How To Keep One Of The Most Popular Guppy Fish

Guppy aquarium fish, perhaps, are known even to those who are not keen on aquarism. Many people first of all get an aquarium with guppies, and only then they seriously take a great interest in other species. Of course, due to the fact that they are very beautiful and popular, there are a huge number of their species, both standard and grown selectively (even there is no clear classification, they are often distinguished by color, size, shape or fins).

Homeland fish

The homeland of the guppy fish is the northern part of South America. But in order not to sound so abstract, it is often more specifically said that their homeland is the islands of Barbados and Trinidad, which are located not far from the South American continent.

But the fish began to be massively bred in areas where malaria mosquitoes were found (fish eat their larvae), as a result of which the fish spread and the title of one of the most popular stuck to them, so the guppy is remembered only for history.


They got their name from their discoverer Robert Guppy in 1866, who discovered them on the island of Trinidad.

They live near the shores in clear waters, but also brackish, they do not like salty sea water. By the way, it is for this reason that the water should not be sea or salt, this is a freshwater fish, maximum salted water.

Guppies in nature are small and not protected. Males have a brighter color, which somehow protects them from predators. The male is smaller than the female; it grows about 5 cm in length (the males usually grow shorter in length). There are a huge number of forms and species of guppies, so a clear description of the fish is quite problematic.

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How To Keep One Of The Most Popular Guppy Fish

Guppies are viviparous (otherwise they are also called viviparids), which means that full fry are reproduced into females (the female does not spawn eggs). If the fry and appears in the egg, then he breaks it himself.

In more detail about reproduction we speak in another article.

How many live guppies

Their lifespan is not so large, due to the fact that the fish is small in size and its metabolism is accelerated in warm water. Guppy life expectancy is 2–3 years. You are lucky if the fish has lived longer, so some species live up to 5 years. It all depends on the temperature of the water in the aquarium. With high water temperatures, guppies grow small and can live for 1 year or fewer days.

Care and maintenance

The conditions of maintenance and care of guppy fish are not so difficult, so it is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

They select breeding species, they are not very suitable for beginners, since they are grown artificially, their immunity is rather weak, and it will be rather difficult to maintain them. When choosing, pay attention to the fish, if they are all of the same bright color, and the males have long and uniform fins. this is a selection form. Therefore, if you only want to try yourself in aquarism, then it is better to buy fish with lush coloring and coloring, the most simple. They are no worse than breeding and will also delight you.

How To Keep One Of The Most Popular Guppy Fish

Fish love warm water. It is worth noting that the fish quickly adapt to new conditions, but this applies only to ordinary forms.

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The main parameters of water:

  • The water temperature is 22–25 ° C (but can live in the range from 19 ° C to 29 ° C).
  • Acidity: 7.0–8.0 pH (range may be 5.8–8.5).
  • Water hardness. 12.0–18.0 (up to 25 °).

Recommendation. Ask about the conditions of the aquarium, which contained fish before buying. Ideally, it would be possible to place them in similar conditions, since there are known cases that there is a sudden change of water and they die.

The number of fish varies, which can be kept in one aquarium, but in order for them to feel comfortable, optimally for 20 liters is 5 fish, respectively for 30 liters is 7–8 fish. Some adhere to the rule that 1 liter is enough for fish up to 4 cm long, 1.5 liters up to 6 cm, but more space for fish will not be superfluous.

The fish is not a schooling fish, but due to its small size it is not so noticeable in the aquarium. Guppies are funny and brisk, so settling them en masse, the aquarium itself will look much better, and the fish look more interesting in a flock. The number of females should be 2-3 times more males. Although there are those who prefer to keep only male guppies.

The aquarium itself is desirable to have a rectangular shape. Again, it is worth noting that the fish may live in a bank or in a round aquarium, but they will feel uncomfortable there, and also because of this, there may appear reasons for the development of various guppy diseases. And it is more difficult to keep an eye on such aquariums (for example, to clean the walls with a scraper), it is more difficult to install the necessary equipment inside.

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Plants and light are optional. Light enough ordinary daytime. If you want to take care of the lighting, then any one from bright to twilight will do; you must switch it off at night. Bright lighting will be a source of vitamin D. Light is more necessary if you are going to inhabit the plants.

As it was written, plants are also optional, but they have a good effect on the aquarium itself, and will help the survival of the fry. The following plant species will do:

  • Anubias;
  • cryptocoryne;
  • Elodea;
  • arrowhead;
  • aponogeton;
  • Indian fern;
  • Carombian cabomba;
  • Nitella;
  • riccia floating;
  • perennial Brazilian;
  • limnobium
  • other.

Aquarium fish requires aeration and filtration, since it receives oxygen from the water itself. Often, many people buy a filter in which there are two of these functions at once. If you buy a powerful filter, it is advisable to close the holes with a fine mesh so that it does not suck the fish.

How To Keep One Of The Most Popular Guppy Fish

If you want to diversify the design of your aquarium, then various snags or stones, constructions, such as caves, pots, grottoes, are perfect. But before being placed in an aquarium, they must be processed in order not to infect the infection.

Fish should make a weekly water change by 25%. It is better to feed them 2-3 times a day.


The aquarium fish guppy is bright, beautiful and looks especially good when it lives with its brothers. They are unpretentious, so that they are perfect for novice aquarists, and everyone at least once had a dream to have this bold man. If you want to know from whom you can settle with her then read our article on the compatibility of guppies with other fish.

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