Parrot Fish Or Red Parrot (Red Parrot Cichlid)

Parrot Fish Or Red Parrot (Red Parrot Cichlid)

Red parrot or parrot fish (Red Parrot Cichlid). aquarium fish family cichlid or cichlid (cichlidae).

Parrot fish. a hybrid of aquarium fish, artificially created by man. After numerous experiments, by the beginning of 1991, Taiwanese breeders succeeded in obtaining offspring from crossing Cichlasoma synspillum and Cichlasoma citrinellum, which marked the beginning of an ever-increasing group of hybrids united by the commercial name parrot fish. It is impossible to speak with accuracy about the origin of the species, since the method of obtaining these hybrids is carefully guarded by their creators and is a commercial secret, but most likely the parrot fish is obtained by triple crossing of South American cichlid.

Appearance and sex differences Parrot Fish

Parrot fish is one of the most popular loving cichlid. There is no Latin name for this type of hybrid. only its commercial name exists. Parrot. They got their unusual name, apparently because of the shape of the head, somewhat resembling the beak of a parrot and surprisingly bright and varied body colors. It is worth noting that, despite the seeming attractiveness of appearance, parrot fish has a number of anatomical abnormalities, which can sometimes be fatal for individuals. In addition to infertility, such abnormalities include an unusual mouth, which the fish can open vertically only at a small angle. Therefore, feeding the red parrot is very difficult and, sometimes, such a deviation can lead to starvation of the individual. In addition, it is worth noting that the bright variety of colors of this type is also artificial, which the supplier companies honestly admit. However, how the body is painted parrot fish, monopoly firms prefer to keep silent, keeping commercial secrets secret. Many enthusiasts from Western countries, guided by the humane attitude to the maintenance and breeding of pets, require a total ban on breeding and selling a red parrot.

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Parrot fish. extremely unpretentious and fun aquarium fish, which grows into aquarium up to 10-15 cm. Anyone, even a beginner aquarist, can easily keep these cute pets in his aquarium. Like all hybrids, parrot fish has a huge supply of vitality, extraordinary endurance and powerful health. Red parrot. a real decoration aquarium, Since these touching creatures have an unusually bright variety of colors: red, blue, purple, cream, yellow, orange, green, etc. Sometimes you can also find a “wild color” that looks like the color of some cancer and cychlase. It should be noted that during life the color gradually fades and to improve the color parrot fish should be fed with specialized feed. For example, carotene-enriched food improves the red color of the body of a red parrot.

Parrot Fish Or Red Parrot (Red Parrot Cichlid)
Parrot Fish Or Red Parrot (Red Parrot Cichlid)

Keeping terms of Fish Parrot

Red parrot. a very mobile fish with a playful and funny character, therefore it needs the free space it needs for swimming. Contain parrot fish necessary in large aquariums with a capacity of at least 200 liters. In addition, it is desirable to create a current with the help of a pump, since the ancestors of this species live under natural conditions in reservoirs with running water. The most optimal water temperature for keeping a parrot fish is 22-26 ° С with a hardness of 6.5-7.5 pH. Water in aquarium must be saturated with oxygen, poet aeration aquarium, where is contained parrot fish, is required. In addition, it is necessary in the aquarium to replace weekly up to 50% of water. It should also be taken into account that the red parrot, especially if the aquarium is small, can jump out of the aquarium, so it is better to close the aquarium from above. The red parrot has no particular passion for aquarium plants, Therefore, you should not worry too much about the design of the aquarium. The only drawback of this peace-loving fish is the great love for the large-scale construction of nests. Character red parrot just wonderful and he easily gets on with many other species of fish, both peaceful and carnivorous. However, it is worth noting that despite the peace-loving disposition, these fish should not be kept in aquarium with small fish (gracilis, young by neon), as they are easy enough, despite the small mouth, can accidentally swallow a small individual. The best partners for parrot fish are arovan, black knives, labo, medium and small sized South American cichlids, large and medium catfish, large barbs and haracin fish. Red parrot not pereborchiv in food and with great pleasure eats both live and dry food. However, the favorite delicacy of parrot fish are floating pellets and bloodworms. After some time, they recognize their master benefactor and, flirting with him, begin to spin at the front wall of the aquarium. With proper care and maintenance, a red parrot can up to 10 years (exactly how many parrot fish live) to please their owners with affection and rather amusing behavior.

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Parrot Fish Or Red Parrot (Red Parrot Cichlid)
Parrot Fish Or Red Parrot (Red Parrot Cichlid)


Although males parrot fish they are sterile and incapable of breeding, it is worth raising the water temperature a little above 25 ° C, as the fish instinct immediately wakes up to reproduction and begins to strengthen the structure of nests. Wherein red parrot able to dig quite large holes in the ground and significantly change the relief at the bottom of the aquarium. In the mating season of parrot fish, you can watch with interest the ups and downs of the family life of this fish. Sometimes females even lay eggs, however, males cannot fertilize them, and it still remains unviable. According to the claims of monopoly firms that breed and supply red parrots, the fry of these fish are gray-black, but somewhere around 5 months old acquire a bright orange-red color.


The parrot fish, although artificially bred and not undergoing thousands of years of natural selection, were immune to various diseases and viruses. Probably affected by the immunity of their parents, South American cichlids.

The first sign of the appearance of health problems is a change in color, spots appear on the bright body of the parrot fish. Such symptoms indicate an increased concentration of nitrates in aquarium water. You need to check the water for nitrates and if the suspicions are justified, replace the water at least 50% and wash the soil. If the cause is in nitrates, changing the water in the aquarium helps and the bright color returns.

The appearance of white dots in the form of a rash on the body of a parrot fish indicates infection with ichthyophthyriosis. For the treatment of a disease, we siphon the soil, change or wash the filter and replace a third of the water. Next, we use Sera costapur, an excellent remedy for ichthyophthiriosis, which does not affect the balance of water in the aquarium. Sera costapur decomposes in the light, so you need to use it at night or carefully isolate the aquarium from daylight. Add medication at the rate of 1 ml. (20 drops) to 40 liters of water. Every day, we substitute water for a third and add Sera costapur based on the amount of water replaced. As a rule, after a week of treatment, the symptoms of ichthyophthyriosis in parrot fish disappear. Manufacturer means gives detailed instructions to the drug, carefully read it before use.

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