How To Catch Fish In An Aquarium

No, you would love to have a couple of cats, a dog and a parrot, and uhh a hamster. Yes, of course, the hamster. After all, what could be more fun than a cute fluffy ball of wool, so touchingly eating seeds!

Indeed, you have always loved animals, and, it seems, even read somewhere that they inhabit an apartment with positive energy That’s all, it is decided! Just next weekend you go to the bird market and buy all this fraternity.

Admit that such thoughts often visit your head. However, everything ends, as usual, before it starts. It is worthwhile to present you shreds of wool, always hungry mouths, torn wallpaper and curtains, restless chirping and a bedroom floor strewn with husk. the enthusiasm evaporates.

No, so many experiences that are necessary to ensure the comfort of homely choosy pets are contraindicated for your nerves. And you thank God again for the fact that your fish, your favorite aquarium fish, (they definitely inhabit the soul with peace!) Are dumb, beautiful, calm and interesting.

However, even care for aquarium fish sometimes requires a little hassle. For example, what to do when one of your favorites decided to start a family?

It is necessary to relocate the pregnant mom in the spawning, it is not even discussed, unless, of course, you do not solve the problem of live food for aquarium inhabitants. But here how to catch a fish? To catch her, this very one, and not another potential mummy, from the abundance of underwater inhabitants?

It works here only as a law of meanness. among the shocked aquarium population you come across all individuals, except the one you need. As a result, we have plants torn from the roots, destroyed scenery and muddy water.

How To Catch Fish In An Aquarium

Fish are nervous, afraid, some even start a migraine, and treacherous thoughts creep into your head, “maybe a better dog?”. Calm down, take a deep breath, and read the advice of the "experienced". Believe me, this problem is not worth the experience.

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The easiest way catch a fish in the aquarium. to arrange “night fishing”, unless, of course, you are straining to crawl out of a warm cot at an inopportune time.

Wait until the population of the aquarium falls asleep, suddenly turn on the light. and rrraz! Catch the person you need. Just keep in mind that you will have to act with lightning speed, because if you wake up and stir up the fish, nothing happens.

Frightened crumbs, bulging eyes, in a panic will begin to rush around the aquarium, and some owners of very thin and restless nature can even jump out of the vessel. Then look for them around the apartment!

As a backup when catching fish from an aquarium. try using safety lights instead of the usual lighting with a red or blue spectrum, to which the fish simply do not react.

The most cunning way catch a fish in the aquarium. to fool the fish using a transparent container that will remain unnoticed by the blind eyes of the aquatic inhabitants. a bag, a bottle, a plastic cup.

I tried this method, but I didn’t like the fact that you need to thoroughly soak your hands and stir up the water in the aquarium, and the fish, if they don’t see the transparent container, they perfectly notice your limbs, which they shy away from in order to avoid.

Further, it all depends on temperament: if you are a seasoned person, and even a lover to meditate in the process of fishing, wait until you catch the prey itself into a prepared trap, but if you are a born leader, prove it and drive the mischief inside!

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The easiest way catch a fish. drive a very large number of fish into a very large net (the main thing is that it gets into your aquarium) and from this variety choose a small net without taking out the first one, the one you need.

The most loyal way catch a fish. drive the fish in its shelter, which is for her cave, house or coconut. And carefully block her escape routes with a small net.

If the decor of the transparent water dwelling of your pets is oversaturated with beautiful things, and the aquarium flora is replete with diversity, the last, most troublesome way will suit you catch a fish in aquarium. But you just can’t go for the sake of your pets!

Take the lid of a large pot and cover it with plants with decor. That, the space that remains on top and can be considered a "place of battle." In a very short time after you catch the desired individual, both the flora and the interior of the aquarium will be in order.

How To Catch Fish In An Aquarium

Agree, the process codenamed "how to catch fish in an aquarium"Can even be called interesting!

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