Optimum Temperature For Aquarium Fish

Optimum Temperature For Aquarium Fish

When planning to engage in aquarism, it is very important to know what the temperature should be in the aquarium for fish. The condition of the aquarium dwellers and their health largely depend on the correct temperature.

Fish. cold-blooded creatures, the constancy of life which is determined by the temperature of the water in their living space. And if in the usual habitat the fish are not so sensitive to changes in water temperature, in aquariums it is very important to create an optimal regime and conditions for their wards.

What should be the temperature of the water in the aquarium

Water temperature is one of the most important parameters in an aquarium. Before you run the fish in a new habitat for them, be sure to find out what conditions you need to create for a particular type of fish. Otherwise, the fish will be sick and may die.

As a rule, the optimum temperature for most species of fish is 22–26 degrees Celsius.

At the same time, to pick up this indicator, consider the specific features of the inhabitants in your aquarium. Some fish prefer to live in warmer or, conversely, cool waters. At the same time, sharp and too frequent drops in any case will negatively affect the health of aquarium fish.

The temperature of the water in the aquarium directly affects the health and longevity of the aquarium dwellers.

So, among the aquarium fish there are heat-loving varieties, for the comfort of which the temperature of the water should be in the range of 27-29 degrees. Such a temperature regime is ideal for discus fish, angelfish, and other species of tropical fish that inhabit the waters of South America, where year-round air temperatures are between 25 and 28 degrees.

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There are species of fish that are comfortable in cooler water, with a temperature of 18-22 degrees. Goldfish, neons can exist for a long period of time at lower water temperatures. Therefore, these fish can be kept in aquariums without heating, but under these conditions there should be good aeration and enough space for a normal existence.

Optimum Temperature For Aquarium Fish

The most hardy fish. cichlids. They can live in warm and cool water, but at the same time the average indicators are optimal for them. The permissible water temperature for aquarium fish of this species is 24-30 degrees.

Thus, for thermophilic fish, an unacceptable decrease in temperature is unacceptable, namely, below 18–20 degrees, and for cold-water ones. too warm water. The maximum temperature limit is 21-24 degrees.

A sharp drop in the temperature of the water in the aquarium can cause a shock to the fish, which can be fatal.

When water is overheated, the life expectancy of cold-water fish is significantly reduced. In addition, the concentration of oxygen in warm water decreases, which can cause oxygen starvation, the amount of nitrogenous compounds increases, oxidation processes are disturbed, and metabolic processes in fish are accelerated. The water in the aquarium becomes turbid, acquires an unpleasant peculiar smell, begins to "bloom."

It is also worth noting that changes in the temperature of the water in the aquarium from the set optimum are more easily tolerated by the fish if they change gradually and the water is enriched with oxygen. To create the most comfortable living conditions for fish, aquarists should constantly monitor the state of the water (pH, temperature).

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How to maintain a constant water temperature in an aquarium

If an air conditioner is installed in the house, apartment, it will maintain a constant indoor climate, the desired temperature.

To know the temperature of the water in the aquarium, you must purchase:

  • water thermometer on suckers (electronic, digital);
  • thermostat heater.

Optimum Temperature For Aquarium Fish

When choosing a thermostat for heating water, consider the volume of the aquarium. Its capacity should be enough to fully heat the water. Attach the thermostat is best near the filter with aeration on the rear wall of the tank. There are also models that are attached to an external filter. The thermostat must be completely immersed in water, otherwise it will overheat, and the system will quickly fail.

When setting the desired temperature for the first 6–12 hours, watch the temperature indicators, the level of heating of the aquarium water. It so happens that the indicators on the scale of the thermostat do not always correspond to the actual water temperature or the system itself is not suitable for the volume of the aquarium.

What to do when strong overheating or cooling water

In extreme situations that may arise due to the failure of thermoregulation equipment, it is very important to correct the situation as soon as possible. Measures to save the inhabitants of the aquarium should be taken immediately, because the road every second.

If the temperature decreases, if there is no spare heater at hand, heat the cooled water and gradually fill it in the tank. Every 15–20 minutes, the temperature should change by no more than 2 degrees.

You can add no more than 10% of fresh water from the total volume of the aquarium. In case of insufficient warming, it is possible to raise the temperature of the water by placing a plastic bottle with hot water in a pond.

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In critical situations, when the fish are frozen, lie on the bottom and practically do not show signs of life, experienced aquarists recommend adding vodka to water (20–30 ml per 100 l of water). After restoring the temperature regime, replace 1/3 of the water in the pond to get rid of alcohol.

Optimum Temperature For Aquarium Fish

The high temperature in the tank is critical for almost all types of fish. The first step is to increase the oxygen concentration in the aquarium. Turn on the aerator and add 20–25 ml of hydrogen peroxide per 100 liters of water. This affordable pharmacy disinfects water. You can also put a bottle of cold water or ice cubes.

To prevent the development of infectious diseases, to prevent a decrease in the immunity of fish in the event of overheating or overcooling of water, add broad-spectrum antibacterial agents to the water.

Some useful tips

In order to maintain the optimum water temperature, it is not necessary to place the aquarium near the radiators, in rooms with sharp temperature changes, high humidity, and also on the side of direct sunlight, most of the time the compressor must be turned on.

Optimum Temperature For Aquarium Fish

Choose systems for heating proven manufacturers. Thermometers should have sensors. Constantly monitor the performance of the aquarium thermometer, which should be located in a convenient location of the tank, as well as other parameters of the aquatic environment.

Knowing what the water temperature should be for aquarium fish, you can create optimal and favorable conditions for your pets.

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