Secrets Of Feeding Aquarium Fish

Features of the process of feeding aquarium fish: dry branded feed, as well as the necessary additives of plant and animal origin.

The vast majority of diseases and deaths in our domestic fish occur due to their improper feeding. The trouble is that the beginner lover sometimes does not even understand the importance and responsibility for their actions in matters of feeding.

Dry food

The biggest and most common mistake. feeding fish with dry feed. A hungry fish snatches on such food, swallows. Further, this food in the stomach begins to rot. A very small part of it is absorbed, the rest enters the water and changes its chemistry. The more dry food you give, the faster the water spoils. Unwanted organisms develop. Dry high quality branded feed contains almost all the elements necessary for fish, but you need to use them carefully.

The second mistake. a monotonous diet. With all the diversity and availability of all kinds of food, the novice lover feeds his pets day after day with the same food. The choice of feed is very large, skillful combination and alternation of them will allow you to grow healthy fish and focus on the more interesting aspects of the life of the underwater kingdom.

Do not forget that the fish are mostly predators, there are very few species among them that feed exclusively on vegetable food.

Live food

Live food is necessary for fish during spawning. Receiving a hefty portion of the moth, tubule, fish are more likely to spawn. The fry who grew up on live food is life-resistant and less susceptible to disease in the future.

A lot is written about the dangers of the chimney sweeper. In fact, this harm is greatly exaggerated. In the pipemaker can contain anything, but there are some simple ways to clean it. To clean the pipe strawler, it is enough to rinse it two or three times a day for a week. When it gets pink, you can give it to fish without any fear. Some lovers "soak" the pipe pipe in the milk, which also needs to be changed.

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It is worth staying on the storage of live feed. The straw tube is stored on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator in a wide and low pot with a small amount of water replaced daily. Bloodworms can be kept between two wet wipes. You can use photo cuvettes for utensils.

It is advisable to feed both the bloodworm and the strawberry through special feeders. Snoopy food remains in the trough, and live out through small holes in the aquarium. A good quality tube maker "coagulates" instantly when tapped. When buying, you need to pay attention to its appearance. Keep long live food is not recommended.

Food fry

Without any problems you can grow daphnia yourself. In addition to fodder tasks, daphnia is also of interest for observations. Especially for the fry it is desirable to have a few cans with rotifers. For a very small fry, amateurs "keep at hand" ciliates.

As an additional food fry use yogurt. Some lovers cultivate enkhitreusa at home. Keep it pretty easy. To enrich the worm with vitamins, it is necessary to add waste of vegetables, etc. to its diet. Feeding fish with enchitreus can cause obesity, therefore, like any other, this kind of food must be alternated.

Vegetable food

As a vegetable feed is good to use cereals. Before using them, the cereal must be filled with boiling water and cooled, fed. With great pleasure, many carp, catfish, tsikhlovye eat semolina.

When the content of a large number of fish there is a need for well-balanced and inexpensive feed.

Any heat treatment, as a rule, reduces the value of the product, therefore the components used in the preparation of minced meat are mainly used raw.

  1. Sea fish. Milk, caviar.
  2. Squids, octopuses, shrimps, etc.
  1. Nettle. Can be harvested independently and used dry. Dandelions, etc. No more than 10%.
  2. Red sweet pepper ("Bulgarian"). Improving the color of the fish. Not more than 5%.
  3. Parsley, spinach, apple. Not more than 2%.
  4. Bow. Not more than 1%.
  5. Juice of garlic or lemon. Not more than 1%.
  6. Carrots, pumpkins and other vegetables. Before addition it is necessary to cook 5-8 minutes. Not more than 5%.
  1. Beef liver Rich source of active substances. In stuffing. no more than 5%. You can feed the fish and just pieces of the liver no more than once a week.
  2. Egg. Binding element stuffing.
  3. Feed for dogs and cats. Should not contain feather meal. May cause intestinal inflammation.
  4. Spirulina.
  5. Dry and frozen fish food. Gamarus, Daphnia, etc. As well as high-quality brand mix. Not more than 10%.
  6. Ground eggshell. Source of minerals. Poorly absorbed.
  7. Vitamins. 1-2 tablets per 1 kg of minced meat. Sometimes I take vitamin D from the pharmacy in oil and moisten a bit of minced meat with it before feeding.
  8. Iodized salt. On the tip of a knife. Compensates for iodine deficiency.
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It is undesirable to use in stuffing

  1. Bird.
  2. Meat warm-blooded animals. In cases of feeding fish with beef, you should choose lean meat.
  3. River fish. Perhaps poisoning, parasites.
  4. Herbs and plants used in medicine. The effect of their use can lead to very sad and unpredictable consequences.

Components of minced meat are washed, mixed and ground in any available way (meat grinder, mixer). For an aquarium with large fish, grinding the components with a knife is quite suitable.

Put the prepared mass in a plastic bag and roll it into a 1-2 cm layer with our hands. Store in the freezer.

Before feeding, break off the required amount and after thawing, place it in the aquarium. You can throw frozen pieces without thawing.

True, if you have bottom fish, they can lose their dinner because ice does not sink in water, and as it thaws, all food can be eaten by other fish.

Gelatin, agar-agar are used as binding elements. In addition, you can pour the mince with strong broth obtained after boiling the bones.

Secrets Of Feeding Aquarium Fish
  1. 1kg putasu (in our market it is one of the cheapest marine fish).
  2. 200 g squid. They must be cleaned beforehand.
  3. A bag of dry branded feed.
  4. A tablespoon of dry nettle.
  5. One raw egg.

Fish and squid skip twice through the meat grinder. Add dry food, nettle, egg. Stir well. Stuffing ready.

Theoretically, you can store minced meat at a low temperature in the freezer for quite a long time. In fact, the activity of certain substances and their suitability for feeding fish can vary greatly. It is advisable to make the volume, which is completely eaten by the fish in a week.

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The amount of feed specified is determined experimentally. Feed should be given in small portions, observing the reaction of the fish. It is better if the fish is a little undernaught. Feed residues should not lie on the bottom. The frequency of feeding depends on the age of the fish. Fry is fed more often, adult fish will be enough one or two times a day.

Much has been written about the benefits of fasting for humans, and this is also true for fish. The gastrointestinal tract needs rest. During fasting, the body is cleaned. Sick fish is recovering faster, and the newly acquired fish acclimatize better. Once a week it is useful to arrange a full hunger strike. The exception is the fry, who need food all the time.

An adult fish without apparent damage can go hungry for a week.

Secrets Of Feeding Aquarium Fish

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