How To Feed Aquarium Fish

For many years in various literatures there is an opinion that it is better not to feed the fish, let them starve than overfeed. In fact, this is not entirely correct and an inexperienced aquarist can destroy beautiful exotic fish with long hunger strikes. How to properly and how many times a day to feed the fish so as not to harm them you will learn in this article.

All aquarium fish by age can be roughly divided into 2 types:

  • Fry (not yet fully grown, immature fish);
  • Adult fish (mature fish).

How many times a day do you need to feed adult fish

Under-feeding does not harm an adult and an established fish at all, the water in the aquarium will always be clean, the biobalance is perfect, the fish are healthy, while regular feeding or overfeeding (when the fish do not eat the whole food thrown into the aquarium for 15 minutes) turbidity will occur and, as a result of the poor quality of water, one or another disease may flare up. But undernourishment does not mean that you can feed the fish only once a week, even though the adult fish from too rare and small feeding bulls will start to lose weight, the belly will become sunken, and the back will dry out, the larger fish will attack the smaller ones, eating them.

How much and how often feed fry

Fry, unlike adult fish, are not fully formed. They have not reached puberty and are in a period of intensive growth, so regular and high-quality feeding is very important for them. The rule of underfeeding in relation to fry and young fish will bring more negative consequences than for an adult, so you need to feed them regularly, 2 times a day and preferably with live food. The only condition. you need to follow that the abandoned food is eaten within 15 minutes, and the remnants of food removed from the aquarium, because regular feeding and overfeeding are all different things. Under the conditions of regular feeding, the water will need to be replaced much more often than in the case of underfeeding (1 time per week), but in return you will have a beautiful fish that will quickly grow in size and reach the period of puberty.

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But how much food to give if in the aquarium there is both an adult and a young fish, here the preference is given to the young, so forget about undernourishment and hunger strike.

All of the above can be summarized as follows:

  • On the one hand, undernourishment is good because it allows you to preserve the biobalance in the aquarium, make the water cleaner and the fish remain healthy while spending a minimum of time and effort to care for them.
  • Regular feeding 1-2 times a day allows you to grow a beautiful mature fish in a fairly short time, but the aquarium will require much more care (water change and siphon of the soil) than in the case of underfeeding.
  • Especially frequent feeding and overfeeding is harmful in all cases and is not negotiable.

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