Life Expectancy Of Aquarium Fish

How many live aquarium fish in certain conditions? With such a question, beginners turn to experienced aquarists. The life span of fauna depends to a large extent on the phenotype, conditions of detention, quality of care, and neighborhood. If all these rules are not taken into account, then it will not be possible to admire the fish for a long time.

What factors affect the life expectancy of fish?

Before breeding and settling individuals in the reservoir, factors that to a certain extent affect the life expectancy of aquarium fish are taken into account.

Life Expectancy Of Aquarium Fish

Phenotype sizes

Considering this parameter, it is possible to establish how many aquarium fish live. The smallest lifespan of individuals that are small in size (up to 50 mm). This list includes swordtails, neons, and also guppies. Admire them for 1-5 years.

The smallest dimensions are zinolebias. The duration of their lives depended on how often it rained. During the drought, many individuals died.

Medium-sized phenotypes live for about 10–15 years. Such pets are used for settling aquariums, which are located in commercial facilities, office premises.

How much an individual lives is determined by belonging to the genus. Most often males live 1–2 years more than females. In some phenotypes, females cease to exist as soon as they lay their eggs. This phenomenon is observed in guppies, swordtails.

Power Rules

In order for the fish to please you longer, pay attention to the choice of feed and its introduction. The introduction of a larger amount of food or its lack leads to the appearance of diseases, death, obesity.

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Life Expectancy Of Aquarium Fish

Determining that more feed is being introduced into the tank is not difficult. The main signs of overfeeding:

  • The appearance of an unpleasant aroma, the smell of rotten.
  • Liquid in the tank becomes turbid.
  • A film is formed on the surface of the water.
  • Formation of shade on shady plants, algae, decorative elements.

In order for the life of the aquarium fish there were no joints, experienced aquarists recommend introducing food in batches. The amount of dry or frozen food must be such that individuals eat it in 2-5 minutes.

Parameters of aquarium water

The life of pets also depends on the temperature and water condition. Cold-blooded fish alone does not control the temperature. With the help of aquarium fluid is set the rhythm of life processes. The intensity of metabolic processes increases, if observed admissible temperature. Violation of this parameter leads to the fact that the aquarium dies.

In the aquarium regularly perform water changes. If such actions are not performed, the amount of nitrates, harmful substances increases. As a result, even long-livers quickly die in such conditions.

To fill the tank using a pre-settled liquid. In settled water, the amount of chlorine is minimal.

Life Expectancy Of Aquarium Fish

Neighborhood and compatibility

Home aquariums are often filled with different phenotypes. In order for individuals to live as long as possible, they take into account the size of the fish, their character, and the conditions of detention. Some phenotypes quickly acclimatize, get used to increased rigidity or acidity. But an incorrectly defined neighborhood affects their lives.

Large individuals violate the peace of small individuals, offend them or eat. Therefore, compatibility is taken into account.

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Introduction to the reservoir of an excessively large number of individuals provokes overcrowding. If phenotypes of different nature and size live in the tank, the probability of negative consequences increases.

Overpopulation leads to the following consequences:

  • Nutrient reduction. Small individuals are difficult to deal with large fish for food.
  • Competition.
  • Decreased oxygen levels.
  • The emergence of various diseases, death.
  • The manifestation of aggression.
  • Constant struggle.

Therefore, only those individuals for which appropriate conditions are created can live for a long time.

Lifespan of popular phenotypes

For long-lived aquarium fish, as a rule, include large individuals. Popular among aquarium representatives are such:

  • Characteristic. These include Congo, piranha, neons. They live from five to ten years.
  • Carp. Their life span varies in the range of 5–30 years. Among the carp choose a goldfish, barbs and danios. Danio choose beginner aquarists.
  • Kartozuby. They are admired for 3–15 years. Among these phenotypes, guppies and swordtails are distinguished.
  • Cichlids Their age reaches 18 years. Aquarists prefer astronotus, South American cichlids, labidochromis.
  • Loops. Such representatives normally coexist with other fish. Their age reaches 10-15 years.

Those phenotypes, for the existence of which requires salt or salted water, live in aquarium conditions for no more than four years. Among such representatives are isolated sea dogs, triggerfish, degu, fish, butterflies.

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