Rules For Feeding Aquarium Fish

As practice shows, often feeding the fish is not the easiest question for aquarium lovers. Improper feeding can lead to serious problems. Below you can see the basic rules that should not be neglected.

It is important to follow the feeding schedule.. Give food no more than 1-2 times a day strictly at a certain time. The timing should depend on the lifestyle of your pets. If the aquarium is inhabited by fish that are active only during the day, they should be fed at least one hour after the lights are turned on. With nocturnal fish, the same rule applies when the light is turned off. the fish’s body must wake up and be ready to digest food. Aquarium fish will quickly get used to the established schedule and will adjust their lifestyle to it. Disruption of diet can cause them anxiety.

The golden rule of aquarism is better not to feed than to feed. Most aquarium fish diseases are associated with their overfeeding. Fish can live without food for several days, so you should not increase the portion if you know that you will not be able to feed them tomorrow. The average portion of the feed is about 5% by weight of the adult fish. For fry, the diet should be 15% of their total weight. Determine the amount of feed by eye. Once a week you can arrange a “fasting day”, during which it is recommended not to feed aquarium fish. Try to avoid other major changes in the life of the aquarium on this day.

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If the fish are actively thrown to feed. This is a sign of health, not an acute famine. To stay and not increase the portion, we must remember that some species of fish eat as much as they can accommodate. Such overeating can provoke various diseases of aquarium fish and even lead to death. If there are no serious consequences, then sooner or later the wrong diet can cause obesity.

In order not to contaminate the aquarium with food residues, You can use the feeder. Aquarium fish quickly get used to the fact that the food is always in the same place. The main thing is to place the feeder at a comfortable level for the fish. The advantages of this device are that the fish do not need to sink to the bottom of the food, if they are used to looking for it near the surface.

Over time, the fish develop a conditioned reflex associated with feeding. If each feeding will be accompanied by a light tapping on the glass of the aquarium, the fish will swim to the place of delivery. The main thing is not to mislead them by tapping the rest of the time.

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