How To Decorate The Aquarium At Home

Even in childhood, when we read the legends and myths of the Ancient States, we all wanted to get into the sea kingdom. In the kingdom of the god Poseidon. Each of us wanted to see golden mermaid clothes, bright coral colors on a dark blue background, to see a majestic castle or even a palace Or maybe someone wanted to find a treasure chest or shake hands with a skeleton in a pirate hat. All this, of course, children’s imagination and dreams.

But when an aquarium appears in the apartment, you involuntarily enter the magical water kingdom. And when the opportunity to decorate an aquarium is given, fantasy, imagination and the desire to make it beautifully come into full play. How to make a magical marine world in your aquarium? How and how to decorate the aquarium? So…

How to decorate an aquarium with your own hands

You should first get acquainted with some of the rules for the design of aquariums:

  • make the decor as close as possible to the natural conditions. The aquarium is a small corner of nature. Therefore, it is recommended to form a real landscape underwater. Plants and decorations must be of natural origin. These decorations can include sand, gravel, leaves, wood, peat, live plants. But, choosing ornamental plants, it is necessary to remember that for each species of fish or other living beings, specific plants are determined. As well as with the use of aquatic inhabitants.
  • Try not to overbuild the aquarium decoration. Pay attention to this rule. It would not be desirable to place more beautiful and, perhaps, original scenery in the aquarium, do not do it. Firstly, a forced aquarium is not beautiful and is not magnificent in itself. And secondly, it is very detrimental to its inhabitants. And remember that an aquarium is not only a decorative thing, pleasing our eyes, but also a home for real living creatures.
  • make various loopholes, minks, shelters and special shelters for marine animals. It will be correct in relation to marine life and, of course, original and beautiful. Turn on your imagination and make small mazes for fish, for example.
  • Do not forget that decorative tools are only items that help you to decorate the aquarium. Remember that the most important thing in an aquarium is fish, snails, turtles and other living creatures. And the scenery only allows you to make your look joyful and help with the design of the whole apartment with its emphasis, or vice versa with its stealth. For this purpose, you can add a couple of unusual stones, one snag and two or three stalks of reeds.
  • It is recommended to use artificial objects of decoration only for any special purpose. It is not necessary to decorate objects with artificial aquarium unnecessarily and only for decorative purposes. Kapron cotton wool, fiberglass and other substitutes are not suitable for indoor and ordinary aquariums. It is harmful to aquatic inhabitants of the aquarium.

What things need to be put in your tank so that it becomes harmonious and pleasant-looking?

Gravel and sand
Gravel is an important part of any aquarium. And those people are not right who say that for real plants in aquariums only real earth or even clay is needed. But it is not. For any aquarium fit only gravel and sand. And besides, they are easy to clean! Where can I find them? Yes, in any clear and clean stream or river. Just do not forget that you need clean gravel or sand, without silt and its impurities. As you know, contaminated components for your aquarium do not fit.

It is necessary after a certain time to clean the sand and carry out its washing. So, for a start, pour sand into the bucket. It is recommended to fill the bucket somewhere in half, and then it is recommended to fill it with water. After, you should mix the sand thoroughly with any stick. Do not forget that the bucket should not be metal. After mixing, leave the bucket alone, let it fall. And then carefully drain the polluted water. It is recommended to remove all large debris on the surface of dirty water first.

As for gravel, it can be cleaned with a sieve. At the same time, water the gravel from the hose through the top. Thus, small impurities will float and merge with the dirty water. Clean sand must be dried or even held on a hot baking sheet. The last action is necessary so that all microbes disappear.

Stones, pebbles
Stones do not have special significance in the aquarium. They are added there only for beauty and that, in the smallest quantity. Stones should maintain a common interior and should not harm fish or other aquatic creatures. It is desirable if the stones are rounded. And watch the size of the stones you put. The following pebbles will do:

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But the following stones do not fit:

  • limestone
  • sharp-edged pebbles
  • stones of variegated color
  • strange and bizarre stones
  • stones of unknown rock
  • pebbles with metallic inclusions.

Minks, holes and shelters are necessary for some fish. From stones this will be done the easiest. As well as stones can serve as a disguise technical devices. Stones should be placed in the aquarium in a natural way, that is, look natural, without heaps. For example, a flat beach or a landscape stream is better obtained with round stones laid nearby, while a steep coast is obtained by using angular stones.

It is recommended when cleaning the aquarium to raise stones, because dirt accumulates under them. The space between the stones is recommended to fall asleep with sand. And after cleaning the stones it is necessary to stir the sand. Before you place the pebbles in the aquarium, you must take into account the properties and behavior of the fish that will live in your aquarium. Some, for example, like to rummage and get into the sand under the pebbles. Stones of large size fit only on the very bottom of the aquarium, and then covered with sand. And it is important to remember that there should be no sand grains under the stones.

Tree in aquarium
The branches and roots of various trees in the aquarium look very original and, most importantly, naturally. The only bad thing is that the tree in the water rots very quickly, and also paints the water in a brown-brown color. Therefore, for an aquarium, only wood that has been bark free and without life juices will be suitable as decoration and decoration. Particularly well suited wood parts alder and willow. The same wood, which is very long lay in the water, also suitable.

In addition, it should be noted that the wood with rot should in no case be placed in an aquarium. Stalks of reed, coconut shell, bamboo stalks will be suitable and perfectly suited. It is not recommended to put gnarled wood in the aquarium, as well as too much wood. It is ugly and not harmless.

In order to make wood material for a long time and efficiently, you must first wash the tree and pour boiling water on it. And after some time to boil it in a saucepan, unsuitable for boiling and boiling drinking water. Since the remnants of wood and dirty sediments are not easily cleaned from the inner walls of the pan. Before cooking, add salt to the water and keep on fire for at least one hour.

And remember that it is better to hold the wood in boiling water a little longer, rather than undercooking and not neutralizing from dirt and germs. After cooking, the wood should be kept for about a week in cold water, constantly changing the water. And only after that you can install wood in your tank. If you, after being placed in an aquarium, notice that the wood is painting water, then repeat the cooking. Just add more salt this time and hold it longer in cold water.

Of course, much will be the envy of the properties of the tree. Remember that wood that is boiled and cleaned becomes heavier and does not float.

Do not place large snags in the aquarium. Firstly, it is ugly and uncomfortable, and secondly, it is simply unnecessary and pointless. But if you have a snag of a different size, you can file it or put it as follows. Press the lower end of the snag into the ground. And strengthen the upper part under the upper bar of the aquarium frame.

And best of all, if the snag will be fastened with a nail with a plank located on top. It should be noted that snags must be properly installed, otherwise swollen wood may squeeze glass.

Stalks of bamboo and cane
Bamboo stalks and reed stalks are dipped initially in liquid glass. This is done because the plants do not spoil in plain water.

And the stems themselves are strengthened on a plank of wood with special holes. And liquid glass is a technical product intended for impregnation.

Before you install the stems of plants, be aware that they should not be too straight and regular rows.

Coconut Shell
The best shelters for fish and other small inhabitants are made from coconut nuts. They look natural, besides, they are not dangerous, compared to various heavy stones.

In order to prepare the coconut shell, first you need to clean it from the hard brown fibers and remove the white inside. Then you need to process the shell. It is recommended to pour boiling water over the shell several times and rinse it thoroughly with water.

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Making the back wall of the aquarium

Decorating the back wall of your tank is just as important. After all, the aquarium still has to decorate your apartment, your room. Aquarium is part of your interior. But you need to consider where the aquarium. If it is standing on the window sill, then it is better not to force and not to decorate the rear view of the aquarium, for the reason that the sun rays should penetrate to the aquatic inhabitants.

And if your aquarium is near the wall or on the cabinet, then you need to improve the look of the “glass box with living creatures” Then the aquarium will have a finished neat look.

The back wall of the aquarium do it yourself

First way. The easiest and easiest way is to paint the wall in a uniform shade. Color choose more suitable. You can take the green color of all shades, you can pink. But it is desirable that the color was calm. First, it is pleasant and not annoying for the eyes, and secondly, the fish will feel more protected and will be non-aggressive. Choose a shade that he could emphasize the rest of the scenery in the aquarium. Usually, it is enough to apply one coat of your chosen paint.

Second way. You can apply a speckled coat. It will turn out inconspicuously, and the colors of fish and other inhabitants will be more noticeable with such a saturated background!

Third way. Apply original patterns, various curlicues, lines, "frosty" patterns. If you draw well, then you can take a brush and immediately start painting. And if you have a little doubt that you can immediately get the way you want, then use the stencil. You can make a stencil yourself, for example, from cardboard. First draw the desired pattern or patterns, then cut them out and then attach them to the glass back wall of the aquarium.

Circle and gently fill with paint. Wait a few minutes. And then, after drying the paint, detach the cardboard template. It should turn out very beautiful, original, and most importantly, exclusive! But do not forget that too much to get involved in and paint the wall is impossible. This is not an art picture. Remember that a drawing or a simple shade on the back glass wall should be combined with all the decorations and landscape chosen by you.

How to glue the background on the back wall of the aquarium

The best and most optimal background for your aquarium is a special screen that will imitate your chosen particular underwater landscape. This screen is installed very easily and simply. it is necessary glue the background to the back wall of the aquarium.

It has a huge advantage in that it will not occupy space in the aquarium, but the “glass box” itself will look elegant, rich and beautiful. And besides this, it will not release harmful substances.

In addition to these advantages of the screen, you should add that nothing extra will need to be washed and cleaned. Optical illusion will do a great job at the expense of a thick layer of water and two glasses at a distance. The decorative screen will visually fill the aquarium with “painted” objects and will become simply indispensable.

Moreover, it can be changed, thereby changing the background, objects, color and even the landscape itself! The visual effect will be able to increase the light bulb battery pocket flashlight.

What is not suitable for decorating the aquarium

There are objects for decoration that are not suitable for this purpose. For example:

  • corals and various shells are recommended to be used only in a large aquarium, or where a marine idea is supported and marine scenery and live creatures are present. For a simple small aquarium, they are absolutely not suitable. And it will look pretentious.
  • Various castles made of baked clay are not the best decoration either. Yet fish and castle are incompatible things. Yes, and extra piling up to anything.
  • gnomes, wizards and men sitting with a fishing rod is also not a good idea. They are usually set on the very edge of the aquarium.
  • plastic huge frogs or goldfish can not show all the beauty of the aquarium. Moreover, they take all the attention on themselves, and live fish pale in their background. Such toys can not be appropriately beautiful decorations for your aquarium.
  • Artificial plants made of glass, non-ferrous metals and plastics are generally not suitable for any aquarium.
  • colored sand will only serve as a disorienting point for all aquatic inhabitants, will confuse them. In the end, the fish will be aggressive.
  • various figures of pretty mermaids or other beauties will not decorate an aquarium. On the contrary, spoil the idea of ​​decoration.
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Aquarium decoration with plants

Locate in the center of one bush lush large, but low plants. And on the edges of the "glass box" plant plants with a ribbon-like form of petals.

In the background, plant small and inconspicuous plants. On the surface, according to your desire, you can put a rodent leaf.

You can also move a large and lush living plant to the foreground, and move the rest of the subtle ones back to the back wall of the aquarium.

Jewelry of stones with their own hands in the aquarium

Pebbles serve not only to decorate and decorate an aquarium, but also to hide fish. Especially pebbles are good for those species of fish that lay their eggs under the stones. In addition, if you correctly place the pebbles, they will be able to hide some special devices necessary for aquatic inhabitants.

Do not forget that stones from basalt, gneiss, porphyry, granite are suitable for setting them in an aquarium. But in the aquarium with hard water fit only stones from limestone, dolomite and sandstone. The stones are placed close to any walls of the aquarium, or they specifically leave a distance for frightened fish.

Aquarium decoration snags

As mentioned above, the snags must be lifeless and not have live juice in order to be able to put them to living aquatic creatures. It is recommended to use the dead roots of the following trees:

  • willow roots and branches
  • alder branches, its roots
  • beech roots and branches
  • ash tree branches and roots
  • roots and branches of maple.

In no case can not use wood with rot. It is important to remember that the shape of the trees should be selected the most simple. And try that the shape of the wood does not look like a human silhouette, like any animal. Also make sure that the wood is heavy and not buoyant.

Aquarium and care tips for beginners

Finally, I want to share with some useful tips about decorating an aquarium and caring for it:

  • the best location of huge decorations and large decorations is on the sides of the aquarium and on its back wall. Shorter and smaller decorations push to the front, towards the front wall. So it will be much better to harmonize all the decorative means.
  • If desired, you can use high decorations, plants and decorations. This is necessary in order to hide the heaters, aquarium lamps, air ducts, cleaners and various kinds of filters. Close plants unattractive elements for you.
  • In order for your aquarium to look much more natural and natural, you should use several different things and objects at once. For example, several groups of plants of one species, compensating for these plants with other groups of plants, either of a different color or other structure. This is necessary to create a beautiful and attractive space in your tank.
  • use low pebbles or low plants to hide the edges of various shapes, such as a volcano, wheel, castle, or other clay, ceramic, plastic, rubber, or porcelain decorations. This is done for a more organic look and landscape in your tank.
  • choose the largest and favorite decorations. Place them slightly away from the center of the aquarium. And this is done due to the fact that in the foreground and in the center of this kind of scenery will look awkward, ridiculous and unsympathetic.
  • should pay particular attention to the background in the aquarium. Because the background provides a wall for fish and other inhabitants of the water "glass box". It is the dense background wall that allows all living things to feel secure and more comfortable and calm. And besides this, the background can hide pipes, various cords, filters, or heaters.

Unusual shapes of aquariums

Original forms of aquariums:

  • aquarium in the form of sneakers
  • aquarium in the form of hours
  • How To Decorate The Aquarium At Home

    cup. aquarium

  • non-spill aquariums
  • prism shaped aquarium
  • aquarium in the form of a pot for indoor flowers
  • aquarium cage
  • aquarium. car
  • aquarium. cat simulator
  • aquarium. a robot
  • labyrinth aquarium
  • nano-aquariums
  • Aquariums. Designer Vessels
  • aquascape. aquarium
  • divan aquarium
  • mystical aquarium
  • aquarium in the form of a bomb or a rocket
  • ceiling aquarium
  • Aquarium. a multi-storey house
  • aquarium in the shape of a human head, in the shape of a human hand
  • biocosmic aquarium
  • aquarium in the form of a globe.

Usually, aquariums that have an original shape do not require special decorations.

In addition to plants and the necessary technical equipment for fish and other aquatic inhabitants.

Decorate your aquariums, please your eyes and be happy!

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