How To Feed Aquarium Fish Properly Tips, Recommendations

Many aquarists wonder how to feed the fish in the aquarium? How to properly care for your pets and of course in the first place comes the question of proper nutrition.

They try not to deprive their pets of wanting to eat well, as a result, the fish may begin to feel bad, and the remnants of the uneaten food remain swimming in the aquarium gradually contaminating it. How to make a proper and balanced diet and prevent contamination from food debris? This article provides simple tips to help solve this problem.

How to feed the fish in the aquarium?

How To Feed Aquarium Fish Properly Tips, Recommendations

Here you need to adhere to one basic rule, fish can not be overfed. It has been established that one adult fish is enough to consume up to five percent of its own weight each day to meet its nutritional needs. In the wild, there is an opportunity to lose weight, the fish swim over long distances, escape from predators, in a home aquarium this does not happen, due to the small mobility of the fish. Overfeeding leads the fish to obesity, the possibility of reproduction is lost, the metabolism is disturbed, as a result of which the fish can get sick. Don’t forget about the uneaten fish food being in an aquarium for some time, its remnants begin to rot contaminating the aquarium water.
Further, a large role is played by a variety of food, fish can not be treated all the time with the same food, dry food, cereal. If you want to see your fish always healthy, lively, bright, you can add special vitamin supplements usually added to water, or fish food. You should know that not all fish are suited to the same food, your fish can belong to vegetarians, predators, collect food from the bottom, search around the entire aquarium or eat only on the surface of the aquarium. No need to throw large pieces of food, if the fish is small, she just physically can not swallow it.
In the ration of fish, the main food should be live food (earthworms, daphnia, bloodworm, eggs, meat, fruit flies, grandeal) such fish food more nutritious than dry and fish eat such food much better. Do not forget about vegetable feed. These include soft aquarium plants, animal feed, semolina, nettle leaves and lettuce. Also aquarists use frozen food that is bloodworm, daphnia, cyclops.
Now let’s talk about ways that are not suitable for daily use. Fish food should not be given at all, provided that your fish is sick a weakened body refuses to feed itself, it helps to recover faster, but in the period after the illness it is necessary to approach the issue of nutrition with all the attention and of course do not forget about vitamins. There are two options when the fish need to eat a lot and varied, in the first case it is a period of preparation for spawning. The second option is to feed small fish and fry, in this case the feed should come five or six times in small quantities. this is necessary for proper digestion of food. During growth, the fry need to eat up to one hundred percent of the feed, calculated by the mass of the fish itself.
This article ends, thanks to these tips, you can correctly determine the food that suits your pets. Your fish will receive proper nutrition to help them develop.

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