How To Choose Fish Food Guide For Beginners Aquarists

How To Choose Fish Food Guide For Beginners Aquarists

Dry feed is divided into several types. Flake food is best suited for aquarium fish, which are kept in the upper layers of the water, as the flakes do not sink to the bottom for a long time and the fish can easily gather them on the surface of the reservoir. These flakes are best fed petsyli, swordtails, guppies, all varieties of gourami and zebrafish. Since these flakes have a small thickness, they cannot be fed to large fish.

The situation is somewhat different with fodder chips, which initially will also float on the surface, but then swell and sink to the bottom of the aquarium. Chips make an oval shape, which allows them to feed larger fish and even some representatives of Tsikhlovye. To feed smaller pets with chips, rub the granules with your fingers and scatter them on the surface. This food can also feed the bottom catfish, such as corridors. But there are also granulated feed, which immediately sink to the bottom. It can feed the bottom inhabitants of the aquarium, as well as minors, ornatus and rhodostomus. If you have shrimps and catfish live in your aquarium, then it is better, of course, to purchase tableted feed for them, which immediately sink to the bottom and dissolve there.

Remember that good dry food will not spoil the water in your tank. All types of dry feed are also produced in vegetable format, that is, it is intended for fish that need plant food. If you do not have a specific aquarium, then it is better to buy several varieties of animal feed and a couple of vegetable packages. So that the fish do not get tired of food, alternate and give different foods. Some aquarists love to feed their pets exclusively frozen and live food. That is, they go to the market and buy a choke, bloodworm, pipe maker, who then feed their fish. As soon as you bring the purchase home, be sure to rinse live food under running water and place it in a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate for prevention purposes. If you want to keep live food for a long time, it is best to keep it in the fridge, wrapped in a damp cloth. In addition, be sure to clean the dead larvae and insects every day. Everything else that you will not use in the near future, put in the freezer.

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How To Choose Fish Food Guide For Beginners Aquarists

Alternatively, you can use ready-made frozen mixture, but very often they are contaminated. If you do not freeze food quality, then the fish can get sick or poisoned. Tetra company produces a sufficient nutritional delicacy in the form of a moth in a gel-like substance. This jelly contains a lot of vitamin and trace elements. You can give such pet treats to your pets several times a week, and you can feed them with dry food the rest of the time.

If you are biased against dry food, try to make a delicious treat for the fish with your own hands. Take a blender or meat grinder, put there pieces of chicken or beef heart, some peeled boiled shrimps, some bran, dry semolina and white fish. Grind the whole thing and pack the resulting cocktail in bags, and then freeze them. When using homemade cocktails, you must remember that they spoil the water well, and therefore you will have to change the water in the aquarium more often.

Know that the better and more diverse the food, the healthier your pets. Alternate live, dry and frozen feed to keep your fish healthy and mobile. And healthy parents, as a rule, have healthy offspring.

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