Rules For Keeping Comet Gold Fish In An Aquarium

Rules For Keeping Comet Gold Fish In An Aquarium

In this article I will describe the peculiarities of the conditions of the beauty of comets in an aquarium. The comet fish is a breed of goldfish, attractive and unpretentious in its content. I’ll tell you about the most common signs of disease in these fish, and prevention. About how to properly feed these fish, so that they long pleased you with beauty and health. I will explain how to provide conditions for reproduction. The following is the fruit of observing this type of fish and carefully collecting information from owners and breeders.

The origin of the golden comet fish

A comet is an artificially bred ornamental breed of an aquarium goldfish, a species of freshwater ray-finned fish, a genus of crucian carp, and the carp family. The history of the origin of the species is mysterious. According to some data, the breed was bred in America in the XIX century, according to other information. in Japan a century earlier.

In the early 1880s, the breeder Hugh Mullet derived an American species from individuals imported from Japan. What fish participated in the breeding work in the United States. there is no exact data. And the fish, similar in description to the comet, are referred to as bred in Macau at the beginning of the 19th century.

Rules For Keeping Comet Gold Fish In An Aquarium

Comets are freshwater ray-finned fish.

Aquarium fish color and size

These are large fish, reaching 15-18 cm in length. Caudal fin unary with deep cut. The body of the fish is elongated and flat with a tail three quarters longer than the body. The swollen body, as in a voilehvost, is considered a selective marriage.

Male and female is difficult to distinguish. The males on the pectoral fins have small notches.

Long tail and well developed dorsal and ventral fins hang in the form of ribbons and give a harmonious look to the fish. The longer the tail fin, the more valuable the specimen. Silver individuals with a lemon-yellow or bright red tail and individuals with a body color different from the fins are especially appreciated. Also comet red.

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Catch the gaze with bright color spotted species. The most popular color is red-orange with the presence of yellow and white. There are black fish, this breed is called "black velvet".

Rules For Keeping Comet Gold Fish In An Aquarium

One type of comet is black velvet.

Coloring may vary depending on the conditions of detention. Effective ways to preserve the brightness of colors in comets:

  • Fresh, moderate food
  • Varied diet
  • Good lighting with obligatory shaded areas

Comet. long-lived, with proper care lives up to 14 years.

Rules For Keeping Comet Gold Fish In An Aquarium

One of the variations of color comet fish

Conditions of detention


The comet is a large and mobile small fish, therefore the aquarium is necessary spacious. Comets need good filtration and aeration of water. They do not tolerate dirty water, so only large filters and regular water changes up to one third of the volume of water are suitable.

Fish often jump out of the aquarium, it must be considered. Volume at the rate of 50l per fish. In 100l can live 2 individuals. The population density can be increased with an increase in volume: 3-4 in 150l, and in 200l. 5-6.

The parameters of water in the aquarium fish are not particularly sensitive. The water is clean, settled, without nitrogen compounds. Temperature fluctuations of 18-23 ° C are permissible.

The best range is 15-18 ° C in winter, and 18-23 ° C in spring and summer. The acidity of water is 6-8pH, and its hardness is 8-25. These are freshwater fish, although they tolerate salinity well to 12-15%.


As the soil comets are well suited not sharp pebbles or shallow soil, which is placed on the bottom with a thickness of 5-6 cm.

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They like to rummage in it, collect a mouthful, scatter around the aquarium. When large soil can choke.

Rules For Keeping Comet Gold Fish In An Aquarium

Pebbles for all types of comets


It is impossible to grow plants with these fish, they eat them. But at the same time, they need stiff-leaved, powerful plants with strong, branched roots: Elodieus, egg-cap, arrowhead, they are eaten more slowly.

The interior of the aquarium should not be littered with massive objects with sharp edges, the fish are quite fussy and can get hurt.


The appetite of a comet fish is excellent. they eat everything a lot, but you should not overfeed. It is fraught with obesity and constantly dirty water.

The diet of fish consists of dry feed, live feed and feed of plant origin.

For feeding you can keep plants such as reach and duckweed. It is recommended to arrange a fasting day for the fish. Healthy fish can safely transfer 4-7 days without food. Adult fish are fed 2 times a day. The procedure takes 10-15 minutes after which, the remnants of food must be caught.

Rules For Keeping Comet Gold Fish In An Aquarium

Fish can not be overfed otherwise they threaten infertility


Comets are susceptible to intestinal diseases and overeating. If they get better and start turning over on their backs, they should immediately be put on a unloading diet. If there are signs of ill health fish:

  • raid on fins, such as semolina
  • pasting fins
  • fish rubs on objects
  • jolts

Water is salted at the rate of 5-7 g of sea salt per liter of water.

Compatible with other fish

Comets do not tolerate the neighborhood with nimble or aggressive fish. Well side by side with calm, peace-loving fish: terntion, danios. Ancystuses, speckled catfish are suitable for cleaning the aquarium. Still, comets are preferably kept in a separate species aquarium.

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Rules For Keeping Comet Gold Fish In An Aquarium

Comets can get along with cool fish


Mature comets become 2 years old. Good time for ripening caviar is May. June. In the spring, the females fill the belly with caviar. The males are told about readiness for reproduction: notches or grains on the pectoral fin and gill covers. Males pursue females throughout the aquarium.

Comet fish breed at home without hormonal injections or without any specific conditions. Proper maintenance and feeding are the criteria and conditions for spawning a producer. Before spawning, the female and the male are separated for two weeks. Manufacturers choose in size.

The larger the female, the more caviar will sweep. Well fed a variety of live food, then do not feed a couple of days. A gradual increase in temperature in the aquarium by several degrees stimulates spawning. Aquarium for spawning from 30 liters, but preferably more, with a separate net, because the fish eat their fry. The bottom of the aquarium is not lined up and equipped with vegetation: duckweed, rodentalista, Riccia. One female and 2-3 males are allowed to spawn. They chase the female around the aquarium while she spawns. Eggs settle under the protective grid. At the end of spawning, parents are removed from spawning.

After 2-3 days the eggs ripen, and fry appear. The optimal water temperature for the survival of the fry is 22–25 ° C, the starting food for the fry is live dust. Grown up young animals eat rotifers and artemia.

Aquarium comets are very beautiful and unpretentious inhabitants of aquariums. They rightfully deserve the true interest of aquarists. Each piece of love and care invested in them, will give lively emotions and allow you to fully experience the world of aquarism.

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