How To Grow Aquarium Fish

How to grow aquarium plants

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First of all, the plants should be interesting to the inhabitants of the aquarium, do not overload the aquarium with green plantings, and you need to remember that some species of fish are not averse to eat green leaves.

If all these issues have been successfully resolved by you, sooner or later the time will come to think about expanding the “water park”. probably, the number of the fish colony has increased, or you wanted more, or maybe you just decided to give someone a gift. In any case, you can easily avoid the cost of plants, if you take care of their reproduction and cultivation in advance.

Reproduction occurs in a vegetative way. On the escape of the parental bush appears daughter process. As soon as the leaves and roots sprout on it, it is transplanted, but not before the sufficient number of roots.

How To Grow Aquarium Fish

Long-stem plants need to be grafted. Firstly, it is useful for reproduction, and secondly, so that the plant does not lose its decorative appearance. The top of the stem is cut, and then the lower part begins to bush. It is best to produce cuttings in the spring.

Ferns of the genus Ceratopteris form young plants on an old leaf. When they form leaves and roots, young plants detach from the leaf and float up to the surface.

You must first wash the tank with an alcohol-containing product, the sales of which must be reported on in the alcohol regulation, and wait until it is completely dry.

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Seeds need to be buried in the ground, 2-5 mm, under 10 cm of water, seedlings. under a layer of not more than 30 cm. And carefully monitor the appearance of algae. they need to be destroyed, because they destroy young shoots.

How To Grow Aquarium Fish

Days after 10 in the new aquarium will form its own microflora. When the dregs are completely settled, you can put new inhabitants into it.

Both young plants and the formed water worlds urgently need proper lighting (with their own spectrum and intensity) and top dressing. after all, the faster the metabolic process goes in the aquarium, the more nutrients are needed.

Composting can be compost, sapropel (lake sludge, which was subjected to pasteurization), peat crumb, birch coal, and also hydroponic mixtures. they should be highly diluted. Fertilizer roll into a small ball, and bury next to the bush. If there is a growth in plants, you can start feeding with nitrogen fertilizers, but in very small quantities.

It is impossible to allow an excess of salt. it is as harmful as its complete absence. So food should be moderate.

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