How To Transport Aquarium Fish For A Long Distance

Every aquarist moving to a new place of residence is concerned about the problem of transporting the aquarium, and the main question is how to transport fish.

How To Transport Aquarium Fish For A Long Distance

So, if you have to go close, just a few hours, then carry fish can be in a glass jar, plastic containers (for food) and even in a large thermos. In the tank it is necessary to pour water on two thirds of the volume. Before the road, fish need to arrange a fasting day (do not feed them a day). When transporting it is necessary to ensure that the container with the fish as little as possible was subjected to rolling.

If carry fish for a long distance, then the packaging and shipping should be approached more carefully:


To transport fish over long distances is best in plastic bags with oxygen. As in a solid container, they can be injured with strong shaking. Pour water into the package (2/3 of the aquarium and 1/3 of fresh) and release fish into it. The water level should be 3 times the height of the body of the fish.

Then we pump out all the air from the bag, insert a hose into it and pump oxygen into the bag from a cylinder or an oxygen cushion. The ratio of oxygen and water should be 1: 1, and for fish that use atmospheric air (labyrinth) when breathing, the ratio is 3: 1. It would be nice to add a little zeolite to the water to neutralize the ammonia released by the fish.

The end of the package is twisted into a spiral and tied with rubber rings. Next package with fish placed in the second package. In order for the fish not to get stuck in the corners of the bags, drag them (corners) with rubber bands. After that, we pack the bag in a heat-insulating container, or in a regular, but wrapped bag with fish in a multi-layered newspaper.

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To prevent the bag with the fish from rolling in the container, the remaining free space in it should be filled with crumpled newspapers, cloth or plastic bags filled with air.


To transport fish need to be careful, avoid sharp blows of the container and strong pitching. Try not to overheat and not to overcool the container with fish. Open the container if you think that the fish need fresh air, penetrating light will only scare the fish.

In the package with oxygen, the fish can live 35. 70 hours, and the air is much less.

If a carry fish in the plane, do not pump the package tightly with air, at the height of the package the air in the package increases.

Young fish (not fry) carry transport more easily.


When you brought the fish home, do not immediately get a bag with them and boast to all the household, they will see them in the aquarium.

How To Transport Aquarium Fish For A Long Distance

First, untie all the packages, and then get the package out of the container and quickly transfer it to the quarantine aquarium, let the bag with the fish swim there until the temperatures equalize. As soon as the water temperature equals, carefully turn the bag with the fish sideways and let the fish swim out of it.

In order not to increase the stress associated with moving the fish, the first couple of days of life of the fish in the new aquarium do not turn on the light and do not disturb the fish with unnecessary movements near the aquarium.
If you do everything right, then in a day they will behave like in a native aquarium.

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Plants before transportation, place in a plastic bag with a very small amount of water. Package tightly tied and put in another package. The second packet is filled with air and tied. Without light, plants can be no more than two days.

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