How To Feed Guppies And What Food Is Better To Choose

Guppy is a widespread fish with beautiful colors. It is unlikely that there will be more popular aquarium inhabitants, because one of the main advantages of these freshwater. unpretentious. In addition, they are picky in their food and are able to withstand several days of hunger strike.

How to feed a guppy

Throwing food to these small fish should be at least three times a day, ideally. every 3-4 hours. Some people believe that guppy food should be poured over and over again, but you should not spoil them in large portions. Overeating is extremely dangerous! Split nutrition will have a much better effect on health and offspring. The following recommendations will help determine the feeding method:

Shop feeds

Feeding guppies happens like this: we throw some flakes (literally a pinch) and wait for the fish to finish their meal. It usually takes about a minute.

When buying food you should pay attention to the presence of natural dyes in the composition. These ingredients do not harm the fish, but after eating such a treat, guppies can change color. For more intense color, you can use specialized feed Tetra Guppy Color.

Cereals can be bought in advance in large quantities, but then it is better to freeze some of them to preserve nutrients for a long time.

Live feed

The main composition of the right menu. living organisms. It may be brine shrimp, pipe workers, bloodworms. Also suitable shredded squid fillet or river fish. If the purchase of such food in the winter season becomes unavailable, you should freeze the food in advance and thaw it as needed.

Do not do without vegetable feed, for example, parsley, spinach or seaweed. Any food should be crushed and scalded with boiling water.

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Also well-boiled cereals are suitable for feeding. It is better if it is thoroughly milled hercules or semolina. However, guppies are not averse to feast on even liverwurst or low-fat, solid grades of cheese, which also need to be crushed well. Do not forget that too large a piece of food can cause pressure inside the fish and lead to a rupture of the intestine.

Regardless of the variety of food in the diet, guppies need to add vitamins. Well-suited solutions of vitamins A, E, D. It is enough to mix with food just 5 drops. Also useful fish oil in the amount of two or three drops per serving.

Varied diet

Nowadays, pets often eat only dry food. This also applies to fish. But if some people don’t have a wide choice of delicacies, then it matters to guppies.

It is advisable 3-4 times a week to replace flake food with live food for guppy. These can be daphnias, bloodworms, copepods, and pipeworm worms. Also in the course can go:

  • Shrimp;
  • Boiled chicken breast;
  • Beef heart and liver;
  • Pea husks;
  • Earthworms;
  • Salad leaves.

Any food should be fresh and pre-shredded.

How to identify overeating in guppies

These freshwater fish have a small stomach, so it is important to follow the norms of feeding. If these standards exceed, the fish will overeat, which will reflect badly on their well-being. You can determine the excess food as follows:

  1. Adults of guppies noticeably rounded, there is a bulge of the abdomen or chest.
  2. Behind the fish, you can make out a string of excrement. This means that the intestines are full.
  3. The water inside the aquarium began to deteriorate much faster.
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What to do when overeating? First of all, you need to reduce either the number of feedings, or reduce the caloric content of the food. You can try to arrange a guppy kind of hunger strike, forgetting about them for a couple of days. Some experts note that you can feed these fish 6 days a week, and the seventh to make unloading.

Feeding the guppy during a long trip

It happens that you have to leave not for a couple of days, but for several weeks at once. How to be in this case?

How To Feed Guppies And What Food Is Better To Choose

Secondly, before leaving you need to check the feed or gel dispenser. The latter of the two is less dangerous, since the gel feed block does not cause hazardous chemical reactions (which cannot be said with accuracy about dry blocks). With any choice, for a few days within two or three days you need to check how it works.

Thirdly, you can use the help of neighbors. Due to inexperience, they can exceed the recommended dose of feeding, so it would not be superfluous to write a feeding instruction beforehand on a piece of paper. You can also prepare a single dose, putting a pinch of food in a small jar. For example, packaging from under the vitamins.

Feeding Guppy Fry

In addition to the fact that, to ensure the safety of newborns, it is better to separate them from adults, nutrition should also be separate. When preparing food, it is important to consider that in young guppies the need for protein is several times higher than that of large ones. But the vegetable component is important in its own way.

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How to cook protein food for guppies with your own hands? We include in it small artemia and bloodworms, egg yolk, pounded with water to a mushy state, as well as shredded beef heart.

Vegetable food for fry can serve as algae, lettuce leaves or boiled spinach.

Feeding fry will not cause difficulties, if you follow the basic recommendations:

  • You should not give an adult artemia, the fry will not be able to eat it because of too small mouths;
  • Growing guppies spend a lot of energy, so they eat about 6 times a day, little by little.;
  • Over time, meals should be reduced. Fry grow approximately 2 months, and by the end of this time it is necessary to reduce the number of feedings to 3-4. After 5 months, guppies can be fed twice a day;
  • Gradually expand your diet variety. Guppies grow in different ways, but moving them to adults is better when they become the same size. As you grow, you can increase the size of the pieces of food;
  • Lower the feed right in front of the fry so that they do not search for it, because the kids are not so actively moving around the aquarium.

Before you add a new component to the guppy menu, you need to read the information about its suitability. You should not act at random and introduce unusual products without sufficient knowledge of their benefits and harm to fish. If you look at the content of guppies at home carefully, these colorful inhabitants of the aquarium will surely delight you with healthy offspring and bright appearance.

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