How To Feed The Fish

Many newcomers, and not only, have a lot of questions about feeding fish in an aquarium. The main ones are: how many times to feed the fish? How to feed the fish in the aquarium? How much food to give the fish? Well, what to feed the fish? All these questions, and many others, we will answer in this article.
Different types of fish need different types of food. Therefore, the main thing is to choose the right diet for those fish that live in your aquarium.

How To Feed The Fish

Dry fish food. Flakes

Feeding mode

The following factors affect the feeding regime for fish:

  • Types of fish
    Before you buy a certain type of fish, you should first get acquainted with the diet of their food. For example, predatory fish should be given live food, or food prepared by themselves, but using ingredients of animal origin. Omnivorous or herbivorous fish can be given dry food, combining with vegetable. But such fish will not refuse ice food.
  • Size of fish
    If large and small fish live in your aquarium, it will be very difficult to please both. Large will eat small. Yes, and food for large fish should be given appropriate to their size. Therefore, when choosing fish, this aspect should also be paid attention to.
  • The number of fish in the aquarium
    The more fish in an aquarium, the more feed should be given. But, it is VERY IMPORTANT not to overfeed the fish. Over time, you will learn to measure the necessary portion. But in the beginning, be guided by the time, the fish should eat all the food in 3-4 minutes.
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How To Feed The Fish

Frozen Aquarium Fish Food

How often to feed the fish in the aquarium

How many times to feed the fish in the aquarium? This question is asked almost all novice aquarists. The answer is very simple. It is necessary to follow the principle: it is better to underfeed, than to overfeed.
Feed the fish need 1-2 times a day. At the same time. For example, in the morning, after turning on the light, and in the evening. before turning off. But if you forgot to feed the fish, and fed once a day, then this will not harm them at all, but on the contrary, it will be beneficial. After all, some aquarists, practicing "unloading" day. one, certain, day in the week, do not feed their pets. And it has a positive effect on the health of aquarium fish.
Fish feed should be eaten in 2-4 minutes. Ideally, residual feed should not fall to the bottom. But if there are catfish in the aquarium, it is not critical (they will eat up the remains from the bottom).

What to feed aquarium fish

Now we will consider what is better and more correct to feed the fish. All feed can be divided into four groups:

    Branded (dry) feed. Modern branded food, whether it’s flakes, pellets or pellets contain all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are necessary for aquarium fish. Therefore, this type of feed can be the basis of the diet.

Marked need dry food, such as dried gammarus, daphnia, Cyclops. This type of food is not desirable, because it does not contain many nutrients and is poorly digested. Especially you can not feed dried daphnia. The benefits are zero, and there may be stomach problems in fish.

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Live feed. One of the best feeds for your pets. They need to pamper the fish regularly. You can alternate with branded feed, because any fish loves the variety in the diet. One of the most common live feeds are: pipemaker, bloodworm, rotifer, cortex.
But it is worth remembering that buying live food is likely to bring the disease into the aquarium. Outbreaks of ichthyophthyriosis (semolina) are particularly frequent in such cases.

How To Feed The Fish

Bloodworm, tube maker. Live food

Buy this type of food you need in proven places. But this will not protect you. A good way to kill most parasites is freezing.
Abuse of live food, too, should not be. In particular, the crank, although we love fish, is poorly digested.

During the spawning period, we strongly recommend feeding with live food.

  • Frozen feed. Very good alternative to live feed. Here you do not risk infecting the fish with some kind of sore, and even contain these feeds all that useful that is contained in the living.
    Frozen food is well and long stored, conveniently dosed. Today there are so many of them. You can purchase food that will contain several types of live food (tubule, Artemia and bloodworm together).
  • Vegetable feed. Each fish in its degree likes to pull the greens, both in nature and in the aquarium. Except, of course, predatory species (but among them there are lovers of greenery). Therefore, in the diet of fish, you can enter and feed of plant origin. This can be done not as often as with live or frozen food, but it is recommended to add it from time to time. Sold such food in the form of flakes or tablets.
    You can feed the fish, in particular ancytrus, cabbage or cucumbers. But feeding them is only a few times a week (so as not to become lazy). After all, they are all the time in motion, scraping algae from the walls of the aquarium or korsyag, which they are covered. Also, they have time to “clean up” after the other inhabitants, what fell to the bottom after feeding them.
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    And so, proper feeding is the key to the health of your fish. A balanced diet will allow the fish to not get sick, and have a good, bright color. What will please the eye not only to you, but also to your guests!

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