How To Prepare An Aquarium For Colonization

How To Prepare An Aquarium For Colonization

Hello, Igor! Before you run the fish in the aquarium, the aquarium itself, water and everything that will be there, you must properly prepare. If you have not done all this as it should be, it is not surprising that your swimming pets did not like the conditions of detention and they began to die one by one.

Conventionally, all actions to prepare the aquarium for settlement may look as follows:

– Frame aquarium should be thoroughly washed with warm water with soda or soap.

– Fill the aquarium with water at room temperature until half, and leave in this state for two or three days. After this period, you need to change the water again, and so on two. three times, until the smell of paint disappears.

– Organic organic glass aquariums should be washed with warm water, adding salt or a five percent solution of acetic or hydrochloric acid. Rinse it twice.

– When the aquarium is ready, it is filled with water at first only half, and after 2-3 days water is added so that there is four to eight centimeters to the upper edge of the aquarium.

– If the aquarium is small, when filling it, it is necessary to substitute a wide plate or hand under the water jet so as not to blur the soil.

– Large aquarium can be filled with a hose. But the water should fall on a deep plate, which is placed on another plate upside down on the ground.

Water also needs to be properly prepared. Water from under the faucet, of course, is not suitable for living in her fish. After all, it is cleaned and disinfected with the help of various substances, including chlorine. Tap water needs to be set aside in an unspoiled enameled bowl or in the aquarium itself for three days.

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To the question of the choice and preparation of the soil in which you will later plant aquarium plants also need to be approached carefully.

Soil is different and different types of fish have their own different requirements for the soil. So, the requirements for the ground, for example, differ in bottom fish, for large fish or for those species that lay eggs in the ground.

In addition to the conditions listed above, it would be nice to learn about such things as: aeration, filtration, and ozonation of water; about the required temperature and water hardness. After all, this is all very important for your fish to feel good and to please the eye.

Also, you need to know that not all fish can live in the same aquarium.

Unfortunately, to describe all this in one article is simply unrealistic. Therefore, I recommend that you refer to the many sources of information on the Internet.

For example, a lot of information is presented on the link:

In addition to it, there are also other special sites for lovers of aquarium fish. Look for them, carefully study all the issues of preparation and settlement of the aquarium, and then, I am sure, your fish will no longer upset you. Good luck!

How To Prepare An Aquarium For Colonization

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