How To Prepare An Aquarium For Fish Settling

Aquarium is considered to be a decorative element of the interior, it will decorate even the most unremarkable room. At first glance it may seem that the installation of the house does not present any particular difficulties: he poured water, lined the ground and that’s it. However, like any other matter, the training includes its own characteristics that must be considered. Consider the important aspects in order.

How To Prepare An Aquarium For Fish Settling

Stage number 1. Acquisition and installation of an aquarium

  1. First of all, you need to purchase an aquarium that is suitable in size and size. As experienced aquarists advise, the optimum volume is the capacity of 35-45 liters. In such conditions it is easier to maintain the natural biosphere. If you live in a small apartment (studio, studio), you can stop the choice on an aquarium with a capacity of about 20 liters, but no less.
  2. It is important that the height of the dwelling matches its width. Such a course ensures a sufficient area of ​​contact of air with water. The liquid component will be filled with oxygen, which will ensure the full existence of plants and fish.
  3. After selecting and buying the appropriate capacity, you need to take care of its installation. It is worth remembering forever that in no case should an aquarium be placed on a windowsill, and the place should be located near natural light, that is, by the window.
  4. In cases where the selected surface is unstable (swinging, does not have thick legs, etc.), correct this mistake. Using a construction level, level the table / shelf so that the aquarium is set firmly.
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Important! It is strictly forbidden to lift or move a tank filled with liquid over the surface. For this reason, think about choosing a suitable place in advance, before the infusion of water.

Stage number 2. Aquarium cleaning

  1. After purchasing and choosing a place to install a house, proceed to cleaning the aquarium. This stage is very important, it cannot be neglected, approach the process responsibly.

Stage number 3. Washing and placement of soil

How To Prepare An Aquarium For Fish Settling

  1. The best option aquarium soil is considered to be sand from the shoals of the river. In cases where there is no opportunity to lay the foundation of this kind, take any sand. The main thing is to thoroughly wash it, removing the remains of clay.
  2. To properly clean the soil, pour it into a deep bucket or basin, then open the valve to its maximum capacity. After the water becomes clear, complete the procedure. It is possible to facilitate the work by washing the soil step by step in small parts. At the same time it must be mixed with a wooden spatula or spoon.
  3. After washing, check the soil for cleaning: pour water into the tank with sand, wait 10 minutes. After that stir the composition, evaluate the result. In the presence of turbidity, washing should be continued.
  4. Get down to ground placement. Put it on the bottom of the aquarium so that the tank is 4-6 cm full. Make a slope to the front wall, creating a “marine” effect. If desired, arrange pebbles, decorative snags, earthen houses, etc.
  5. Do not lay the scenery close to the glass, so as not to accidentally damage it. Make sure that there are no stones with sharp edges in the aquarium, otherwise the fish may get hurt.
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Stage number 4. Filling with water, installation of instruments

  1. Pour the previously defended water into a clean bucket, take a garden hose and lower one edge. Next, make a suction movement “in itself” so that water begins to flow out of the tube.

It is easy to prepare an aquarium for fish settling, if you act in stages. In order to maintain them properly, it is necessary to prepare housing with all the requirements. Choose a suitable container, clean it, fill it with river ground. Fill with water, install the filter, lamp and protective glass. After a certain period, run the fish, make sure they feel good.

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