How To Correctly Fish

How To Correctly Fish

Proper feeding of aquarium fish is a guarantee of their normal development and health. Usually, fish are given as much food as they can eat in about 5-10 minutes. On average, fish are fed 1-2 times a day. this is quite enough for most aquarium fish. If you ignore these recommendations, feeding fish can be very harmful to their health, as a result of water pollution from decaying food debris. Therefore, it is necessary to remove food residues in order to minimize water pollution.

The most correct will be the content in the same tank of different fish that eat the same food. However, the more varied the menu, the more attractive the fish will be.

If we are forced to leave our home for some time, then you need to choose someone from your relatives or friends who will feed the fish in your absence, or install an automatic feeder in the aquarium, for example, TETRA MY FEEDER.

There are currently many fish feed products on the market. In short, we will try to describe their main types:


– there is a large variety of flake-like feed intended for both fry and adult fish. Flake food can also be divided into vegetarian for herbivorous fish and combined food intended for omnivorous fish. flakes with fortified supplements are also commercially available to help enhance the body color of fish. It is advisable to feed the fish several types of flaky food. It should be noted that flaky food is a good additive to other types of food.

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Frozen feed

Dry food

These are mostly dried larvae of insects, crustaceans and zooplankton. They are available mainly in the form of powder or in the form of extruded cubes. The main advantage of this feed is that, despite the small amount of moisture, they are high in calories and moreover they are conveniently stored for a long time.

Live feed

They are considered the best food for fish, as it is the main food for fish living in nature. In the trade there are a variety of live food: tube maker, bloodworm, daphnia, artemia and others. Before feeding fish with live food, always check it for the presence of various parasites in it, which can be accidentally introduced into the aquarium as a result of which they can trigger an outbreak of various diseases.

Granules and tablets

They are intended primarily for fish with certain food preferences. Although these products are less diverse in composition, they are in demand, for example, for many types of catfish.

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