How To Feed Aquarium Fish

How To Feed Aquarium Fish

Very often, as pets, they give birth to fish. They do not cause allergies, do not spoil the furniture, they do not require burdensome care. But, looking at the blue water of the aquarium and its inhabitants scurrying back and forth, you can relax, relax your soul, calm your nerves. In addition, beautiful fish and their elegant house will decorate any home or office. But for aquarium fish to please you for a long time, you need to feed them correctly.

How to feed the fish in the aquarium?

In order for the fish to feel well, their food must be balanced and varied. The choice of feed depends on the type of fish. Its size and quantity are important. Pay close attention to whether the fish cope with the proposed food, do not spit it out. If yes, then the diet should be changed. Remember that the ideal food is the one that is as close to the natural one as possible, so familiarize yourself with the nutritional habits of your pets beforehand.

There are 3 main types of food: dry, frozen and live. Each has its own characteristics. So, dry flakes, tablets and granules are specially developed for each individual species of fish. Due to the absence of moisture in this feed, it deteriorates less, is stored for a long time, and leaves almost no dirt behind. In addition, you can choose a special diet, for example, enhances the brightness of the color or intended for fry.

Frozen food has all the advantages of live, but in the process of freezing all pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed. The main thing is not to forget to defrost it before feeding.

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Live food is most natural, it is rich in all necessary nutrients and vitamins. There is such a thing as fresh food, it includes various vegetables, as well as fish and shrimp meat.

How many times a day do you need to feed the fish?

The amount of food and its methods depends on the type of fish. The main thing is not to overfeed the fish, because the uneaten food remains in the water of the aquarium, the process of decay begins, harmful substances are released. Corroded water can adversely affect the health and mood of the fish, lead to their disease or even death. The amount of the feed itself is selected according to the size of the fish. Due to the fact that fish are cold-blooded, they need much less food than animals, which process it into thermal energy. Try to simulate the conditions of the natural environment in which the fish eat almost all the time, and feed them often, but in small portions. If several species live in an aquarium, do it two or three times a day, also in small doses. Watch carefully if all the food has been eaten. If not. its remains should be removed, and the amount of food revised. You should also make sure that all the inhabitants of the aquarium have eaten, because slow and timid species may simply not receive the portion due. If feeding sessions take place regularly at the same time, then your pets will swim together in anticipation of dinner. This will greatly simplify the task.

How To Feed Aquarium Fish

How much can you not feed the fish?

It all depends on the fish themselves. The more mobile they are, the more often they need to eat. Timid or sedentary species easily go without food from a few days to a couple of weeks. The same can be said about too well-fed individuals. If young animals live in your aquarium, then it can go without food for a very short time, remember this. If it so happened that the fish did not eat for a long time, then you should not immediately give them large portions, enter the food little by little, often enough, it is desirable that it was a live feed.

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