How To Feed Aquarium Fish

Novice aquarists often have little difficulty: they don’t know how to properly feed newly acquired fish. It’s good that nowadays there are no problems with the purchase of high-quality feeds: you just have to go to the zoosalon and choose a bright bag with fish food. But when you return home, you can understand that you do not know how often and to what extent you need to give food to aquatic creatures.

The fact is that there are no strict regulations on this subject. This often leads to the fact that the aquarium begins to resemble a swamp, and it becomes difficult for small fish to move because of excessive weight. The fact is that many owners really like the feeding process itself, because it is at this moment that you can at least somehow “talk” with your pets. In addition, when the fish sadly wait for feeding at the glass, it is difficult to resist and not to fill them with food once again from the bounty of the soul. In fact, such "kindness" is very doubtful. Inexperienced aquarists simply do not know that fish, especially cichlids, are ready to eat all the time, and hunger has nothing to do with it.

Therefore, one-time meal per day is quite enough. this applies to adult fish, fry and adolescents should be fed more often. Enough amount of food that the fish absorb in two or three minutes. Try to keep food from falling to the bottom of the aquarium. Herbivorous fish. antsistrusy or brocade catfish eat almost all the time, scraping algae. A couple of times a week, see if they have this food.

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Why not to overfeed aquarium fish?

This is detrimental to their health: aquatic residents become inactive and begin to get sick, because it is known that movement is life.

Falling to the bottom, the feed enters the ground, where it begins to decompose, contaminating water and serving as a breeding ground for bacteria and harmful algae, which is why ammonia and nitrates accumulate in the aquarium, and the fish begin to languish.

What to feed the fish?

There are four types of fish food:

To the fish were active and beautiful, feed all kinds of feed. It is clear that, depending on the breed, some fish prefer plant food, while others prefer live food. But most pets can use branded food that needs to be alternated with live and vegetable food. High-quality ready-made foods contain vitamins and nutrients, so they are most useful for fish. Experts caution against dried daphnia, arguing that from her fish have stomach diseases and growth slows down.

Live food is a tube maker, bloodworm, cortex. Fish love the variety, so you need to alternate feed. But be careful: the food must be of high quality, for disinfection, experienced aquarists freeze it. Do not feed the bloodworm too often, it is unimportantly digested by many fish. You can buy ready-made frozen live food. It is easy to store and dispense, it does not spoil for a long time and nutritionally does not differ from unfrozen. If possible, choose a mix of several types. for example, brine shrimp, corret and bloodworms.

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For fish, vegetarians need to choose vegetable feed. True, from time to time they are needed by fish of any breed. This type of food is not only loose, but also in the form of tablets or flakes. Some owners feed themselves, for example, antsistrusov zucchini, cabbage and cucumbers. and tasty, and useful.

How To Feed Aquarium Fish

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