How To Feed Aquarium Fish

How To Feed Aquarium Fish

How to feed the fish

How to feed aquarium fish. the question is quite simple and beaten. Nevertheless, many novice aquarists ask them, and most importantly, they make fatal mistakes in carrying out this procedure.

Let’s look into the intricacies of feeding our aquarium pets!

We need to start with the fact that the key to the success of any living organism is a balanced diet, that is, the entry into the body of a full, diverse and necessary composition of the elements: fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other components.

Probably, many of you have seen programs when, as part of an experiment, a group of people were planted solely on food with meat or exclusively on food with vegetable products. The results did not take long to wait, after a week the respondents began to have terrible body disorders, further conducting the experiment would lead to pathological irreversible processes in the body.

So, all of the above fully applies to the fish. Monotonous, monotonous food leads to problems, primarily of the gastrointestinal tract, the development of disease-causing organisms and pathology.

How To Feed Aquarium Fish

How to feed a guppy fish

Asking how to feed the fish, one should also take into account the gastronomic preferences of one or another species of fish, which, as a rule, are caused by the habitat and biotope of the species. Some fish prefer protein nutrition, others require emphasis on herbal ingredients. That is, feeding of predatory cichlids should be completely different, say, from the nutrition of the vegetable of rowfish: Loricariid catfish, goldfish, cichlids of the Mbun group, etc.

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And the third important point is the frequency of feeding. The aquarist has a tacit rule that says that under-feeding is better than overfeeding. However, it is possible to argue with this, since both of them are, in fact, extremes. A balanced frequency of feeding in a priori will be the best scheme, the guarantee of health and longevity of our pets.

Now let’s take a closer look at the aforementioned aspects of feeding fish.

How To Feed Aquarium Fish

TetraMin Fish Food

In our arsenal there are the following types of fish feed:

– dry: dried gammarus, artemia, old, etc.

– sublimated feed consisting of a mixture of ingredients.

– frozen food: bloodworm, artemia, streptocephalus, daphnia, etc.

– live food: bloodworm, artemia, grindal, etc.

– A group of products that can be called “food from our table”: seafood (fish fillet, shrimp, lean beef. the heart of a bull salad, spinach, zucchini, zucchini, cucumber, etc.).

Agree, a great arsenal! It is only important to use it correctly. All you need is to buy food and make a diet schedule for the week, according to the individual preferences of aquatic animals.

How To Feed Aquarium Fish

Fish food

How to feed the herbivorous fish: antsistrus, L-catfish, labidochromis, pseudotropheusa, goldfish? Their diet should be

70% plant food,

30% protein. Take for them sublimated feed with herbal ingredients, for example:

How To Feed Aquarium Fish

Loricaria soma perfectly eat slices of cucumber, zucchini, salads. Goldfish adore duckweed. But at the same time, do not be afraid to use protein foods. freezing and high-quality live food.

How to feed predatory fish? Actually all the way around, we focus on proteins, but do not forget about herbal ingredients.

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Now let’s look at the time frame for feeding the fish. This question depends on the lifestyle of the fish. Fishes that lead an active daily lifestyle are fed in the daytime, and fishes that lead a gloomy way of life (many somopodobnyh fish) it is desirable to feed in the evening.

You should also consider the way of feeding, some fish take food from the surface of the water. it is better to give them flakes, others prefer to take food in the water column. it is desirable to give them slowly sinking granules, chips. Bottom fish it is desirable to give a tablet sinking feed.

It is advisable to feed the fish twice a day. in the morning and in the evening, little by little, so that the food is eaten by them in 1-2 minutes. Do not allow any residual food in the tank, this will lead to high concentrations of poisons. NH4, NO2, NO3.

As for the “fasting day”, i.e. when the fish do not feed the whole day. This method is often recommended by aquarists. We still, let’s adhere to the opinion of Vladimir Kovalev, an ichthyopathologist, a man who devoted many years of his life to our hobby. Of course, unloading is needed, for example, many people seeking to lose weight: go on a diet, and even arrange starvation. But think, the fish do not follow the figure, the waist is not important to them))) Nature always gives them as much as they need. We do not agree with the opinion that fish in nature have starvation seasons, this is not entirely true, "seasonality" is associated only with the life cycles of a particular ecosystem. During the floods in tropical forests, life blossoms, there is an abundance of food, which is an incentive for spawning and reproduction of offspring. Further, there may be dry periods, in which there is also always food, but in smaller quantities. We can say that Nature is a unique automatic feeding machine that knows everything, adjusts and doses it. So we should strive not for extremes, but for balance! This is the secret of our hobby!

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Feed the fish consciously, with love and everything will be fine!

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