How To Choose Fish For A Small Aquarium

How To Choose Fish For A Small Aquarium

Aquarists know that even the smallest aquarium can be turned into a work of art, if you populate it with the “right” fish and create comfortable conditions for them. There may be many criteria for choosing pets, for example, color and personal tastes, but it must be remembered, it is important to consider their compatibility and the rules of settlement.

The size of the aquarium dictates its conditions

Small recognized aquarium less than 50 liters. So, even in a 10 liter miniature pond you can settle the fish. However, it is worth calculating your efforts, the smaller the liters, the more often you need to do the cleaning, monitor the quality of water and aeration. If you plan to keep tropical rocks in a small aquarium, then you will have to maintain an optimal temperature for their maintenance, about 26-27 degrees. In Akavirumah with a volume of less than 10 liters, this is very difficult to do, since the instruments have large scales that will not fit physically there. Ignore these conditions, too, will not work. Without them, the fish for which you gave more than 100 will die.

We carefully study the compatibility of species.

Fish for a small aquarium should be selected depending on many factors. For beginners, it is problematic to consider them yourself, so contact the professionals who will help determine which fish can be kept together, and which neighborhoods should be avoided.

Factors important at settling:

  • The ability to survive one by one. Some species can live only in flocks, so pay attention to this moment in the first place;
  • Water characteristics for species should be approximately the same;
  • Peaceful nature of the inhabitants;
  • The number of individuals depends on the surface area of ​​the water. The larger the footage, the more fish you can start;
  • Compatibility of rocks. Sometimes peace-loving fish separately do not tolerate each other’s neighborhood.
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It is important to remember that small aquariums. a zone of increased danger to fish. Therefore, the choice of neighbors fully determine the fate of your wards. If you add predatory fish to a small aquarium, they will eat peace-loving neighbors. For the angelfish fit gurus, other fish with them will not get along. You can get one fish, which will be the mistress of your reservoir, or keep a whole flock of miniature fish.

Unbreakable canons of settlement

Depending on the volume, you can have a different number of individuals. Thus, in the 10 liter can be placed 2-3 fish to 6 centimeters. If you do not follow the rule of displacement for each representative, then you will create an uncomfortable atmosphere, which will worsen the health and appearance of the inhabitants. In addition to the fish in the aquarium will be gravel and plants, which also take up some volume from the declared manufacturer.

Another nuance in the settlement of fish in the smallest aquarium. Consider the habitat of pets so that they do not interfere with each other.

Fish are divided into those who:

  • Swim near the bottom. bottom;
  • Swim at an average level;
  • Swim in the upper layer.

With such a gradation, the inhabitants will be evenly distributed in the aquarium, which will significantly increase its aesthetic properties. Let us turn to specific examples of ideal inhabitants.

Betta fish

Betta Fish are the perfect fish for a small aquarium. Based on the name, you can easily imagine how they look and their character. Small teasers with a stunning multi-colored color will become an ornament. You can find monochromatic representatives, often come across multicolored. red with iridescent in different shades and colors look truly great. The optimal volume for one individual. 7. 10 liters. There is a trick in keeping one Betta Fish in an aquarium. Place a mirror in the water that creates the illusion of an opponent who will invigorate your pet. It is desirable to have no more than 1 male per 3-4 females per one aquarium. If you decide to launch another "man", then you need to take care of the partition, which will protect them from death as a result of a skirmish. The ideal neighbors are barbs and danios.

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Often, it is from them begins acquaintance with the world of aquarium. They are able to survive in any environment. Omnivorous pets have a great color, which you can talk for a long time. Different types of guppies have a different structure and color of the fins, which will make the artificial reservoir incredibly beautiful. Over time, fashion does not pass on them, so whatever residents you may have brought, you will always remain at the height of fashion. Minimal maintenance of comfort in a 10-liter aquarium is enough to produce offspring.


Buying catfish is a very reasonable way to minimize their own efforts in maintaining the aquarium. Since they feed mainly from the soil and stones, they perform the role of cleaners. In addition, they are completely safe neighbors. If you decide to settle soms, then give preference to 5 identical individuals. 2 representatives need at least 10 liters of water, so counting the number of running soms will come from the number of available centimeters.

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