How To Feed Aquarium Fish Kinds Of Feed

One of the first questions over which beginner aquarists are thinking: how to feed their inhabitants of the aquarium? Correct feeding fish is one of the most important moments, as food is a source of health, growth and development.

During feeding, the aquarist interacts directly with his wards, so there is a natural desire to stretch this exciting moment for a little longer and feed them "just a little bit more." As a result, beginner fish owners often have to see a marsh-like aquarium and completely fed fish, who have difficulty remembering how to swim.

How many need to feed the fish? So, they should be fed no more than 1 or 2 times a day, while not allowing a large amount of food to sink to the bottom of the aquarium, littering it, i.e. All food should be eaten in 3-4 minutes. Leftover uneaten food should be removed.

It should also be understood that each type of fish requires a special feed.

Types of feed for aquarium fish

Now there are the following types of feed:

How To Feed Aquarium Fish Kinds Of Feed

Before you give a live feed, it must be thoroughly rinsed under cold water. The most popular are the bloodworm and tubule. Feeding fish should not be limited to the same species always, fish, like people, appreciate diversity.

Frozen feed must first be defrosted, rinsed under cold water, and then given to fish. This type of food has been recognized by many aquarists. It is easy to store and safe enough for the inhabitants of the aquarium, because in its manufacture, special rays are used that kill harmful microorganisms.

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Flakes have recently become increasingly popular. They are happy to be eaten by most fish, easily broken up into particles in water. Is it possible to feed the fish all the time? This is not desirable, since the nutritional value of the flakes is not too great.

The advantage of the pellets is that they practically do not clog the aquarium. The main thing is to choose the right size that will suit your inhabitants.

Tablets are mostly intended for bottom-living fish, for example, catfish.

Plant food is eaten by most species of aquarium fish, with the exception of predators. You can give such food yourself (for example, cabbage, zucchini) or buy dry.

Be sure to take the time to carefully examine what kind of food is your fish feed.

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