How To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

Let’s look at how to feed the fish in the aquarium. When feeding fish, novice aquarists often make a lot of mistakes. These very mistakes can often lead to very sad consequences for the aquarium. In this article, we will look at how to properly feed the fish in an aquarium and at the same time avoid the serious mistakes that new aquarists make so often.

So, how to feed aquarium fish?

The first thing to do is to compile and observe a constant feeding regimen for aquarium fish. Feeding mode is very important for the aquarium. Observing this mode, the aquarist will know exactly what and when the fish gets with food and in what quantity. In addition, observing the mode of feeding the fish in the aquarium, the aquarist stabilizes the biological load on the entire aquatic system as a whole, because organic matter enters the aquarium mainly with food for aquarium fish. And the biological load on the aquarium depends on its quantity.

The second important point in the business of feeding aquarium fish is the composition and combination of feed. To feed aquarium fish is best not one, but two or three types of food. For example, in the morning dry food, live in the evening, and 1-2 times a week additional feeding with something fortified or conducive to growth, coloring, etc.

The third point we consider the overfeeding of aquarium fish. Over-feeding is one of the most terrible and common mistakes of novice aquarists. A novice comes up to the aquarium, sees a fish running around in the aquarium, at the feeder. Conclusion. the fish want to eat. Further generous hand poured a decent portion of fish feed. The novice aquarist doesn’t suspect that with his own hands he takes his fish to "long voyage".

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In fact, after a few weeks of living in a new aquarium, the fish get used to the schedule for feeding, but at the same time, they also get used to the feeding place, and also begin to associate the shadow and the steps of the person with the feeding. Fish are generally much smarter creatures than is commonly believed. The result. the fish in the aquarium believe that it is time to feed, and rush to the trough. The aquarist thinks that the fish in the aquarium appeared straight from besieged Leningrad and. thinks nothing, but just feeds feed with a generous hand. As a result, most of the food remains at the bottom of the aquarium and begins to actively spoil the water, the aquarist, as a rule, is lazy to remove these residues. As a result. an outbreak of ammonia / ammonium, rotten water and the death of fish.

Remember. it is better to underfeed the fish in the aquarium than to overfeed! All the specified food should be eaten by fish in a maximum of 15-20 minutes (usually in general in 3-5 minutes). All that remains is superfluous and is subject to immediate cleaning, as it actively spoils water.

How To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

A hungry day for aquarium fish. It may sound cruel, but, nevertheless, a hungry day is necessary for fish. What is a hungry day for an aquarium? By "hungry day" means the following. the fish in the aquarium are left without food for one day a week. That is, one day a week, the fish are not fed. Do not feed at all! Fish is not harmful, but even useful, as it causes them to clean the body of toxins. In addition, the risk of obesity during the "fasting day" is significantly reduced. Yes, yes, the fish may also be obese, and you did not know? For a hungry day in an aquarium, one of the days in the week is selected and then included in the schedule on an ongoing basis.

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