How To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

When grooming aquarium pets, follow a few rules:

  • feeding according to need;
  • overfeeding prevention. The remaining food adversely affects the purity of the water, and overeating causes obesity in fish, live less than slightly "undernourished" relatives;
  • feed several times a day in modest portions, especially if you use live food;
  • purchase different feeds;
  • choose food depending on the size of those to whom it is intended;
  • periodically arrange a short "hunger strike".

Short-term restriction in food has a beneficial effect on the fish, restoring their sexual activity. Starving females and males more quickly remove slags from the body, get rid of fatty deposits, and the first calves, which are not swept up during spawning, are absorbed.

How to feed aquarium fish?

A proper diet should consist of:

  • branded, real feed. They contain essential for health vitamins and minerals. The choice is huge because it is hardly difficult to find a suitable package of feed for goldfish, sea fish and so on;
  • dry feed. Usually they are made from daphnia, cyclop or gammarus. Modern dry products consist of a dozen components, therefore, in terms of quality and value, they are as good as other species;
  • live food recommended for regular inclusion in the fish diet. It has been noticed that even such food can “get bored”, because from time to time it is necessary to buy different “worms”;
  • frozen food;
  • vegetable feed.

How To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

In nature, many fish eat plants, and for some species such food is simply necessary. Naturally, the predators do not like the grass, because buying a new inhabitant, it is worth asking about its taste preferences. Vegetable food looks like pills or flakes, although there are fish that do not give up cabbage, cucumber or zucchini in a natural, but crushed form.

Experienced aquarists include in their ration their own food prepared, consisting of dry or frozen, but crushed:

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You can make a dry tortilla by drying in a microwave oven cottage cheese or yogurt, semolina, or green peas.

A little more about feed

Fish of any kind can only be fed dry product. But it has been proved that live food, for example, daphnia, bloodworm, koretra, shrimp is more useful. They contain many vitamins, and they are absorbed easier and faster. Thanks to them, the color of fish becomes richer, and growth accelerates.

There is a significant drawback, forcing many aquarists to abandon live food: with it, viruses and microbes that cause disease enter the aquarium. This is explained by the fact that "worms" are caught in open reservoirs, where there are "their" fish representatives infected with parasites. Aquarium fish are experiencing hard illness caused by "guests" and die without proper treatment.

People who do not know how to save waterfowl pets from ailments can use the nauplii. Nauplii are called crustacean emerged from the eggs. They are suitable for small fish, for example, guppies or fry, but it is troublesome to “breed” specific food, creating favorable conditions for the conversion of eggs into future cancer.

To freeze the likelihood of being infected by parasites living in Artemia, a pipemaker or other live food, it will help to freeze it immediately after purchase. Only a day later, ectoparasites will die, and bacterial infections are rarely dangerous for healthy aquarium dwellers. For example, neon fish with pleasure savor frozen bloodworms, fully preserving the color, shape, and possibly taste.

Dry foods are stored much longer alive, but when buying should be interested in the release date. After opening the contents of the package should be used as quickly as possible, although in a tightly closed glass jar it can stand for up to a year, fully retaining the properties. It is advisable to purchase small jars, regardless of whether they are filled with flakes or granules. The content will end in a couple of months, which will prevent a decline in the value of the feed.

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How To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

About feeding different types of fish

Owners of large aquariums, often wonder how many times a day should feed the fish and what feed is better to use. For example, the fish Betta Fish should be treated to protein food, because in nature it is a predator, although from time to time it does not hesitate to use Javanese moss.

The diet of Betta Fish includes:

  • small flakes;
  • pellets developed for this species. They should be the main part of the diet;
  • dry artemia and bloodworm;
  • live and frozen food in small quantities.

Similarly, they feed the goldfish elonofrus. From time to time this species is useful to pamper with shrimp, daphnia, squid, bloodworms.

Fish dollar, she Metinnis consumes plant food. Preference is given to lettuce lettuce, cucumbers, spirulina, spinach and zucchini. Raw vegetables quickly spoil the water, because they will have to get rid of their residues after each feeding. Protein feed is also useful and needed. It should be: bloodworm, coretra, artemia. Fish parrot aquarium happy to eat a dry product. Feeding the parrots does not cause trouble, and the need to store and freeze worms will disappear.

Asking how often and how many times a day one or another fish is eaten, one should resort to the help of special literature. The books describe in detail the care, maintenance, preparation of the diet, water temperature and even the compatibility of different types.

Shrimp as feed

The statement that the fish in the aquarium love shrimp is often surprising. Shrimp contains 50% protein and up to twenty percent fat. They are considered healthy, but high-calorie food, because the diet can be included infrequently. Two or once a week is enough.

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What shrimp to feed the fish? Of course, fresh and high-quality, not salty and not cooked by the manufacturer. You should choose only Atlantic shrimp, which lack the taste of chlorine, because only they grow without the use of antibiotics.

You can give shrimp to fish in raw and boiled form. In the first variant, the frozen meat is grated on a grater, or it is crushed heavily with a knife, in the second it is boiled without salt and very finely chopped. If the fish get such food for the first time, conduct an experiment: offer a little frozen, and after. boiled meat. Eating speed will show which option is more to your taste. The larger the fish, the larger the shrimp is cut.

What to do while on vacation?

People often refuse aquariums, not knowing what to do with them while on vacation. The reason is simple: a failure in feeding mode, even if left for a couple of days, seems to be a disaster, and a long trip is considered an obligatory harbinger of the death of pets.

In fact, the fish feel better than other animals in the absence of the owner. Adolescents and adults are able to endure hunger for up to three weeks, and large breeds endure even longer. The main thing is to be at home to observe the feeding regime, cleanliness of the habitat and monitor the health of the wards.

In particularly difficult situations, vegetarian fish will satisfy hunger with algae.

How To Feed The Fish In The Aquarium

Poor fry and young fish suffer from a forced hunger strike. A deficiency of nutrients adversely affects them in the future. Therefore, planning a trip, do not buy the young. You can not pour food "in reserve" and consider slowly soluble options solution to the problem. Let better fish starve than suffer from excessive care of the owner.

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