How To Run The Fish In The Aquarium

How To Run The Fish In The Aquarium

When can I run the fish in the aquarium?

The most important rule that every novice aquarist should learn is: you can’t run fish in a newly designed aquarium! Unless, of course, you use special water treatment products.

On the preparation of the aquarium for the settlement of fish, read the article: "Starting the aquarium: a step by step instruction."

How To Run The Fish In The Aquarium

In a new aquarium with unprepared water, the biological environment has not yet formed and there are no good bacteria. Fish in such an aquarium die! Before receiving its first inhabitants, the aquarium should last at least 5 days. This period is sufficient for the formation of the biological environment.

Before running the fish in the new aquarium, check the indicators of water. Make sure they are normal and that the equipment is working properly.

When the environment is prepared and the equipment is working as it should, you can go to the most interesting: the settlement of the aquarium! How to run the fish?

Running fish in an aquarium: 5 steps

Step 1. You can be congratulated! You purchased your first aquarium fish and, most likely, delivered them home in special shipping bags. We hope your way to the house did not last long and the fish did not suffer from a lack of oxygen. Upon arrival home do not hesitate with the launch. Fish can not be kept in bags for long.

The longer the road to the house. the more air should be in the package with the fish.

How To Run The Fish In The Aquarium

Step 2. Go to the launch of the fish. To begin, we place a closed bag of fish on the surface of the water in the aquarium and leave it in this position for 15 minutes or more, depending on the water temperature in the bag. What for? So we help the fish to adapt to the new temperature and avoid shock. As soon as the aquarium water and water from the package reach one temperature, you can proceed to the next step.

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Step 3. The temperature is already leveled. The next step is to adapt the fish to the parameters of the aquarium water. To do this, carefully open the bag and add some water from the aquarium. Leave for a few minutes.

Step 4. We continue adaptation. Fill the package with a little more aquarium water, leave for a few minutes, and then repeat the action. Slowly fill the bag completely so that it sinks.

Step 5. We give the fish the opportunity to independently move from the package to the aquarium. We take out an empty package. and you’re done! Fish home!

As you can see, nothing complicated. But each step is very important for the health and life of the fish. Unfortunately, there are many cases where, during a sudden launch, the fish died from shock. We hope you never come across this!

We wish the fish to enjoy their new home and your little aquamir brought you a lot of joy!

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