Parrot Aquarium Fish – Features Of Maintenance And Care

Parrot Aquarium Fish. Features Of Maintenance And Care

The parrot aquarium fish owes its appearance not to nature, but to the work of Asian breeders who have crossed several species with tsikhlaz. Bright and cute fish were called "parrot" due to its curved head, resembling a feathered head, as well as variegated color. Today, parrot fish are the favorite inhabitants of aquariums around the world.

What do parrots fish look like?

The fish resembles a cartoon hero in its appearance. Her unusual body shape, tender cheeks and a funny expression that does not look like an ordinary fish, distinguishes her from other inhabitants of domestic ponds. Description parrot fish will certainly include mention of its peace-loving nature and a high level of intelligence. The main disadvantage of cichlids. aggressiveness and gloom. she did not inherit.

Parrot Aquarium Fish. Features Of Maintenance And Care

Parrot Fish Color

The main color of parrot cichlid fish is bright orange or red. Over time, it may become paler, but if this happens, you need to add carotene to the diet, and the color will become bright again. Rarely, but there are albino parrots of white or light yellow lemon color. The remaining exotic colors (crimson, purple, green, blue, etc.). this is only the result of artificial chemical staining. Fish that have gone through such a procedure are more likely to get sick due to weakened immunity. And the color itself is unstable. it is gradually washed out.

Parrot Aquarium Fish. Features Of Maintenance And Care

In addition to monochromatic coloring, aquarium parrot fish can be spotted in color. panda and marble, variegated pearl and diamond. The last two stains were obtained after crossing red parrots and other species of cychlosis. If black spots suddenly appear in a single-colored fish, this indicates a stressful situation. After the elimination of the factor that provoked it, the spots disappear.

Parrot Aquarium Fish. Features Of Maintenance And Care

How long do parrots live?

Parrot fish in an aquarium can live for more than 10 years. On average, their life expectancy, with all the necessary conditions of detention and the absence of congenital diseases, is 7 years. Fish in general, strong and tenacious. Interestingly, over time they begin to recognize their owner and swim up to the front wall of the aquarium when it appears. This and other signs of intelligence distinguish these representatives of the underwater world.

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Parrot Aquarium Fish. Features Of Maintenance And Care

Parrot Aquarium Fish Content

Fish parrot in the care and maintenance of unpretentious and simple, because it is ideal for novice aquarists. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that due to the peculiarities of the anatomy. the shape of its mouth, they cannot absorb certain types of feed. In general, while observing the simple rules of keeping, the fish feel great and delight the owners with their longevity, playfulness and beauty.

Parrot Aquarium Fish. Features Of Maintenance And Care

Aquarium for parrot fish

The fish parrot in the aquarium is very mobile, therefore the size of the tank should be large. its length should be at least 70 cm, volume. from 200 liters. It is important to install all the necessary equipment in the aquarium:

  • pump to simulate the easy movement of water;
  • compressor for oxygen enrichment;
  • water filter;
  • lamp for moderate lighting;
  • thermometer for constant temperature control.

It is advisable to buy a cover for the aquarium, since the parrot aquarium fish can jump out of the water and die. Parrots are not demanding for vegetation and soil type, but they must have a shelter without fail. This is important because these fish have a clear hierarchical distribution within the group, and for all of them there must be separate "houses". These can be shards, coconut halves, winding snags, etc.

Parrot Aquarium Fish. Features Of Maintenance And Care

Water temperature for parrot fish

Permissible water temperature for keeping parrot fish is within 22-28 ° С. At the same time, other water parameters are important:

  • hardness 6-15 °;
  • pH 6.5–7.5 pH;
  • complete absence of ammonium, ammonia and nitrates.
Parrot Aquarium Fish. Features Of Maintenance And Care

Who do parrots get along with?

Since the character of a parrot fish is peaceful, its compatibility with other fish is very good. They get along well with calm neighbors, and with predators. Ideal compatibility is observed with catfish, South American cichlids, arovanas, angelfish and black knives. As for small fish, aquarium parrot fish can accidentally swallow them, perceived as food, because such a neighborhood should be avoided.

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Parrot Aquarium Fish. Features Of Maintenance And Care

Parrots fish. care

Aquarium fish tsihdida parrot has a peculiarity of care, which consists in the fact that they need frequent replacement of 30% of the water in the aquarium. This is explained by the fact that the parrot fish in the aquarium leaves a lot of food waste, which fall to the bottom and lead to water pollution, and this can lead to poisoning of the inhabitants and their death. This happens because of the characteristics of feeding.

How to feed parrot fish?

As already mentioned, parrot fish have a very unusual anatomy. Their mouth opens at a low angle, which makes feeding them difficult. Not knowing about this feature, you can bring pets to death by starvation. For them, special food is sold, presented in the form of small granules. The peculiarity of such feed is that it first floats on the surface and then slowly sinks to the bottom. This gives an additional opportunity for the fish, but because of this, there is a lot of waste on the bottom, so frequent cleaning should be taken for granted by the owner.

In addition, feed for parrot fish is suitable both live and frozen. Large feeds such as shrimp meat and sliced ​​worms are also ideal. If you need to "tint" parrots, you can give them artificial food with a high content of carotene. At the same time feeding parrots only with dry feed is harmful. they should be only part of their diet. Sometimes it is useful for them to give chopped vegetable food. zucchini, peas, red pepper. Feeding should occur 1-2 times a day. Once a week you can arrange a fasting day.

Parrot Aquarium Fish. Features Of Maintenance And Care

Parrot Fish Diseases

Parrot fish, like any cichlid, has good immunity and disease resistance. In the right conditions of detention, they almost never get sick, and even when they get sick, they respond well to treatment. The most frequent ailments that aquarium home fish parrot can get:

  1. Manka (or ichthyophthiriosis) is a common aquarium disease that is caused by infusoria. Understand that the fish can be ill on their fins, which are covered with white tubercles, like semolina. Some red parrot fish brought from Asia develop the tropical form of this disease, which develops with lightning speed and leads to death within a few hours. Therefore, treatment should begin immediately after the discovery of signs of the disease.
  2. Hexamitosis. Flagellates cause this disease, affecting the intestines. Recognize their presence by the white mucous excrement, the refusal of fish to feed, spitting it out. Later on the head appear small sores.
  3. Ammonia poisoning with improper content. too dense accumulation of fish, improper start of the aquarium. In case of poisoning, the fins of the parrots turn red or black, get a shredded look. Small fishes start to choke, their gills bulge, small fishes try to keep near to the filter. You can save the situation by changing the water frequently. several times a day, by adding a solution of potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide, or special preparations for aquariums such as Anti-ammonia.
Parrot Aquarium Fish. Features Of Maintenance And Care

Breeding parrot fish

Due to artificial origin, parrot fish and breeding in an aquarium are incompatible concepts. Males are completely sterile, that is, they are unable to fertilize the eggs. And yet, at the age of 1.5 years, they begin to break up into pairs, conduct mating games, build nests. The female lays caviar, the two of them strongly guard her. However, due to the lack of fertilization, over time, the roe turns white, and the fish eat it.

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Parrot Aquarium Fish. Features Of Maintenance And Care

Spawning parrot fish

The only way to see parrot fish breed is to get a parrot doe with another member of the cichlid. From such a union, it is often possible to obtain viable offspring, although not unlike parrots. To activate the breeding instinct, the temperature in the aquarium is raised to 25 ° C. Parrots and cichlids begin to actively dig the soil and build nests. Watching the mating of fish is very interesting. Delayed and fertilized roe for 5-6 days turns into fry. A few days later, they begin to move and feed themselves.

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