Plant In Aquarium

Breeding aquarium fish. a very interesting, but truly difficult task. Of course, this has a number of advantages. First, the fish do not spoil the furniture, do not leave behind a wool, which is just everywhere when keeping cats or dogs, do not make noise. Aquarium fish are well suited to those who are allergic to pet hair. In addition, they are interesting to watch. But breeding them is not as easy as it seems. They, like other pets, need to be fed in a timely manner, and, unlike others, they cannot give you a sign that they are hungry. Therefore, it is better for forgetful people not to undertake this business at all.

Great trouble delivers the aquarium. First you need to buy it. The tank must be the right size. It all depends on the number and size of the fish that you plan to have. The aquarium should be cleaned and water should be changed in it. Also, do not forget about its constituent parts, such as the bottom (pebbles, shells, etc.), algae, and so on. Plants in the aquarium can be very different. There are artificial and living algae. This raises the question of what option to stay. This article will tell you in detail about the type of algae and help you choose a plant for your aquarium.

Plant In Aquarium

Artificial algae and their benefits

An artificial plant in an aquarium is, above all, a decoration. It has a lot of advantages. Firstly, it is very economical. Artificial algae are inexpensive and can last for quite a long time, because, unlike living "brothers", they do not rot and, of course, do not die. Secondly, many species of fish feed not only on food, but also on algae. The artificial plant in the aquarium in this case will remain whole, because the fish will not like it. This type of algae can not grow, so you can not be afraid that they will overgrow the entire aquarium. If it is not living, but artificial algae that grows, it becomes much easier to change the water in it. After all, they can simply be pulled out, and after washing the aquarium put in place without damage. In addition, they themselves are easy to wash. An artificial plant in an aquarium can be put anywhere. If you are tired of its location, you can simply rearrange the decoration.

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Cons of artificial algae

Despite the presence of a large number of advantages, artificial algae also have some disadvantages. They are not living plants, and therefore are not able to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Living algae can relieve aquarium water from various toxic substances, artificial, respectively, do not have such a function. Artificial plants in the aquarium are also not able to produce beneficial substances that prevent the development of beneficial bacteria. As already mentioned, algae. this is food for some species of fish, and these ornaments are inedible.

Plant In Aquarium

The advantages of living plants

Live plants in the aquarium are very popular among razvodchikov fish. Their main advantages. they grow, live and breathe. This means that they favorably affect the inhabitants of the aquarium. Living plants are able to emit oxygen in the light, absorbing carbon dioxide. Even a good filter cannot purify water as much as plants. They absorb all the harmful, spoiling the life of the fish. In addition to the algae that you planted yourself, intentionally, other lower algae, the presence of which is undesirable, may also begin to develop in the aquarium. Living aquatic plants are able to survive them from the aquarium, hinder their development. Without live algae, some species of fish cannot reproduce. For them, plants are a place where they lay their offspring (caviar). As already mentioned, algae. food for fish. As you know, aquarium fish are shy pets. Living plants in an aquarium are a way to hide if they are afraid.

Plant In Aquarium

Lack of live plants

They have drawbacks. If there is a lot of algae, especially in winter, when the light day is reduced, then the fish may suffer from lack of oxygen. Because algae can produce it only in the light. If a living plant in an aquarium has died, then it begins to rot and poison water. The process of decay is even faster than on land. Various parasitic organisms that cause damage to aquarium inhabitants can breed on living plants. In addition, plants often do not grow in the aquarium. The most likely reason for this is that the conditions created are not suitable for them.

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Algae species

So, consider what plants in the aquarium are. According to the type of placement, there are several types of living algae:

  • Living on the surface of the water.
  • Inhabiting the water column.
  • Attached to the bottom of the algae.
  • Plants with a long stem.
  • Algae, the leaves of which come to the surface.

Buying live algae, pay attention to the light of the room. If it is insufficient, then it is better to use a special lamp or purchase an artificial one. Also, when buying live specimens, consult with a consultant on how to care for them. For many algae need special care. In general, when choosing living algae, you should consult with more experienced breeders, or use additional literature.


So, the main question: "What to choose?" When breeding aquarium fish, the presence of living algae is mandatory. As for artificial, nobody forbade them. In the aquarium, they can be combined. The main thing. do not get involved in their number and leave room for the fish themselves.

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