How To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

How to feed the fish in the aquarium.

This article will be useful mainly for beginners, aquarists who have recently become (or plan to become) happy owners of a home aquarium. The topic of feeding aquarium fish is very important, especially it is important for novice aquarists, because without knowing some of the details of feeding the fish, you can easily make a number of mistakes that can lead to very sad consequences. even to the death of these very fish and restarting the aquarium.

In this article we will not cover the topic of the optimal diet for aquarium fish. In this material we will explain how to properly conduct the process of feeding aquarium fish. If you follow the recommendations below, you will be able to properly feed the fish in the aquarium.

Food should be eaten with fish in 5 minutes.
The first and most important thing. all the food asked by aquarium fish should be eaten in 5 minutes. All the rest is superfluous. The exception may be some slow-moving species of aquarium fish, for them the interval is somewhat longer. ten to fifteen minutes. However, no matter how slow the fish were in the aquarium, for more than twenty minutes the food in the aquarium should not be.

How To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

Clean the aquarium. a pledge of health fish.
After feeding fish in an aquarium, all excess food should be removed as soon as possible. In an ideal situation, the remnants of food is better to clean immediately after feeding. If for some reason this is not possible, then it is worthwhile to take care that the remnants of food are eaten by other inhabitants of the aquarium, such as snails.

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Fish better underfeed than overfeed.
Fish in the aquarium is better than underfeeding than overfeeding. Nothing wrong with that will not be, notes The next time a more hungry fish will show more agility and get what it could not eat at the previous feeding, pick up something from the leftovers, and even find additional food in the aquarium itself. plants, algae fouling, etc. In general, the fish will not be left hungry in the accident, and especially will not die of hunger.

Arrange a hungry day in the aquarium.
Always have a hungry day in the aquarium. One day a week do not feed the fish at all. This will help your fish avoid obesity, make them more active, and in some cases will have a positive impact on their reproductive functions.

Any food spoils the water in the aquarium.
Remember. any food spoils the water in the aquarium, one slowly, the other faster, the third very quickly. Consider this point when feeding fish in an aquarium. Remove residual food from the aquarium in a timely manner.

Fish in the aquarium are always hungry.
Most novices tend to overfeed their fish. It turns out this due to the fact that approaching the aquarium to a novice aquarist sees that the fish begin to accumulate at the trough and dramatically increase their activity. Here an analogy with domestic animals. cats, dogs. The conclusion that makes the newly appeared aquarist one. the fish are hungry. However, this conclusion is not at all obvious. Remember the same dogs, a rare dog will miss your trip to the kitchen, and even if you eat, then what only plaintive looks you will not get enough of from a generally well-fed dog. But for some reason the owners of the dog are not confused by this. they know that the pet is full and not hungry. And with the fish, this rule is somehow forgotten. But in general, everything is simple, often to an aquarium aquarist is suitable to feed the fish. Those develop a reflex and they already associate the appearance of a person near the aquarium with the upcoming feeding, and this is where the "dancing at the feeder" begins. And a caring aquarist immediately pours out an unwavering generous hand (and sometimes, which is worse. trembling), more and more new portions of food in the aquarium. Do not overfeed your fish. it is bad for their health.

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Addictive to new feed.
Getting used to new food in aquarium fish occurs in different ways. Sometimes they start to take a new feed immediately and without problems, and sometimes in order to accustom them to a new feed, you have to try. Do not be afraid if the aquarium fish refuses to take a new feed. To new fish feed are taught in several ways. You can not feed the fish for 2-3 days, and then ask the fish a new feed, and you can mix the new feed with the old one, gradually increasing the share of the new feed, gradually the fish in the aquarium will get used to the new feed and you can completely switch to it.

Different fish different food.
Different fish have different feeds. consider this rule when selecting feeds for aquarium fish. Although most often one food may be suitable for most fish in your tank, the usefulness of this food for different fish will be different. In some cases, feeding unsuitable food can lead to serious health problems in your fish, even death.

I hope this article will help you avoid many common mistakes typical for a novice aquarist. Successes in maintaining the aquarium and feeding aquarium fish!

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