How To Feed Aquarium Fish

How to feed aquarium fish? The question is not idle. Despite the fact that this topic is constantly being raised in various forums, and is also fully covered on the pages of various websites, this issue always remains in the first place. Why is that? Well, probably because wildlife is diverse in everything. Therefore, it is simply not possible to write an exact instruction on its use on points. She also does not obey the laws and regulations written by people. But there are some patterns, observing, systematizing and applying which you can learn to live with nature in harmony. Even several individuals of the same species may have behavioral characteristics and food preferences, including, which it would seem difficult to expect from them. But, despite the fact that one of my voiletails, for some reason, is addicted to the pipe maker, and the other feed is rather reluctant to take, yet this fish belongs to an omnivorous species, which also likes to prick the grass with a butterfly.

What do I want to say with this? Only the fact that the question "How to feed aquarium fish?" Often you can give the correct and adequate answer yourself, showing some observation. For the sake of justice, it is necessary to point out the need for knowledge, as well as an understanding of the general laws, rules, and recommendations made by your predecessors aquarists and ichthyologists.

Let me remind you of these few simple rules that need to be remembered and followed.

  1. 1. Feed must comply with the physiology of a particular type of fish.

All aquarium fish can be divided into:

  1. 1.1. Herbivores. eating mostly plant food. As an example, it can be called a piece of chili.
  2. 1.2. Carnivores are predators. Now in aquariums there are more and more fish that are not averse to eat not only a worm or insect larva, but also a small fish. (We will not touch here on the moral side of the issue of placing such species in kindergarten aquariums. Although I want to spread my thoughts on the tree so much. Well, maybe, no matter how next time.)
  3. 1.3. Omnivorous. ready to dance a waltz for a few pieces of bloodworms, but also in herbal supplements are in dire need.
  1. It is necessary to provide a living creature with a food base appropriate for its size and age. Everything should be simple and clear here.
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2.1. Small fish, for example, neon is not able to swallow a large bloodworm, so you need to stock up on it with small bloodworms, crustaceans, or chop food for it to an acceptable size.

2.2. Fry of all aquarium fish need food that has small, and sometimes even microscopic dimensions. So, for example, the fry of many feral fishes cannot be fed without infusoria or nauplius Artemia. Only with the growth of juveniles can it be transferred to larger feed corresponding to this species.

  1. The frequency of feeding is also of great importance. It to some extent depends on what the fish eats in natural conditions. Already mentioned petsilia can constantly pinch algae and this is not gluttony. To this it is bound by its anatomical structure, formed over millions of years of evolution. The fact is that her stomach is very weakly expressed, but she has a well-developed intestine, adapted for digesting vegetable food. The absence of a large stomach. a reservoir for swallowed food. makes it necessary for food to be supplied permanently. The majority of predatory fish, which do not have the ability to constantly absorb a new portion of delicacies, have a sufficiently large stomach, which can hold a large portion of food at a time. Sometimes this food is enough for fish for several days. This is also one of the options for adapting to life in the wild. Hungry need to hunt. Hunting is not always successful, so it’s better to fail on a hunt if you are moved by a creature that can “stock up” with food that is enough for as long as the hunter smiles again.
  1. You can not overfeed your pets. Even if they look plaintively into your eyes, they are strenuously poking their snouts in the feeder. This behavior is nothing more than a reflex to the approach of a person, which your players are strongly associated with obtaining a complex lunch. It must be remembered that the owner’s excessive generosity in hypodynamic conditions due to the small size of the indoor lake will inevitably lead to obesity and premature death of the fish. General recommendations are like this.
    1. Feed the fish once or twice a day. The number of feedings per day and the interval between them sometimes have to be adjusted for a specific species. The same petilia eats once. from morning to evening. And some predators need to be fed once every few days. Therefore, if you are going to start some kind of fish, first try to learn about the features of its content as much as possible and in particular what and how often it should be fed. It is advisable to feed in the morning and evening, but not immediately before bedtime, but somewhere in two or three hours. During the evening feeding it is very convenient to watch the fish to determine if
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    so you can tame

    whether ill, which be of them. And maybe it’s time to plant in a spawning ground, which may be a live beast.

    4.2. Food should be given in such quantity that it was all eaten in five, maximum ten minutes. An exception may be live crustaceans, but they should also be eaten in no more than twenty to thirty minutes.

    4.3. If, however, after this time has elapsed, the uneaten food remains, it should be removed from the aquarium, for example with a siphon or a net. And for the next feeding measure a smaller portion, which will be eaten without residue for the time allotted for the meal.

    4.4. Once a week arrange a fasting day. This will force the hungry fish to pick up all the uneaten food particles that you could not remove. Your pets will cope with this task much better than you.

    How To Feed Aquarium Fish

    such devices will make your life easier

    1. Our answer to the question “How to feed aquarium fish correctly?” Would not be complete if we did not mention the need to diversify the menu. Food should be full and varied. You would have liked if you were fed only buckwheat porridge every day. This product is certainly useful and tasty, but it is boring. In addition, more than one product does not possess the full range of substances necessary for a living organism to develop fully. Therefore, if possible, you should try to alternate between different types of food.
    2. Should dry food be used? Yes, they can and should be used especially in winter, when the amount of live feed is limited. Feed exclusively dry feed should not be. This is after all canned food. Would you like to eat canned food alone? I think no. Dry food should be kept in reserve in case of difficulties with live or raw food. But it should be remembered that their shelf life is also limited. During winter, these canned foods can be alternated with other types of food. In the summer it is better to try to get or buy live food.
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    Observing these simple rules and watching your pets, you can answer the question “How to feed aquarium fish correctly?” But if not, ask questions in the comments. We will answer surely. And supplement the article with missing information.

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