How To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

Fish, like you and I, need good nutrition. And if you put them on a dry food, then soon they may have health problems. This is similar to the fact that a person eats only proteins and does not additionally use multivitamins. Food for fish should include a large amount of nutrients. So, how to properly feed the fish? What should be done to ensure that they spawn normally?

What to feed the fish and how

If you are a beginner aquarist, then you need to assimilate such an axiom of fish nutrition: fish has enough dry ready-made food for a normal existence, and you need to be alive to bring them to spawning. This may be frozen or sublimated feed.

Each type of fish has its own diet and feeding rules. So, about the rules.

If you feed your fish with live food, then it must be washed in a net under the tap. It is desirable that the temperature of the washing was close to the temperature of the water in the aquarium. Usually the bloodworm and tubule give a special feeder with holes at the bottom. The advantage of this trough is that the live food itself goes into the water, and its dead specimens remain inside.

The size of the feed should always be correlated with the size of the fish. Food for fry should be like eyes fry. Bloodworm or enkhitreyu should be given crushed. Experienced aquarists prefer not to feed the valuable species of fish in the pipe-maker. They thus save the fish from poisoning.

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The quality of the feed is very important for the health of your swimming pets.

How to define it by eye? If dry food sticks together, it is unlikely to benefit the inhabitants of the aquarium. It really should be dry and crumbly. Live food should be active, move. A frozen food should feed your fish immediately after thawing.

How much to feed the fish?

As for the amount of feed, its dose is determined on the basis of observations. Live food is usually given in small portions. Some aquarists prefer to feed the fish twice a day, little by little, others teach them to feed once at the same time, usually in the morning, so that the fish develop a habit of doing so. Both options are quite acceptable. But to give at once a lot of food, a triple portion in advance is by no means impossible. The fish will pounce on him at the beginning, and then her appetite will simply be gone, and the food will be gone. If in 5 minutes the dry food in the ring is not eaten by the inhabitants of the aquarium, it means that the portion needs to be reduced and with the net removed the remains. Remember: it is better to underfed up fish than to overfeed. An overfed fish becomes lethargic, and its life is shortened. This is akin to human obesity: there can not be a healthy body in which there is excess weight. By the way, the fish, which always eat correctly and varied, can calmly endure a week-long hunger strike. This means that your trip for 2-3 days will not affect your floating pets negatively.

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Your water friends need to be given a variety of food, alternating its species. The daily volume of feed for fish should be 5% of their mass. This applies to adult fish. But the fry, like newborns, should be fed more often, 3-4 times a day.

Remember that live food is much more useful in its raw form than boiled. Experienced aquarists are advised to always watch the fish during feeding. Such observations will allow you to distinguish diseased fish from healthy ones. After all, their feeding behavior varies: they are less active, their appetite decreases.

By the way, hunger sometimes has a beneficial effect on the sexual activity of fish. After all, it normalizes the biochemical processes in their body, promotes the utilization of fatty tissues, modified by diseases. Hunger also helps females in resorption of caviar that has not been swept away in the abdomen, that is, improves their body and prepares them for the next caviar throwing.

So, feeding the fish with these recommendations will allow them to be healthy and active, and you will be happy to watch them.

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