How To Feed Aquarium Fish

How To Feed Aquarium Fish

Many novice aquarists want to feed their brand new favorites to satiety. After all, they ask so, they always want to eat, and then it is so interesting to watch when the fish is hunting for a worm.

But such a diet can not only badly affect the health of your fish, but can also harm them.

Since the number of fish species is very large, the feeding methods as well as the compositions and the amount of food are also large. But do not fall into despair, there are common methods of feeding that will help you avoid trouble and frustration. Let’s look at them.

The first and most important rule: it does not fatten the fish to such a stage that it will simply lie at the bottom of the aquarium in its belly. You need to feed in moderation, adult fish will be enough to feed once a day. It is also necessary to understand that the fish are not equipped with brakes, which means that as long as she sees food she will not stop. Overfed fish may become fat, lose the ability to become pregnant and may die early. Carp species fry very quickly. And besides these problems, the food can simply get stuck in a place where the fish will not reach it, and the water will start to deteriorate very quickly. Best of all, throwing fish food in small portions, so that as long as it falls to the bottom. the fish could eat it completely.
It is advisable to go on a hunger strike once a week for your fish.

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Consider the second rule: a variety of menus. Most fish feed on live food, such as a pipe worker or a bloodworm. But it doesn’t hurt, and some fish even need vegetable feed. You can use a scalded salad or vitamin supplements as herbal supplements. No need to feed the fish only dry food. This can adversely affect their health!

Before you give dry food to your fish, it is advisable to place it in a separate container with some water for several minutes, after the particles of the feed swell, you can safely give the fish. This is done so that the food is not swollen in the belly of your fish!

Consider the third rule: at the expense of the correct choice of food. Here we consider feeding the young. A frequent question for novice aquarists is: “when to switch from one fish food to another when fry are raised?”. For convenience and confidence, you can take as a rule the following: the size of the feed particle should not be larger than the eye of the fish itself for which this feed is intended.

As mentioned earlier, due to the large number of species, there is an even greater diversity in feeding. But until you know exactly what is best for your fish, you can follow these not complicated rules to avoid sad consequences.

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