How To Get Rid Of A Black Beard In An Aquarium

Many aquarists face such a problem as “black beard” in an aquarium. Ugly black plaque, bunches of fine hairs cover everything: plants, soil, jewelry, snags, glass. Why does the black beard aquarium strike? How to get rid of this scourge?

What is a "black beard"

What is a "black beard"? Compsopogon coeruleus is a multicellular algae in the form of black and brown fine threads that can reach a length of 5 cm. It usually affects higher plants, but can attach to any surface.

This alga breeds at a high rate and can cover all the plants in the aquarium. From it is very difficult to clear the snags and ornaments. Methods of dealing with a "black beard" in an aquarium can be different, but it can be completely difficult to get rid of it completely.

Why do algae appear in the aquarium?

"Blackbeard" in the aquarium usually appears after buying new plants or ornaments. Therefore, it is very important to prevent the appearance of this trouble. Spores of this algae do not spread through the air.

After buying new plants, they need to be kept in quarantine for several days. With the appearance of black bloom on the leaves to use such bushes are not worth it. Also, new plants can be treated with solutions of bleach, potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide. Keeping the plants in a disinfecting solution needs only a few minutes (for delicate species, the time can be shortened), then rinse them in cool running water.

Of great importance is the condition of the aquarium. If the biofiltration is broken in the tank, the owners neglect the rules of care, do not change the water, do not siphon the soil and overfeed the fish, then the risk of the appearance of a "black beard" increases. In an aquarium with a balanced balance, algae will not multiply and quickly disappear on their own. But in the problematic "beard" will appear again and again.

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Therefore, it is not only how to get rid of the "black beard" in the aquarium, but also how to prevent its recurrence.


How to get rid of algae "black beard"? The most radical method of dealing with the "black beard". a full restart of the aquarium. All fish need to be transplanted into a temporary container of a suitable size, provide them with filtration and aeration. Drain all the water completely, get the soil, plants, equipment and decorations.

The soil must be calcined in the oven or boil in boiling water. Jewelry and driftwood should be thoroughly cleaned from black deposits and disinfected with chlorine, potassium permanganate, peroxide or boiling water. Do the same with all the equipment. The walls and bottom of the aquarium should be treated with boiling water, since it can be difficult to completely wash out the bleach.

Affected plants are best thrown away. If you want to save them, then tear off all the blackened leaves, process the bushes with a disinfecting solution, rinse well. Put them in a quarantine container and make sure that the new deposit does not appear.

After everything is cleaned and disinfected, you need to perform the procedure to start the aquarium. To speed up the process, you can take water from a healthy aquarium. Restarting the aquarium is time-consuming and responsible. Before you decide on this method, it is better to try to get rid of the problem by other methods.

How To Get Rid Of A Black Beard In An Aquarium

Fish and Snails

How to get rid of the "black beard" in the aquarium with the help of fish? There is a version that you can do this if you have fish that feed on this type of algae. This Siamese seaweed and antsitrus. If you run these fish into the aquarium, they will eat all the growths in a few weeks.

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But not everything is so simple. "Blackbeard" is pretty tough and reluctant to eat it. To fish paid attention to it, they can not be fed. Make it in the general aquarium, if necessary, to give food to other inhabitants is quite problematic. In addition, sweepers may prefer other, more delicate plants when present.

Other types of cleaners are useless for this task, since nobody eats the black beard anymore, shrimps and large snails as well.

Another method of fighting with animals is to launch into the affected aquarium a whole handful (about a hundred) of small young snails ampoules, no larger than a match head. These kids are great at algae. After the “black beard” is finished, the ampoule should be collected for bait and removed from the aquarium before they start to use the healthy plants.


In our problem will help and plants. How? Get rid of the "black beard" can be, if you crush the simple algae with the help of competitors. higher plants. Fast growing species such as valisneria, hygrofila, lemongrass, elodea will do.

For their rapid growth need to create suitable conditions. For the violent growth of higher plants carbon dioxide is necessary. If you do not want to buy a special installation, you can make it yourself using an ordinary plastic bottle.

As plants grow, they need to be cut and rooted cuttings obtained. Young shoots intensively absorb nutrients.

A sign of a close victory over the "black beard". the acquisition of white color by it. Shortly thereafter, the alga will die and begin to disappear.

Household appliances

How To Get Rid Of A Black Beard In An Aquarium

One of the popular methods of dealing with the "black beard". chemical. Boric or brown acid, antibiotics are applied. But remember that such methods can lead not only to the disappearance of the "black beard", but also to the death of all plants and even fish.

If there are no live plants in the aquarium, you can try to destroy the "black beard" with the help of "Furacilin". This antiseptic is usually rinsed throat with sore throat. This tool destroys all algae. The drug is lethal for shrimp, snails and some fish, such as corridors. Apply a similar method can be if you have a small aquarium without plants, populated by simple fish.

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Special equipment

Most fish lovers want to learn how to get rid of the "black beard" in the aquarium in the shortest possible time. There are special agents for algae control. Aljefix, Element CO2, Ferti Carbo, etc. Many successfully use the Saydex disinfector.

These preparations remove all types of algae, fight water blooming. They are safe for plants and fish, but toxic for snails, shrimps, crabs, etc.

Typically, these drugs need to be added within a few days, gradually increasing the dosage. "Blackbeard" dies very quickly, the result is noticeable after 3-4 days.


The nature itself can tell how to get rid of a black beard in an aquarium, because the appearance of algae in an aquarium often indicates a violation of the biological balance.

In the aquarium should be clean. Organic compounds must be periodically removed. Weekly you need to produce a siphon of the soil, change 20-30% of the water. As part of the fight against algae, water can be changed daily at 10-15%.

Do not allow overpopulation. Fish cannot be overfed: all food must be eaten within 5 minutes. Blackbeard is powered by water, so reducing the flow will also help in dealing with the problem.

Higher plants should receive enough light and nutrients in the form of fertilizers. Their rapid growth will help get rid of algae.

So, now you know how to get rid of the "black beard" in the aquarium. It remains to choose the appropriate method for your conditions.

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