimantan. Their natural habitat halo. streams and rivers with fast intense flow. The natural field made the fish fast, dexterous and hardy.

Distinct external features of the fish are the body narrowed at the sides, a sharp protruding spine fin. Shark Balu has large bulging eyes with a clear contrast of the pupil. The fish is also notable for the lack of antennae.

Compatibility shark ball exceeds many ornamental fish, and may be contained with all kinds of breeds, except for very small. The latter are excluded only because your fish may mistakenly take them for food. The maintenance of a pet is not too troublesome: aquarium balls are strong and unpretentious for food.

Aquarium for your pet

Keeping a shark ball fish is not very suitable for novice aquarists. And the thing is not that the fish can cause any problems in the care. Some members of the breed reach impressive sizes upon reaching puberty.

Shark Balu Incarnated Friendliness In The Skin Of A Predator

Because of this, the "apartment" of the pet has to be significantly expanded, which is beyond the means of many average people. If you have the opportunity to purchase an aquarium of 300-400 liters, this fish will be your best choice.

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Shark Balu. fish is active, but at the same time shy. Therefore, she needs enough space for movement and shelter. Representatives of the breed adore large aquariums with an abundance of live vegetation. Consider that this fish belongs to the category of schooling, therefore loneliness for it is destructive. Compatibility of shark ball fish is possible with almost any species.

We are setting up a new castle for future inhabitants. The main nuances:

  • When choosing a tank, stop at a 400 liter aquarium. 300 l will suffice for the young, but does it make sense to change the home as they grow up ?;
  • Your aquarium must be closed or imply it is optional. Fish can jump out of the water in your absence;
  • The more “housing”, the healthier and larger the fish will grow. Living in a spacious artificial reservoir, individuals can reach 40 cm in length;
  • Due to the fearfulness of your new pets, decorate the tank in advance with dense vegetation, snags and soil;
  • Plants in the water should not be too vulnerable and tender. the fish can damage them;
  • Decorate the aquarium with anubias, linthophylls, vallisneria, echinodorus, crinum;
  • Do not overdo it with the "design". Leave the fish enough free space;
  • In the middle of the aquarium, place a few small snags.
Shark Balu Incarnated Friendliness In The Skin Of A Predator

As you already know, the peace-loving temper of this fantastically beautiful fish is complemented by excessive timidity. Shark Balu. fish, somewhat susceptible to stress. It does not tolerate frequent transportation. this is another reason to take care of a spacious dwelling until the pets grow up.

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Adaptation to the new halo habitat of this breed is also complicated. Representatives are prone to emotional shocks, and especially impressionable individuals may even die from an oversupply of impressions. We recommend to perform all manipulations on the rehabilitation of the tank with extreme caution, especially the first days of living in your home.

In no case should you deliberately frighten the fish: banging on the walls, shining a flashlight through the glass and making sharp movements with your fingers:

Interesting fact: the breed is listed in the Red Book as an endangered species. The reason for this. the hypersensitivity of the rock to pollution. Surely you can guess that the content of your shark ball will require you to carefully monitor the purity of the liquid medium.

Despite some nuances that may cause you some minor inconvenience, you can rightly be proud of the acquisition, because you will become the owner of an extremely rare breed of fish!

Water parameters and other technical details

When the comfort of your future pets is already provided, it’s time to think about technical issues directly related to the health and growth of fish. The aquarium fish of the shark ball breed do not require any special characteristics from the habitat.

Nevertheless, the standard options still have to consider:

  • The optimum water temperature for keeping fish is 23-26 ° C;
  • If your home is cool, pre-purchase a special thermostat-heater;
  • Your new pets are not afraid of steep currents, so you can use a regular filter instead of a sponge. The main thing is that the filtration system meets the basic quality standards;
  • For the perfect well-being of fish, a weekly replacement of 40-50% water is recommended;
  • Maintain the acid-base balance of the medium in the range of pH 6.5-7;
  • dH (water hardness) must not exceed the allowable threshold of 14-16 °;
  • Aeration is necessary regardless of the density of landing.
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Feeding fish

Fish shark ball absolutely unpretentious in terms of nutrition. They eat almost everything, but keep in mind. your new pets are quite voracious and greedy. Overfeeding them is not worth it.

Too exquisite culinary experiments are also not recommended: from them your fish can get digestive problems and get sick. Do not feed the ball with cheese. It is mandatory to include in the diet of vegetable dressing.

You can feed the newly acquired inhabitants of the aquarium with the following products:

  • Dry and granulated production feed;
  • Live (in particular, frozen) food;
  • Bloodworm (in limited quantities);
  • Worms;
  • Shrimp and mussel meat;
  • Artemia

When eating individuals can make funny gurgling sounds due to the characteristic capture of gills. We recommend that you feed the fish several times a day, counting the portions so that the pets can handle them in 1.5-2 minutes.

If you use dry food, periodically alternate them. Vegetable food should be included in the menu without fail, even if you use high-quality feed and live protein food!

Shark Balu is an amazing breed of fish with a whole spectrum of undeniable merits. The real collectors and connoisseurs are dreaming about the content of this type. Try to match the valuable characteristics of your future pets, and become for them a truly worthy, caring owner!

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